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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Truck Detailing

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Truck Detailing

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Truck Detailing

As a fleet owner, it is in your best interest to find the best commercial truck detailing provider. They offer huge discounts to people like you. They can do the job in half the time because they have the necessary manpower, tools, and equipment. A reputable truck detailing service only employs experts in truck detailing to ensure they do the job right the first time around. All these are beneficial to your business as they translate to huge savings on time, money, and effort on your end.

Knowing the above-mentioned advantages however, is not enough. You also need to know the do’s and don’ts when choosing a commercial truck detailing provider. We’ve outlined some of them below. This knowledge will help you filter the best from the rest.

Commercial Truck Detailing Do’s and Don’ts


1. Do Inspect the Detailer’s Tools, Equipment and Materials

Whether you’re considering mobile truck fleet detailing or location-based commercial truck detailing, inspect what they’ll be using on your vehicles. Remember that a carpenter is only as good as his tools. It’s the same thing with detailers. They won’t be able to make your trucks sparkle like new if they do not have clean, well-maintained tools and equipment.

And remember – commercial truck detailing is different from regular truck detailing when it comes to tools and equipment needed. They use tools that save time and effort to work faster and more effectively. They utilize superior cleaning products to ensure they do the job well without damaging your vehicle’s functionality and appearance. To you, this means more fleet revenue!

2. Do Check out Their Reputation

There are several ways to do this. If you want to do it online, you can visit their website, social media channels, and business directory services and crowd-sourced review for a like Yelp. Read the reviews carefully. Is the commercial truck detailing provider known for delivering prompt and superior services? Do they take their customer’s preferences into consideration? Are the technicians highly skilled at detailing trucks?

Offline, you can call previous and existing customers or ask family, friends, and neighbors who avail their services.

3. Do Visit Their Website and Social Media Channels

A concerned commercial truck detailing provider has a website and social media channels not only for spreading awareness for his brand and promoting his services. More importantly, he wants his customers to have the best experience possible while interacting with his brand. He makes sure that customers can solve their immediate problems by setting up an FAQ page, using a chatbot, or making his number and email accessible to all. He shares valuable information on his social media channels that customers can benefit from.

4. Do Consider Value over Price

There are several reasons why truck detailing cost varies from state to state and detailer to detailer. But as with any other service, you get what you pay for. Cheap is not always good. This is why it’s very important to check out all the details before signing any deal with a provider based on price alone. Are they using a method that would save you a huge amount of time? Will they go to any destination you choose so you and your drivers will save time and effort? Are they using top-notch products that will make your trucks stay clean and shiny longer? Are they known for their exemplary customer service? If the provider you are considering fit all the above, then, you’ll be getting more value than cost.

5. Do Consider Green Services

Trucks in your fleet are huge. Therefore, they’ll need plenty of water and cleaning materials that might pollute storm drains, soil and groundwater. This is why using eco-friendly commercial truck detailing services is highly recommended. They do not use huge amounts of water or chemically-laden products that may further damage the environment. They steam clean your truck to give your vehicle the best results and to protect the environment in the process.


1. Don’t Be Convinced with Mere Ads

Ads. They’re specifically created to promote a business. Most of them are flashy and captivating. However, there’s more to a business than ads. Before signing up for anything, it would be a good idea to try the services of a commercial truck detailing provider. Reputable ones typically offer demos to help customers decide. Sign up for that, check how well they work, then sign up only if you think you’re doing so for something worthwhile.

2. Don’t Go for a Detailer That Doesn’t Offer the Service You Need

What if you own a fleet of mobile pet groomers? Chances are, pet hair is one of your most predominant issues. So, it would be wise to hire a commercial truck detailing provider that offers pet hair removal. Otherwise, you’ll be spending more time, money, and effort because you’ll have to remove pet hairs by yourself or hire another detailer.

3. Don’t Go for the “Best Bargains”

So the truck detailer in your neighborhood offers 50% discount on all services? Unless it’s their anniversary, or they’re doing it for a cause, a discount as huge as that is a red flag.

As mentioned earlier, cheap is not always good. So, instead of availing their services right away, do some investigating. Why are they slashing their rates? Have you heard of customers complaining of paint swirls and car scratches? Or steam cleaning the truck engine gone wrong? You’ve invested plenty of money in your business, so it’s only natural to be very skeptical of best bargains.

4. Don’t Scrimp on Your Fleet

Some commercial truck owners use auto washes since they’re cheaper and faster. But here’s the thing – auto washes can only do so much for your vehicle. Their huge brushes and cloths can’t get into your vehicle’s nook and crannies. Mud and other contaminants are not thoroughly removed, leading to premature rusting.

So, don’t scrimp on your budget for getting your vehicles cleaned, as quality detailing can help improve your trucks’ appearance and increase their longevity. Initially, truck detailing by reputable providers might seem costly, but when you factor in the benefits you will get, that investment will be more than made up.

5. Don’t Let Your Drivers Do It

To save some cash, some fleet owners add truck cleaning to the list of must-do’s of their drivers. This is one of the biggest mistakes in truck detailing.

First, truck drivers are trained to drive, not detail. They have yet to learn the best way to detail trucks. This might force them to do trial-and-error on your trucks, causing paint swirls and scratches, as well as other damages.

Second, truck drivers might resent you for adding to their workload. When this happens, they might end up resigning. When this happens, you’ll need to look for new truck drivers. And with what’s going on in the trucking industry, looking for new truck drivers can be a real pain on your business.

Efficient commercial truck detailing is what you need for your fleet business to succeed. It will help enhance your trucks’ appearance, improve their functionality, and increase their longevity.

Do you own a fleet? Do you need commercial truck detailing services? Then schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. Our polite, friendly, and efficient technicians will give your trucks the treatment they deserve.

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