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Truck Detailing Tips: Why Should You Steam Clean Your Truck?

Truck Detailing Tips: Why Should You Steam Clean Your Truck?

Truck Detailing Tips: Why Should You Steam Clean Your Truck?

Your truck is your workhorse, always on the road, performing heavy-duty jobs. People built trucks to withstand the brunt of heavy work. They also attract a lot of sticky and oily dirt and grime. But when you leave it on for a long time can cause lasting damage, both to the interior and the exterior of the truck. Hence, regular cleaning and maintenance are extremely important if this prized possession is to give you its best. But what is the right way to clean it? Water and detergents are no longer considered the right way. Steam clean your truck, on the other hand, is in high demand as the best alternative. Our truck detailing tips below will give you a clear picture of the advantages of steam cleaning.

Why Should You Steam Clean Your Truck?

Do Away With Harsh Detergents That Damage the Paint

There is nothing worse for your truck’s paint than using harsh dishwashing detergents. Such chemicals will strip away the glossy finish of the paint and all protective wax and polish layers, This can ultimately cause premature oxidation. Steam cleaning, in contrast, is organic. It uses nothing but water to thoroughly clean the truck without damaging the paint.

No Chemicals Mean No Toxic Residue

When chemicals are used to clean your truck, they leave toxic residue behind on surfaces like the paint, upholstery, windows, etc. which can be harmful to your health. But steam cleaning is 100% safe for your health.

Effectively Clean All the Dirt and Grime off Your Truck

Cleaning sticky dirt and grime clinging to your truck exterior and interior parts can prove to be a challenge if you are using water and soap. But a high heat, high pressure jet of steam can easily break down the molecules that bind this dirt and take out even the most stubborn stains without causing harm to the paint, windows, and upholstery. Furthermore, steam can effectively clean windows without leaving streaks behind and it is also safe to use on all types of upholstery.

Sterilize the Interior of all Germs and Bacteria

A healthy truck interior is vital for your health. Even the dirtiest and the most germ-ridden truck interior can be successfully sterilized using steam. Steam cleaning kills 99.99% of disease causing bacteria and germs. Steam is also the best method to get rid of bad odors caused by contaminated air coming out of the ventilation system and lingering odors from cigarette smoke and food.

Conserve Water and Go Green

Steam cleaning is the ideal method to save water when washing your truck. Only four gallons of water will be necessary to steam clean a semi-truck while the traditional method will use 400 gallons! Steam also ensures that there is no toxic waste water, thus doing its part for a safer and cleaner environment.

These truck detailing tips show that steam cleaning is safe, eco-friendly and effective. That is why it tops all the other truck detailing methods. Moreover, you can use a steam cleaner and do it yourself if you own a mini truck. But if you own a bigger model, a professional truck detailer will be better equipped to help you out. DetailXPerts has years of experience in steam cleaning trucks, so schedule an appointment with us today to give your truck the best cleaning job it has ever experienced.


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