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What Microfiber Towels to Use on Your Car Exterior

What Microfiber Towels to Use on You Car Exterior

What Microfiber Towels to Use on Your Car Exterior

Microfiber towels are an important part of any car detailing process. However, with numerous options available, knowing which specific towel to use is necessary. To get the best results, ensure you are using the right towel for each job.

What Exactly Are Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber towels are a combination of polyester and polyamide. These products have an interlocking composition that helps the material pick up dirt. When used, the two fibers split due to the different surface tensions. This creates hooks or edges that capture dirt and store it in small holes. This is why chemicals are not necessary when using microfiber towels.

Types of Microfiber Towels

General Use

General purpose towels are normally 16″ by 16″ in size with an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. They typically have a standard split weave and no specific purpose. Additionally, the medium thickness makes them equally useful for wiping paint, glass, vinyl, plastic, and leather.

Waffle Weave

Most microfiber towels for polishing and glass have similar characteristics. However, microfibers for glass cleaning need to be 100% lint-free. Most of these have less thickness than general purpose towels. In addition, waffle weave cloths are beneficial when cleaning glass because they dry quickly, reducing the risk of streaks. The mini corduroy pattern is rougher but retains a high absorbency.

Piqué Towels

The type of product mostly used for drying is Piqué, which is similar to waffle weave towels. This microfiber towel soaks up water easily. It consists of a medium-weight material that wrings out most moisture.


The most common place for this product is in mitts and sponges. These microfibers are woven to look like fingers to increase its ability to pull dirt away from surfaces. Additionally, this type of weave reduces the risk of scratching and marring of paint. Remember to rinse these after each use to keep them safe for all surfaces.

Microfiber Scrubber

This specific weave is found on sponges used for removing difficult surface spots such as bugs or bird droppings. To prevent marring paint with this product use plenty of soap when cleaning with a microfiber scrubber. Additionally, do not use these as all-purpose sponges.

Microfiber Applicators

If you took a microfiber towel and wrapped it around a foam biscuit, the result would be similar to a microfiber applicator. These are used for waxing and have short microfiber material on all sides.

Using Microfiber Towels

General Cleaning

Generally, microfiber towels are good for quick detailing. Quick detailing involves removing dust, prints, and water spots with a light wash. Detailing with a microfiber towel is easy – simply wet the car with a cleaning spray and wipe. However, remember to wipe in a single direction until all visible dirt and grime disappear. Furthermore, by not using this method to wipe down, it will spread debris along the surface. Microfiber towels are made to only release particles in water when used properly.

Removing Wax or Polish

Microfiber towels, when properly used to clean wax or polish off a car works efficiently. However, ensure you don’t use circular motions. This moves the polish or wax around. Instead, wipe using horizontal strokes side-to-side, flipping and refolding the towel for the best results. Once the wax or polish starts to smear, get another towel and repeat the process until complete.

Maintaining Quality

There are three important rules to remember when cleaning microfiber towels:

Cold Water Only

First, the material shrinks in hot water. Only use cold water to wash your microfiber towels. Washing the towel in hot water can greatly affect the way it performs.

No Fabric Softener

The softener lodges itself into the microfiber, reducing its absorbability. This also affects its ability to clean and essentially makes the towel useless for any detailing jobs.

Do Not Use Heat

Heat and microfiber towels do not mix well. Drying them on high heat ruins the polyester in the microfiber. This can cause scratches and other damages to the car paint when used.

To skip the hassle of cleaning and deciding on microfiber towels, consider DetailXPerts to professionally detail your car. We use our eco-friendly patent-pending steam cleaning to restore your car’s shine.

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