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Trailer Washout Dos and Don’ts

Trailer Washout Dos and Don'ts

Trailer Washout Dos and Don’ts

The truck industry has thousands of trailers that transport cargo on a regular basis. This means, between each trip the interior of the vehicles needs cleaning. However, the majority of truck drivers and companies don’t properly wash their equipment. Different types of trailers might change the way people perform a trailer washout.

Types of Trailers

Considering the variety of cargo that needs to be carried throughout the United States, there are specific trailers for every need. Flatbed trailers are the most common and versatile to transport numerous different materials. However, dry vans travel along the interstates and are the most commonly seen type for drivers. These are the enclosed semis on the road. Each one needs to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid contamination of supplies.

Trailer Washout Dos and Don’ts

Do Clean Every Cargo Change

Most trucks change out their cargo on a regular basis. One day they might be carrying furniture and the next might be grocery items. Generally, when materials require a specific environment like frozen food, refrigerated trucks carry it. However, with places like Amazon, the selection of products is nearly endless.

A trailer washout will help eliminate any germs or residue that might be left behind by old materials. It will also ensure you don’t contaminate the new cargo.

Don’t Just Spray

When you wash the truck, using water by itself only cleans a small amount. Spraying down the trailer with a hose doesn’t have the same effect as a thorough soap wash. First, rinse the area out and remove any lingering debris. Spray down the entire trailer with soap and let it soak for several minutes. Finally, spray off the soap residue and rinse. Before you add the next trip of cargo, make sure everything is dry.

Do Check All Areas

With refrigerated trailers, the slats in the metal can collect grime underneath. Even the nooks and crannies throughout the truck gather dirt and debris. However, most drivers often forget to check these areas. Instead, they focus on a quick wipe down and move on. Make sure to perform a thorough trailer washout by removing anything in the trailer that isn’t attached. This allows you to reach even the hardest areas. Starting from the front of the trailer and working your way out also helps the process.

Don’t Use Chemicals

Despite what some people believe, utilizing chemicals to disinfect your trailer can be more harmful. Any lingering solution left behind could contaminate any of the materials that are being carried on the truck. Use organic products or soaps that rinse away easily. This ensures no cargo becomes damaged by cleaning solutions. Whether the driver carries food or furniture, it can impact the condition of the items.

Do Brush Twice/Month

Overall, performing a trailer washout after each load helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment. However, completely scrubbing down the interior of the trailer with a brush erases the leftover contaminants. Doing this twice a month maintains the appearance of your vehicle, as well as, contributes to the safety. This allows you to efficiently transport cargo without the hassle of liability regarding the condition.


Finding a professional company to perform the trailer washout benefits truck drivers on a regular basis. DetailXperts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company specializes in truck and fleet washes. Their highly-trained technicians thoroughly clean vehicles while eliminating germs and grime from the trailers. This ensures your truck receives the best possible wash. Schedule an appointment today.

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