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5 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment for a Brand New Car Detailing

New Car Detailing

5 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment for a Brand New Car Detailing

Most people don’t think they need to schedule a detail for a new car. However, there are benefits that come with doing so. Here are 5 reasons to schedule a brand new car detailing.

Why Schedule a Brand New Car Detailing Appointment?

1. To Fix Paint Issues

Despite what people believe, not every dealership has top quality professionals detailing their vehicles. Thus, cars might have paint swirls, marks, or water spots on the surface. You could attempt to polish or buff your car on your own. However, unless you are familiar with the process, it could potentially damage the exterior further. Utilizing a professional will ensure they eliminate the issues without causing any damage.

2. To Protect the Clear Coat

The clear coat is a non-pigmented coat applied to the car that helps shields the exterior paint from UV damage. Protecting this layer of paint on your car is imperative to its overall appearance. The clear coat enhances the luster of the car’s paint. Experienced professional detailers should be able to polish and wax your car while preventing debris from harming your car’s surface.

3. To Start off Well

When you first purchase a vehicle, most drivers try to keep the interior spotless. However, for many people that enthusiasm does not last forever. Eventually, crumbs and other trash begins to accumulate. This tends to extend to the exterior as well, and dirt and debris gather on the paint. Overall, this is why a new car detailing helps to extend the life. It eliminates the debris that might deteriorate your paint over time. Many chemicals such as waxes, sealants, and ceramic paint protections last for months, so even when a car owner’s efforts decline it will not.

4. To Add onto the Dealership’s Temporary Protection

Car dealerships consistently clean their vehicles to maintain the showroom finish. However, the high amount of inventory makes it difficult for them to utilize top-of-the-line paint protection. Many people believe that once they leave the dealership, their pristine shine will last. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Therefore, scheduling a new car detailing is in your best interest. Most professional detailers use long-lasting paint protection products like CeramicPro or Opti-Coat Pro. Furthermore, most ceramic paint protection such as these come with a warranty as well, guaranteeing your satisfaction and your car’s appearance.

5. Because Detailers Know What to Look for

Not every issue a car faces is easily noticeable. There are some issues that require you to know what you are looking for. For example, water spots and paint swirls are more difficult issues to spot. Even knowing when a car needs waxing or paint decontaminating is difficult to determine. However, by visiting a professional company to have it cleaned the first time you gain the advantage of having a pro look for flaws. Detailers are also better because unlike automatic car washes, most detailing companies avoid using harsh chemicals and equipment on vehicles.

A new car detailing might sound unusual but in the long run, it will save you money down the road. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company uses steam cleaning to clean your vehicle. We will not only clean your car but restore it to the showroom finish without the use of harsh chemicals.

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