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Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service

mobile truck wash service

Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service

Could a mobile truck wash be the answer to maintaining your fleet? If you don’t want dirty trucks causing problems and eating into your profits, you can always call a mobile truck wash and have them come to you! A professional detailing team will have all the equipment, supplies, and experience to clean your truck where and when you want.

Mobile Truck Wash Service

However, before you jump right in and schedule a service, let’s weigh up the pros and cons. Also, to help you decide if this kind of truck wash is for you, read our guide on Everything A Manager Needs to Consider When Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company.

Mobile Truck Wash Service Pros and Cons

These days, maintaining a fleet has its challenges. First, your cleaning methods must be environmentally compliant. Second, industry sanitization standards are high, so you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Third, you don’t want to lose money by taking trucks off the road longer than you need to. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to find a reliable truck wash near you that also offers mobile detailing. Here are the pros and cons of this type of service:

Pros of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service

  1. Hassle-Free and Convenient

The flexibility of a mobile truck wash is a great advantage. It is easy to schedule an appointment at a time and place that suits you. Some mobile fleet cleaning teams also operate around the clock, giving you more choices than a location-based detailer open 9-5.

  1. Quick Turnaround

Waiting in line at the truck wash can steal time from your business. Attempting to do the job yourself or expecting your drivers to do the job is not a quick fix either. Mobile fleet detailing addresses these problems. To sum up, you save yourself a trip to and from the truck wash. Professional detailers work more quickly and effectively. You save on gas, too. 

Furthermore, if you own a truck fleet, you can have the entire fleet cleaned in one go instead of having to arrange multiple appointments. This time-saving service allows you to get your trucks back on the road in no time, so you can stay on schedule.

  1. Reduce Your Water Bills

Most mobile truck wash services bring their own water to clean your vehicles, so your water bill is protected. Also, they will know the tips and tricks that enable them to use only the minimum amount of water necessary. In contrast, the chances of water wastage are much greater if you decide to clean your truck by yourself.

  1. Protect the Environment

Mobile truck washes must be environmentally compliant. For example, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict laws and regulations, including the Clean Water Act. Ongoing federal and local government monitoring of truck wash businesses ensures compliance with laws to protect human health and the environment. Therefore, if you partner with an eco-wash business, you will have peace of mind, legally and environmentally.

DetailXPerts is a mobile car and truck wash that uses steam cleaning technology to avoid toxic runoff that could otherwise pollute local water sources. Our type of system also uses biodegradable soaps, detergents, and other products to clean trucks while protecting the environment from harm.

  1. Customized Packages

An automatic truck wash is okay for an exterior wash, but it cannot offer you the personalized service you would get from a mobile truck wash. Mobile detailers clean your fleet exactly how you want it. For instance, interior detailing is important if you have a truck with a sleeper cab. If you want more than a standard clean, inside, and out, a reputable mobile detailing business like DetailXPerts will, for example, offer the following:

Mobile detailers should recommend detailing packages that give you the best value for money. However, it depends on their experience and the equipment they use. So, be sure to ask what is included in the price, otherwise it can work out expensive. See below.

Mobile Truck Wash Service

Cons of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service

  1. Can Be More Expensive

The advantages of mobile vehicle detailing come with a higher price tag. Yes, a mobile truck wash can work out more expensive than a quick visit to an automatic truck wash. For instance, your detailer has to cover costs such as labor, water and cleaning supplies, gas, and travel costs. You could also be paying for the latest, industry-proven technology.

Also, factor in convenience costs – the extra price you are willing to pay to make your life easier. However, regular fleet cleaning is vital if you want to protect your investment and avoid any fines. And if you get a great service with the least possible hassle, then it is money well spent. For more on this matter, see How Much Does Truck Detailing Cost?

  1. Weather Conditions Might Disrupt Your Cleaning Schedule

Unlike on-site detailing that is done in an enclosed space, mobile detailers work outdoors. Therefore, unpredictable weather conditions can be a problem if you decide to use mobile detailers, unless you have a covered area available at your premises.

In particular, washing trucks outdoors in the winter months can be challenging, especially when it comes to pressure washing trucks in very cold weather. Instead, you could try using lukewarm water or hire a mobile service for steam cleaning your truck when temperatures dip to near freezing.

  1. Not Always Easy to Find a Reliable Team

Will the detailers turn up when you need them? Do they have the skills and experience to meet your specific needs? And will they remember to bring all their truck detailing supplies? If you can’t find a reliable team to clean your trucks at your location, naturally it will put you off using a mobile truck wash.

That’s where our ultimate fleet hire checklist can help! It covers the most important considerations and facts you need to research before hiring a fleet cleaning partner. For example, a suitable candidate will check all your boxes for performance history, service commitment, quality assurance, and green cleaning.


The pros of using a mobile truck wash easily outweigh the cons. The convenience of this type of truck wash makes it the go-to option for busy fleet managers. There is no need to leave your location. Call your service provider and they will come directly to you. This saves you time and energy compared to taking your trucks elsewhere for cleaning.

However, it is important to find a reliable team who can offer high-quality work at a price that suits your budget. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the benefits of this convenient service. If you want your fleet washed by experienced mobile detailers, DetailXPerts might just be the perfect partner for you. With options for typical, little or no runoff, you can choose the best clean to suit your fleet. Our friendly, reliable team always show up on time and adhere to strict environmental protection standards.

Mobile Truck Wash Service

Don’t forget to download our guide: Everything A Manager Needs to Consider When Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company. CLICK HERE. It covers all the important details and recommendations that will help make your hiring quicker, easier, and successful.

You can also Book a Demo. This is a great way to see our innovative green-tech fleet cleaning methods. And you’ll get to meet our team. We come to you!

This article was updated in December 2022.


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