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The Extra Work Involved Before and After Detailing

The Extra Work Involved Before and After Detailing

The Extra Work Involved Before and After Detailing

To many, the processes that go before and after detailing may seem mundane or unnecessary. But professional detailers know that these are essential in providing the best services. And it does not matter the size, type or number of vehicles a customer wants the detailer to work on.

It is true, people rarely notice what goes on before and after detailing. Which brings us to the questions, “What really goes on before and after detailing?” and “How do these affect the overall process?”

Before and After Detailing: What Goes?

What Happens Before the Detailing Process?

Examining the Vehicle

When you hand over the vehicle to the detailer, he or she will examine it thoroughly to better understand issues (if any) that need to be addressed and also to get an idea about how you have been treating your vehicle (regular cleaning, paint protection, etc.). If you have done a great job, it will mean less work for the detailer and a smaller bill for you. Also, if you forget to empty the vehicle of things that you regularly store in there, the detailer will have to take extra time to unload them.

Collecting Auto Detailing Supplies

After checking your vehicle, the detailer will gather all the necessary tools and materials. This is to ensure speed and efficiency. Can you imagine a detailer who applies a scratch remover only to find out that he doesn’t have a microfiber towel within reach? Not a very good impression, right? There are also instances when the customer makes a special request for a product that the detailer hasn’t used before. He or she will then need to not only purchase the product, but also test it prior to use.

Explaining the Detailing Processes

Some customers are not interested in specialty detailing services, as long as the final result is great. But there are many auto detailing enthusiasts who want to understand what their precious possessions would be going through. Additionally, detailers themselves will find the necessity to explain to the customer the work that goes into auto detailing, especially in cases where there is a potential risk involved, e.g. using a product the customer recommends.

What Happens After the Detailing Process?


After the work is done, the detailer has to clean the working area, equipment, and supplies such as microfiber towels, applicator pads, etc. This is extremely important because dirty auto detailing supplies may damage the paint of the next vehicle to be serviced.

Refilling/Restocking Products

To prepare for the next vehicle, the detailer has to refill bottles, sprayers, etc. and also buy non-reusable items like applicator pads.

Examining the Vehicle for the Second, or Even the Third Time

A seasoned detailer leaves no stones unturned.  He follows a step-by-step process to make sure that every inch of your vehicle is clean and meets/exceeds not only his standards but also your expectations.

The work that the detailer does before and after detailing will ensure that your vehicle gets the treatment and care it deserves. If you are very satisfied about the results, it indicates that the detailer has really put in that extra effort. Auto detailing services always take this work into account when setting their prices but this makes a lot of difference in terms of quality.

Our technicians always make sure that every vehicle receives the ultimate detailing experience it deserves. Schedule an appointment with us now!


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