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Semi Truck Detailing Prices: What You Need to Know

DetailXPerts Semi Truck Detailing Prices B2B

Semi Truck Detailing Prices: What You Need to Know

How do you know if paying for a truck detailing service is worth the expense? When you look around, you’ll find that semi truck detailing prices vary a lot, sometimes by hundreds of dollars. So, what is a reasonable amount to pay? These are valid questions. Here are some points to keep in mind.

semi truck cleaning prices


First, semi trucks are huge vehicles and require a significant investment. It takes a great deal of effort to clean and maintain them, especially if you manage a fleet. If your drivers don’t have the time, expertise, or desire to wash their own trucks, outsourcing the work makes more sense.

Second, dirty trucks cost you money because your vehicles do not operate at peak efficiency. Filthy vehicles don’t exactly send out a positive brand message either. So, yes, it is worth hiring the services of a commercial truck detailing provider. Here is what you need to know about semi truck detailing prices and what you can expect for your money.

Breaking Down Semi Truck Detailing Prices

A semi truck, also called an 18-wheeler, is basically a tractor unit hooked up to a trailer attachment. Unlike a straight truck, the tractor (cab) and trailer can detach from each other. Designs include day cabs, sleeper trucks, flatbed trailers and enclosed box or dry vans. These different sizes and types affect semi truck detailing prices.

Trailer Washouts

Trailer washout prices typically start in the $80 range for flatbed trailers. You’ll pay a bit extra for an enclosed box or dry van because there is more surface area to clean. For example, technicians will brush and then wash trailer doors, walls and floor to remove all traces of dirt and grime.

Refrigerator Trailer Washouts 

Prices typically start in the $100 range for a more specialized clean. If transporting perishable freight in refrigerated semi trucks, expect to pay more to deep clean your truck. This level of service ensures you avoid cross-contamination between freight pick-ups.

For example, DetailXPerts will steam clean your truck to ensure you transport your frozen and chilled items in the most hygienic way. The high temperature of steam destroys bacteria to guarantee a sanitized clean. This specialized detailing meets the strict environmental and health and safety regulations.


Semi Truck Exterior Detailing 

The cost for semi truck exterior detailing services does not automatically include a trailer washout, and start around $200 per vehicle. So always check with your provider. An exterior wash removes grime, dirt, and other contaminants from the cab exterior, including doors, exterior windows and wheels. Tire shine for truck and trailer can cost an additional $50 or more.  Steam cleaning the engine is also an add-on option costing around $100.


Wax Treatment 

Applying a wax treatment every 4-6 months will help to enhance, protect and maintain your semi truck. You can also request an auto paint glaze treatment to restore shine. If you want these add-ons, requesting a customized detailing package is often more cost-effective. Inquire about Premium Detailing Packages to finalize pricing.


Day Cab Semi Truck Interior Detailing 

Prices typically begin in the $200 range, depending on the condition of the cab. Dirtier trucks that require more time to clean will cost more. What can you expect for your money? Interior cleaning for semi trucks includes:

  • Vacuum
  • Shampoo seats and carpets
  • Clean vents, door jambs, cup holders
  • Shine interior windows
  • Stain removal
  • Clean headliner

If the interior is badly stained, including the headliner, you may incur an extra charge. However, steam interior cleaning for your semi truck is another cost-effective solution. Steam quickly eliminates stains and marks to restore your cab’s interior and headliner to pristine condition. It will restore the fresh smell to a semi truck, too.

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Sleeper Semi Truck Interior Detailing 

Prices typically begin in the $300 range for a premium interior detail. Drivers spend more time in sleeper cabs. This includes overnight stays when they don’t want to leave their truck and cargo unattended. Therefore, sleeper cabs usually require more thorough cleaning than a day cab interior. The price will include the following:

  • Clean the bed/sleeping area
  • Wash storage compartments
  • Sanitize refrigerator
  • Clean controls and dashboard
  • Remove stains from seats, carpets, ceiling and headliner

If you opt for steam cleaning methods to sanitize the cabin interior, it will transform the sleeper cabin, creating a fresh and hygienic space to protect the driver’s health. Overall, expect to pay around $150 more for sleeper cab interior detailing.


Premium Truck Detailing Packages 

Premium truck detailing prices typically run within the $400-$600 range. Don’t always base your semi truck detailing decisions on the lowest price. Paying extra can often secure you a better deal if you choose detailing packages that include specialized add-ons. You get value for money. Moreover, you also get a clean, healthy and compliant truck that protects drivers and boosts profits. Premium detailing services include:

  • Interior detailing including vacuuming and shampooing seats and carpets
  • Stain treatment
  • Clean headliner
  • Sanitize dashboard, cup holders, vents
  • Clean and shine windows
  • Exterior detailing including washing truck
  • Compound and polish
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Apply wax
  • Headlight restoration
  • Shine tires
  • Detail engine

Although you pay more for detailing packages, you get a professional detailing service that leaves your semi truck looking showroom new. Higher semi truck detailing prices can also reflect a positive brand reputation and favorable customer reviews.


Are You Paying for Industry-Proven Technology?

Let’s talk about how advanced technology also affects semi truck detailing prices. Pressure washing your truck tackles dirt and grime but this generates dirty runoff. Therefore, it often pays to spend a bit more for better tech, especially if it helps you avoid fines! Environmental regulations are strict. So, seek out eco-friendly, industry-proven technology that will get your trucks cleaner than before while also protecting the planet.

For example, DetailXPerts uses green-tech fleet cleaning methods to ensure you don’t fall foul of regulations and incur fines. Our steam cleaning methods offer low/no water runoff guarantee you get a clean, compliant fleet. We also use eco-friendly cleaning products as part of our green tech initiative.


High-Quality Results and Experienced Detailers

Your fleet is your livelihood. Gleaming trucks are good for business and increase economic growth. Therefore, paying more for an expert detailer who knows how to make your truck shine is usually worth your while.

Note, some professional detailers can charge $100-$200 for an hour’s work or up to $900 for a deluxe interior and exterior package. With prices varying, we always suggest researching the company’s past performance capabilities to ensure you get your money’s worth.



Always ask for a quote before you hire fleet cleaning services. These semi truck detailing prices are a guide only. However, it will give you a better of how fleet detailing businesses price their services. For example, the size and condition of the truck are key factors that influence how much you pay. It is more time-consuming to clean larger vehicles with heavy soiling.

Brand reputation, quality of service and the technician’s experience will influence prices. You also tend to pay more for the latest technology and premium cleaning materials. To sum up, you generally get what you pay for. And if you want a sanitized truck that keeps you on the right side of environmental regulations, it is money well spent.

Hiring a fleet cleaning service provider is not an easy task. It’s important to do your research and find the best company for what you need, so we’ve compiled this list of considerations when looking into it. CLICK NOW for access the ultimate checklist of everything a manager needs to consider when hiring a fleet cleaning service provider. 

semi truck cleaning prices




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