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Semi Truck Detailing: What Is Auto Paint Glaze?

Semi Truck Detailing

Semi Truck Detailing: What Is Auto Paint Glaze?

There are many detailing methods to get your semi truck’s paint perfect, including polishing and waxing. Did you know there is one additional step between polishing and waxing which can give your paint a mirror-like shine? Yes, by applying a detailing product known as “auto paint glaze” you can not only enhance the paint’s shine, but also its depth and clarity. Read on to find out what exactly auto paint glaze is and how to incorporate this product into your semi truck detailing routine.

What Is Auto Paint Glaze?

Auto paint glaze is a shine enhancing product that can be applied in between polishing and waxing. This shine is achieved with the help of oils and wetting agents in the product. Although the product itself might not have any qualities that protect the paint like UV blockers, it will help you to get both the polishing and waxing procedures perfect.  Because paint glaze is only seen as a shine enhancing product, many consider it to be an extravagance or a necessity for show cars. But, as mentioned above, it can help you achieve perfect results.

Semi Truck Detailing: How to Apply Auto Paint Glaze

The first step should be polishing your semi truck using a microfiber cloth or an electric polisher. Once this process is complete, it is time to apply auto paint glaze. Make sure you are working in the shade because glaze evaporates quickly. You should also work in small sections to prevent the glaze evaporating.

There are many auto detailing product brands that market glaze such as Meguiar’s, 3M, Menzerna, Mothers, etc., which you can choose from depending on your budget and preference. Make sure you read the instructions before using the product. Use an electric polisher or a microfiber applicator pad to work the glaze into the paint. Use a small amount. Make sure you do this as soon as the product goes on the paint, because glaze hardens really quickly. You can use a microfiber towel to buff the glaze immediately. Follow with paint wax/sealant.

How Does Auto Paint Glaze Differ from Polish and Wax?

When you apply polish, which is an abrasive product, it shaves away a microscopic layer of paint. Auto paint glaze helps fill in the imperfections left behind by polishing thus providing a more uniform appearance. Glaze actually works to seal the work done by the polish. Once the wax job is complete, you can see a real difference in the paint, as it will be shinier than ever.

Wax and glaze are both applied in the same manner. Glaze prepares the surface for waxing by clearing away imperfections, bumps, etc. It boosts the shine that wax gives the paint. The difference is that wax protects the paint while glaze does not.

While DIY semi truck detailing is an easy way to save money, a professional detailing job can give you better results. Check out DetailXPerts’ specialty detailing services. We, as a professional semi truck detailing/auto detailing service, provide many services including applying auto paint glaze.

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