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How To Deep Clean Your Truck: 5 Things You’d Wish You’d Known Earlier

how to deep clean your truck

How To Deep Clean Your Truck: 5 Things You’d Wish You’d Known Earlier

There are several reasons why knowing how to deep clean your truck pays off. For one, it protects your profits and productivity. Deep cleaning methods also safeguard your driver’s health and boosts your company image. Fleet maintenance keeps you compliant, too. For example, you don’t want dirty vehicles costing you money if you fail a roadside inspection.

You should also know who will deep clean your truck – you or your drivers? It is a big job. You need to be familiar with cleaning equipment, techniques, and supplies. Truck cleaning also takes a bit of time. Have you ever thought about outsourcing the work? For more on this matter, download our FREE eBook on Everything a Manager Needs to Consider When Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company. It includes a checklist. And time-saving tips. For example, DetailXPerts’ mobile truck wash service will come to you!

DetailXPerts How To Deep Clean Your Truck


5 Points to Remember When You Deep Clean Your Truck

Even if you decide to outsource the work to a professional detailing team, it is still good to know how to deep clean your truck. It keeps your big rig looking good in between detailing appointments. And knowing how to do the job guarantees the best results and protects your truck from damage during the cleaning process. For instance, pressure washing your engine is only a good idea if you know what you are doing. Now for the main points:


  1. Always Use the Best Equipment and Supplies

If you want the best results, deep clean your truck with high-quality tools and the best truck detailing supplies. Spending more on premium products and equipment is worth it once you see the finished results – a clean and shining truck.

You can also take tips from professional detailers. For example, DetailXPerts uses non-toxic cleaning methods whenever possible. Biodegradable cleaning supplies ensure a deep clean without harming your truck or the environment. We also use steam to clean. See below.


  1. Use Steam to Deep Clean and Sanitize Truck Interior and Exterior

You can pressure wash your truck exterior for quickness. However, steam is your friend when it comes to deep cleaning your truck. It might take a little more time, but it is worth it. Steam effortlessly breaks down dirt, oil, and grime using minimal water. And steam interior cleaning for your semi truck is advisable, too. For example, sleeper cabs that require a deeper clean benefit from complete steam sanitization.

The science behind steam cleaning vehicles confirms the effectiveness of this method. Pressurized steam at a high temperature kills germs and bacteria. It also removes stains, odors, and mold to create a fresher, healthier environment for your drivers.

Again, you need to address the question of who will clean your truck. If you don’t have steam equipment, DetailXPerts can offer mobile fleet detailing with the latest green tech. Our friendly, experienced detailers will visit your location to keep your trucks eco-clean.


  1. Wash Your Truck in Cold Conditions

Deep cleaning your truck requires more time than a quick trailer washout. Ideally, you only want to take your trucks off the road for a short time. However, you also want to avoid cleaning a hot truck straight off a long haul. For example, high temperatures can cause some cleaning solutions to evaporate faster than usual, making them less effective.

Ideally, aim to deep clean your truck early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the weather is cooler. This way you can avoid washing vehicles in direct sunlight. The sun’s strong UV rays can dry cleaning solutions or wax too quickly, leaving marks or streaks on your truck exterior.


  1. Deep Clean the Engine Safely

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized strict truck engine emission rules with its Clean Trucks Plan, beginning in Model Year 2027. However, you can do your bit before then by prioritizing truck engine cleaning. But you need to know how to remove dirt, grime, and oil without causing any damage. For example, cleaning a hot engine is never a good idea. You risk damaging electric parts. Worse still, hot engine components can burn you.

If you want to do the job safely and efficiently, steam cleaning the truck engine is an option. Steam’s high temperature effortlessly breaks down grease and dirt deposits. And it only uses a small amount of water compared to a pressure washer. Naturally, you may feel more comfortable handing this job to the professionals. You can book a demo with DetailXPerts to deep clean your truck and engine. This gives you an opportunity to see how we extend the life of your assets with our eco-clean routines.


  1. Dry the Truck Using the Best Techniques

If you are short on time, it is tempting to skip the drying stage when you deep clean your truck. However, this compromises the finished result. There are different drying techniques, and some are more effective than others. So, take another tip from the industry experts. DetailXPerts uses steam tech and high-quality microfiber towels to clean and dry trucks. First, there is very little runoff with steam. Second, microfiber material is lightweight and super absorbent. It doesn’t leave streaks or lint behind, either.

Drying your vehicle thoroughly also helps prevent corrosion and truck rust over time. And it prepares the exterior for waxing and polishing. This final stage in deep cleaning your truck provides additional protection against road dirt and salt build-up. If you do decide to hire someone to help, research semi truck detailing prices first to get the best-value service.



Knowing how to deep clean your truck maintains the efficiency and profitability of your fleet. Moreover, it extends the vehicle’s lifespan and ensures the safety and comfort of your drivers. However, cleaning and sanitizing the interior and exterior of a large vehicle, or a fleet, is a lot to take on. So, hiring a fleet cleaning service is a consideration.

DetailXPerts can protect your investment with low/no water runoff using steam cleaning technology. Our environmentally friendly methods keep you compliant and restore your big rigs to their cleanest state. CLICK NOW to access our FREE eBook featuring the ultimate fleet hire checklist.

DetailXPerts How To Deep Clean Your Truck

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This article was updated in January 2023 for comprehensiveness.


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