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Car Detailing Prices: What Are You Paying for?

Car Detailing Prices What Are You Paying for

Car Detailing Prices: What Are You Paying for?

Sure, you love your car and you would like it to be detailed by professionals on a regular basis. But then you wonder – what goes into the car detailing prices of different detailers? What exactly are you paying for when you use their services? Why isn’t there a one-size- fits-all car detailing cost? Read on and find out.

Factors That Affect Car Detailing Prices

The Vehicle’s Brand

If you have a Ferrari or a Tesla, you can expect to pay more. No, it’s not because you have more money to spend. It’s because detailers of luxury vehicles need to undergo intensive training and pass examinations to become certified. This is done to ensure you don’t void your warranty.

For example, a Ferrari’s wheels and brake are made of specialized alloys that are sensitive to certain substances. Improper cleaning can damage them permanently, leading to very expensive replacement. This is why it is highly recommended to use professional detailing services that specialize in luxury cars.

How much does it cost to detail a Ferrari with paint correction? A thousand dollars, more or less. Of course, car detailing prices for less expensive brands like Hondas or Hyundais are not as high.

The Vehicle’s Size

There are several reasons why a vehicle’s size affects car detailing rates: the number of technicians required to do the job; the amount of materials needed for cleaning; and the time required for detailing.

Let’s take an RV as an example. This huge vehicle takes a lot of time to clean and requires two or more technicians to clean it, inside and out. It needs a lot of cleaning products – shampoo or degreaser, wax, and other auto detailing supplies.

While one technician shampoos, the other rinses. When the first technician is done shampooing, he dries the surface with a microfiber (after the second technician is done rinsing). They need to work panel by panel to avoid the shampoo from drying on the surface. Same thing with water – they need to quickly wipe it down from the surface to prevent the formation of hard water spots.

With the sheer size of an RV, can you imagine one person detailing it? Of course not. Therefore, you need a team of at least two people handling such big vehicles, hence the higher car detailing prices for them. Same is valid for determining a truck detailing cost.

The Vehicle’s Condition

A detailer’s job is to bring back the life of your vehicle, to give it a more pleasing appearance. Of course, he won’t have a hard time doing so if you have a new or regularly maintained vehicle. However, if you have a classic car that’s been neglected for quite some time, expect to pay more. It’s because it will need a lot of elbow grease, special cleaning products, and probably several days or even weeks to restore its beauty.

And, in case you wonder, here’s how much steam cleaning a classic car engine would cost.

Car Detailing Prices Depend on Quality of Materials Used, Too

As they say, a carpenter is only as good as his tools. You cannot expect him to create a masterpiece out of cheap wood and some low-cost tools. A reputable detailer understands this. He or she knows that although quality materials cost more, they can help facilitate the detailing process and ensure best results.

Green detailing shops also charge more. This is because organic cleaning products cost more than chemically-laden detailing supplies.

Preferred Add-on Services

Before going for add-on services, it would help to know what’s included in a basic detailing package. This way, the detailer of your choice won’t pass off a basic detailing inclusive as an add-on.

Basic detailing packages typically include hand washing, waxing, tire and wheel cleaning, wiping down and polishing interior vinyl surfaces, window and mirror cleaning, and vacuuming the interior.

Some of the most frequently add-on services offered by technicians are bug and tar removal, interior air sanitation, dent removal, scratch and swirl removal, glass coating, leather seat conditioning, and a host of others.

Detailer’s Experience

Professional detailers have undergone intensive training and acquired years of experience. These qualities enable them to detail cars faster and more effectively. Here’s an example. Your car has an icky smell. Professional detailers won’t mask it with air fresheners. They’ve already encountered this issue before. So, they’ll go to the root of the problem. They’ll inspect your car’s interior, suggest a thorough steam cleaning, including the AC vents to kill germs and bacteria that might be causing bad odor.

It might take a higher cost to detail car interior, as in the given example, but if the issue will be resolved, then you benefit in the long run.

Location Also Affects Car Detailing Prices

Car detailing prices also vary depending on the state or region they are located, with employee wages affecting those rates. Different regions have varying costs of living and gasoline prices. So, an auto detailing shop located in Connecticut may charge higher than one in New Jersey or California.

You’ll also expect to pay extra if you use mobile detailing services. Yes, they are much more convenient and save you tons of time and driving to and back from the detailer. However, some detailing companies charge extra for each mile they need to travel to get to the place where you want the mobile detailing team to be. Keep this in mind when you are comparing different providers’ car detailing prices.

The Detailing Company’s Brand

A reputable, trustworthy company invests a lot in its processes, people, equipment, etc. It does everything it can to stick to the highest possible standards for the products and services it offers. Hence, the multitude of rave customers’ reviews. This is exactly why some companies’ car detailing prices may seem higher at first. And you think you’re just paying more for the brand. But when you know the level of quality that stands behind it, proven by the brand’s testimonials and reputation, you start to understand why.

So, the next time you wonder what goes into different auto detailing prices, take a look at the points listed above. It may be due to your preferred add-ons; your vehicle’s brand, size, or condition; the quality of materials used; or the detailer’s experience and location. Now, if you want to give your vehicle the best treatment it deserves at the best car detailing prices, consider scheduling an appointment with DetailXPerts. We have all it takes to provide your car with the best detailing service.

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