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Dirty Trucks are Costing you Money

dirty trucks are costing you money

Dirty Trucks are Costing you Money

Don’t let dirty trucks cause you expensive problems or cost you business. Our ultimate truck wash solution can help. We understand your dilemma. Trucks that spend hours on the road will inevitably pick up lots of dirt and grime. Therefore, finding a reputable truck wash near you is a smart decision.

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Different weather conditions can affect the appearance of your truck. Rain, snow, road salt, or excessive dust and sand in the hotter weather will quickly leave dust, dirt, and grime on a truck exterior. Road tar, tree sap, leaves, mud and bugs are also a problem. Truck dirt “hotspots” include the windshield, lights, license plate, tires, wheels, rear-view mirrors, chromework, and paintwork. 

The interior of the truck, including the cabin, will also collect dirt and grime, especially on longer journeys. Loading and unloading goods will bring dirt into your truck, too. It’s not just about appearance. Some of these contaminants can also affect vehicle performance.


10 Reasons Why Dirty Trucks Cost You Money

There are different reasons why a dirty truck is bad for business. The good news is our ultimate truck wash solution can easily solve these problems. Wait till your drivers see the difference that our commercial truck cleaning service makes on their rig. They will be able to get to their destination safely and comfortably with a clean, well-maintained vehicle. 

Your clients will be impressed, too. A clean truck suggests reliability and a business that delivers. Discover why your dirty trucks are costing you money and how our eco-friendly truck detailing service can help.

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 1) Dirty Trucks Can Result in Financial Penalties

Dirty trucks attract attention. Unfortunately, not always the kind of attention that you want. For example, you risk catching the eye of a department of transportation (DOT) officer or the police. These law enforcement officials can pull your truck over for further inspection. 

And if your dirty truck doesn’t pass a vehicle inspection, you will probably receive a hefty fine. For example, truck license plates must be readable. If vehicle plates are obscured by dirt, you are at risk of a fine. There is also the issue of lost time due to roadside inspections, see below.


2) Roadside Inspections May Delay Your Transportation Schedules

Reliable truck businesses always transport their goods and cargo on time. However, your schedule will be interrupted if law enforcement officials notice your dirty truck and pull it over. Moreover, if they find that there are serious issues with your truck, it may even result in the vehicle being put out of service until you fix the problem. 

This is where the convenience of mobile truck fleet detailing can be advantageous. You are not making money when your trucks are off the road. Therefore, you don’t have time to go to a truck wash. Fortunately, DetailXPerts mobile truck wash comes to you, at your location. No waiting in lines at the truck car wash. We’ll get you back on the road without delay. 


3) EPA Fines If You Are Not Environmentally Compliant

If you fail to wash your dirty trucks according to certain rules and regulations, you risk Clean Water Act fines. And these can run into thousands of dollars. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced and implemented these strict water pollution control laws. 

Therefore, whichever truck washing option you choose, you must ensure that you manage water runoff properly and according to the law. For example, being EPA-compliant is one of the many benefits of an eco-friendly truck car wash. DetailXPerts uses steam cleaning technology to clean dirty trucks. 

Our ultimate truck wash solution is a green one. We only use 4 gallons of water to clean an entire truck. There is no water runoff. Therefore, you do not have to worry about fines. Additionally, our cleaning materials are also eco-friendly. Check out our video, below.

4) Missed Marketing Opportunity on Your Truck Exterior

Your truck is a great form of mobile advertising. You can promote your business while on the road. Think of your trucks as mobile billboards that catch the eyes of other drivers and their passengers. 

Then, think of the missed marketing opportunities if a build-up of dirt and grime has obscured your company details, including logo, phone number and website address. No one will know who you are, what you do, or how to contact you. This is lost revenue. A dirty truck can also deliver a negative impression on potential customers. It can suggest a ‘don’t care’ approach.

Industrial truck detailing will keep your truck exterior dirt-free and showcase your company details. However, it is important to find a detailer, such as DetailXPerts, who specializes in this kind of work, otherwise you could end up paying top dollar for inadequate work.


5) The Importance of USDOT Compliance to Avoid Heavy Fines

Do you need to display a USDOT number on your cab exterior? This is a number assigned to certain commercial vehicles by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It uniquely identifies your business. 

USDOT numbers need to be clear and legible on both sides of your vehicle. Therefore, you must keep your truck exterior clean. Otherwise, automated cameras on the road will be unable to read your number. If you fail a compliance inspection, once again, you risk being issued with a fine.


6) Our Ultimate Truck Wash Solution Boosts Brand Image

The appearance of your truck is very important. Dirty trucks on the road don’t convey a positive image to the public. Think about your brand reputation. What does a filthy truck say about how you do business? To illustrate this in hard cash terms, if you lose clients over dirty trucks, it is going to hurt your profits. Be sure to check out semi truck detailing prices to make sure you get good value for money. Contact DetailXPerts to discover our best fleet detailing deals and monthly specials.


7) High Turnover Rate Among Truck Drivers

If you don’t prioritize the health and cleanliness of your truck cabin, you risk a high turnover rate among your truck drivers. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) have already highlighted the current problem of driver shortage in the industry. And the situation is only going to get worse. It estimates the driver shortage will rise to 160,000 by 2030. Therefore, drivers can now afford to pick and choose the best jobs. 

This demand for truck drivers means truck owners have to raise their game if they are to retain drivers or attract new ones. Unsanitary trucks are not going to appeal to drivers. Therefore, you will end up spending more money on recruiting and retaining talent.

In contrast, a clean and sanitized cab creates a healthier environment for drivers. For example, you can efficiently sanitize the cabin interior by using steam cleaning technology. This is an excellent way to eliminate germs and bacteria on truck cabin seats and surfaces. If you create a healthier and safer driving experience for employees, you have a better chance of retaining them. They may have fewer sick days too. This will help you keep your delivery schedules on track. Expenditure on sanitizing your trucks will result in healthier profits rather than losing money.


8) Dirty Trailers Can Be an Expensive Mistake

Don’t risk a fine by ignoring your trailer washout schedule. Keep on the right side of the Department of Transportation (DOT) health and safety regulations. You can do this by making sure the inside of your trailer is spotlessly clean. For example, trucks transporting food and drink products, or other refrigerated goods need to have a clean and sanitary environment at all times. 


9) Oil Leaks and Dirty Truck Engines Could Fail DOT Roadside Inspections

Oil leaks and poorly maintained engines also increase the risk of a DOT fine. However, truck engine steam cleaning is great preventative maintenance. Cleaning a dirty engine can also help to reduce its emissions. Responsible truck owners are mindful of this environmental issue and work hard to ensure truck engines are not pumping harmful pollutants into the atmosphere while on the road. 

A dirty engine is not going to perform at its best either. This may result in reduced fuel efficiency, which will make your truck journeys more expensive, again reducing profits.

For your reference, the US Environmental Protection Agency is working hard on reducing harmful emissions from heavy duty trucks with the new rules coming into effect as soon as 2027. The Clean Trucks Plan means more stringent emissions standards for large trucks and other similar-size vehicles.


10) Regular Fleet Detailing to Avoid Roadside Breakdowns and Costly Repairs

Dirty trucks may also cost you money in repairs. A buildup of dirt can create or mask any minor mechanical defects. However, regular fleet detailing and maintenance can often help you catch any potential problems before they become major (and expensive) ones. 

Regular fleet detailing will also help to keep your drivers, and other road users safe, on their travels. Furthermore, truck breakdowns may result in your drivers being stranded on the highway with goods on board. Breakdowns are bad for business. As a result, any missed delivery deadlines will cost you, too. Your clients won’t be happy either.



To sum up, dirty trucks are not good for your bottom line. Dirty commercial vehicles are not great for your business reputation either. Dust, grime, oil and other contaminants affect the appearance of your vehicle. This will attract negative attention. It may also result in financial penalties and loss of business. There is also the issue of high employee turnover. A dirty truck is not appealing to either prospective or your existing drivers. Do you want extra recruitment costs on top of your other business bills?

On the bright side, truck lovers know that nothing beats the sight and smell of a clean and polished vehicle. Our ultimate truck wash solution offers an environmentally sound way to clean your truck. There is no water runoff. Our steam cleaning technology cleans and sterilizes cabin interiors to create a healthy, fresh and odor-free space for drivers. Furthermore, we offer the same high standard with our mobile detailing services for your convenience.

semi truck cleaning prices

Check out our truck wash and detailing services. Ask about our fleet packages and schedule an appointment for a demo today.


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