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How to Give Your Vehicle the Best Clay Bar Treatment Possible

Best Clay Bar Treatment

How to Give Your Vehicle the Best Clay Bar Treatment Possible

A proper clay bar treatment is necessary to enhance the beauty of your vehicle. Regular washing does maintain its beauty, but clay barring takes it a notch higher. It removes all contaminants on your vehicle’s surface, making buffing and waxing faster and easier.

But before doing the bar, understand what it can and cannot do for your prized possession. Clay barring only removes dirt that sits ON TOP of your car’s paint. It does not remove swirls, scratches or other issues that need paint correction.

It is also important to note that clay barring is not buffing or polishing. Consider it as a pre-buffing or pre-polishing process.

So how do you give your vehicle the clay bar treatment it deserves? Read on.

Clay Bar Treatment: A Step-by-Step Guide

Park Your Vehicle in a Shaded Area

Clay bar treatment involves the use of liquid wax (in some cases, soap). Doing the process under direct sunlight can cause wax or soap to dry faster, leading to uneven application and consequently, poor results.

Gather Your Tools

For an effective clay bar treatment, you need the following: steam cleaner, wash mitt with rubber polymer coating, Quick Wax, and microfiber cloth.

Steam Clean the Surface

Steam is by far, more effective for car washing than soap and water. It lifts dirt and grime from surfaces, so paint damage from stiff brushes or harsh chemicals can be avoided. And since steam dries faster, you can proceed to the clay bar treatment immediately.

Clay Bar It

A faster and more efficient approach is to do clay barring in a three-step process: wax, scrub, and wipe. Here’s how:

Wax It

First, spray the surface with Quick Wax. Do not skip this step. You’ll know why later. It’s also a must to work section by section. For example, a portion of the hood area.

Scrub It Gently With a Wash Mitt

A specialized wash mitt removes tree sap, bird droppings, water spots and other surface contamination that washing alone cannot remove. Its beauty lies in its user-friendliness and efficiency. No need to cut it. You just slip your hand in it and scrub away! Don’t forget to keep the area wet with Quick Wax. Clay barring a dry area can cause paint swirls.

Follow up With a Microfiber Towel

Doing so rids the surface of residual wax and gives it a smooth and shiny glow. Make sure that you use a microfiber towel made of quality materials.

This three-step process is like hitting two birds with one stone. You save precious time and effort from doing waxing and clay barring separately.

Giving your car a clay bar treatment from time to time will improve its appearance and make the surface easier to buff and wax.

For best results, why don’t you schedule an appointment with us? Our technicians are well-trained in all aspects of vehicle detailing including clay bar treatment.


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