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What Does a Presidential Detail Car Care Package Include?

What Does a Presidential Detail Car Care Package Include

What Does a Presidential Detail Car Care Package Include?

The more time and attention you allocate to car care, the far superior the end results. Therefore, it is no surprise that customers choose a Presidential Detail package rather than regular detailing or a standard car wash when they want their vehicle to look immaculate. The drive behind this trend? For many people, their car is their pride and joy. They want their vehicle to maintain its showroom shine, especially if it is a new or a relatively new purchase. Also, industry research shows that people are now keeping their cars for longer. As a result, they are investing in superior car care to keep vehicles in tip-top condition and also maintain resale value.

There is also the current demand for more superior car sanitization services. Customers naturally feel more comfortable and safe when their car interior is fresh and sanitized. In order to achieve this standard, customers are wanting more than what a regular car wash can provide in a 5-10 automated service. A complete Presidential Detail car care treatment gives them what they want and more.

Ultimate Car Care with a Presidential Detailing Package

Statistics show the market size of the car wash and auto detailing industry is going to increase by 5.3% in 2021. People love to pamper their cars. If they don’t want to risk their vehicle being scratched or suffer other exterior damage during cleaning, they will choose a more bespoke auto detailing service in preference to an automated car wash. Bear in mind, a superior Presidential Detail package may differ from detailer to detailer. However, most full car detailing packages will include or use the following:

High-Quality Cleaning Solutions

To achieve superior results, Presidential Detail packages use carefully selected cleaning supplies to achieve exceptional results. This includes high-performance foams, polishes and waxes, ones that do not contain harsh chemicals that will have an adverse effect on the appearance of your car. For example, DetailXPerts uses organic, biodegradable car care products along with steam cleaning technology to achieve impeccable results in the most efficient and eco-friendly way.

Car Care Exterior Prep Services

A professional Presidential Detail car care package begins with prepping and decontaminating the car exterior. This involves meticulously washing away the everyday dirt, road grime and other contaminants. It also includes bug and tree sap stains removal. It can be achieved in various ways using a range of washing methods, techniques and tools. For example:

  • Steam cleaning to gently and safely remove surface dirt and restore paint shine, or a hand wash
  • Using premium microfiber cloths or mitts to wipe down exterior surfaces and any hard-to-reach places
  • Applying a light clay bar treatment to shift stubborn surface contaminants. This specialized treatment is a superior add-on that is not featured in regular detailing
  • Polishing fenders, chromework and rims

Due care and attention will always be taken while cleaning the exterior of the car to the highest standards. This better prepares the car paintwork for additional Presidential Detail treatments, such as buffing and waxing. Note, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way to wash a car exterior and restore the paint’s shine. However, it requires specialist technology and is not offered by all service providers.

Cleaning and Shining Windows and Mirrors

A quick car wash or wipe down may remove surface dirt but it won’t always leave windows sparkling clean. If you want to get streak-free windows and mirrors, a Presidential Detail pays special attention to glasswork. For example, steam cleaning effectively loosens dried-on dirt including that familiar build-up of dirt outside the arc of the wipers. The heat of steam also eliminates the need to use toxic cleaning sprays that may leave behind smears and smudges.

Premium Car Polish and Hand Wax Application

Presidential Detail packages will also focus on bringing out the best in your car paintwork while offering protection against the elements. This high level of car care includes using a premium car polish to restore a glossy shine. Once the paintwork is beautifully clean and smooth, waxing a car will add a layer of protection that will help to maintain its good looks. Some of the best Presidential Detailing professionals apply wax by hand using a premium paste. Even brand new cars will benefit from these superior wax treatments. One of the benefits of new car detailing is protecting the car exterior paint with wax to help maintain a like-new appearance for much longer.

Professional Tire Dressing

Regular detailing will leave your wheels and tires looking clean but what if you want a superior shine and additional protection to extend the life of your tires? Expert tire detailing goes in the Presidential Detail car care package. Not only will it shine your wheels and tires, but the specialist cleaning products and degreasers used will also help to protect the rubber from cracking and splitting to ensure a safer ride.

Presidential Detailing Interior Car Care

A lot of work goes into before and after detailing. A trusted and efficient professional will make sure your car interior will look nothing less than immaculate after a Presidential Detail service. It should also smell pretty fabulous, too. This is what you can expect:

  • Vacuuming car interior including carpets, mats and the trunk
  • Hygienically wiping down surfaces
  • Cleaning doors and door jambs
  • Air sanitization
  • Polishing inside of windows
  • Cleaning upholstery, see below

This attention to detail and thorough approach to cleaning the car interior will result in a fresh-smelling vehicle. If you have a sensitive nose, it is worth enquiring about steam cleaning car care procedures. This method attains the highest level of cleanliness without the need for strong-smelling chemicals.

Specialist Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Regular car detailing prices will include vacuuming the entire car interior including carpets and cleaning between the seats to restore a neat and tidy appearance. However, a Presidential Detail focuses on the deep-clean car care experience. This includes using the correct cleaning techniques for carpets, mats, and different types of upholstery. For example, if applicable, you can expect car leather reconditioning to restore the beauty of your car seats. Alternatively, steam cleaning is brilliantly effective when you want to sanitize and refresh car seats. It removes odors, too.

Deeper Sanitized Interior Clean

If you are paying the higher interior car detailing prices that are associated with Presidential Detail packages, you can rightly expect to get a more sanitized interior clean that goes over and above the norm of regular detailing or a car wash experience. This includes professional detailers paying special attention to those high-touch points such as dashboard, console, controls, door handles, headliner, and seat belts using the best products and equipment. For example, steam cleaning the interior of a car is an excellent way to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Again, specialist car care depends on your service provider, so be sure to find out what technology is available and what chemicals they are using.


For the ultimate car care experience, a Presidential Detail package is the obvious choice. This full car care spa service takes more time to complete and costs more than a basic detailing package or car wash service. However, the difference is clearly visible in the results. You can expect your car exterior to look shiny and polished with additional protection from a premium wax treatment. The interior will also be transformed. It will be a clean and sanitized space that will make your driving experience a truly safe and comfortable experience.

Different service providers will offer their own variation of the Presidential Detail but trusted professionals will always follow a careful routine and work hard to deliver the most pristine clean. If you are keen to see what an ultimate car care package is all about, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to experience a world-class steam-enhanced Presidential Detail service.

Also, don’t forget to check out what people are saying about DetailXPerts’ services on Yelp.


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