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How Much Does Truck Detailing Cost?

how much does truck detailing cost

How Much Does Truck Detailing Cost?

Before you hire a truck detailing service the obvious question is, how much does truck detailing cost? Naturally, you want to know what money a cleaning team charges before setting up an appointment. However, there isn’t one fixed price. Different factors will affect your detailing bill, such as your specific needs as a truck owner. For example, there are various considerations if you own or manage a fleet. See our guide.

semi truck cleaning prices

How Much Does Truck Detailing Cost? 6 Factors That Determine Price

The first thing to bear in mind is that some detailing services charge per square foot. For example, a detailer may quote $5-$10 per sq ft for pressure washing or $20 per sq ft to wash and wax. Others charge a single price for each model. Also the cost per truck will change considerably if you want regular fleet detailing. So be sure to ask about monthly maintenance packages. Here are the top 6 truck detailing cost determiners.


  1. Size

The size of your truck is one of the most important factors in determining the cost of detailing. For example, if you own a light truck model, such as a pickup, your truck detailing price will be lower than semi truck detailing prices.


A standard pickup truck exterior and interior package costs from $200. A similar detailing package for a single axle tractor can be $300 or more. However, it is usually money well spent. If you don’t regularly clean and maintain your vehicles, you might find out the hard way that dirty trucks cost you money. For example, the police or DOT officers can issue a fine if the license plates on a dirty truck are not readable.

Larger vehicles naturally take more time and effort to clean. Therefore, it is going to cost you more. Expect to pay from $200 for semi truck exterior detailing. But how much does truck detailing cost if you want the interior cleaned, too? It depends on whether it is a day cab or a sleeper cab. Day cab interior detailing starts from $200. Expect to pay around $300 to deep clean a semi truck sleeper cab. Premium packages for interior and exterior can run between $400-$600.


  1. The Current Condition of Your Truck

If you have not taken your truck to a wash in a few weeks or even months, it will have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime that has toughened over time. The weather conditions and time of year will also have an effect. Thus, the detailer has to put in extra work to give the truck a superior clean. This hard work, of course, comes with a price.

When you take the truck into a detailing shop, they will inspect it and let you know whether it is necessary to deep clean your truck. How much does truck detailing cost for dirtier vehicles? It depends. Prices range from $60 per hour. Or it might be a fixed additional fee. For example, $200 to compensate for the extra work.


  1. The Quality of the Detailing Products

A professional detailer committed to giving you the best value for money will use high quality cleaning products, such as organic truck detailing supplies. Of course, these carry an extra cost, but your truck gets a superior clean. On the other hand, a cheap truck wash will probably use low-quality products that give an okay finish but not long-lasting results. Therefore, you end up needing to clean your truck more often.

So, the golden rule is always ask your detailer about the products they use before you hand over your truck. If they have done their market research, they will know that the growth in consumer awareness about green cleaning products has led to a surge in high-quality products. DetailXPerts believes in protecting your investment and the planet with non-toxic cleaning methods. Our low/no water runoff methods are environmentally friendly, too. See below.


  1. The Detailing Method

Most truck detailing services use water and a pressure washer to clean your truck. But you can hire a service that uses steam cleaning. Steam gives far superior cleaning results than water. It is an innovative and more effective method, but more expensive. However, steam kills bacteria and viruses, leaving your truck safely sanitized. If you want to experience this superior detailing whilst conserving water and protecting the environment, try DetailXPerts’ steam cleaning technology. Green is the way to go!

Furthermore, the science behind steam cleaning vehicles proves that steam can efficiently remove dirt without damaging your investment. Our green technology can improve the performance of your fleet and power a better future for your trucks on the road. How much does truck detailing cost for a greener clean? Contact us for a quote and special offers for fleets.


  1. Mobile Detailing

Mobile truck fleet detailing is a hassle-free, convenient way to have your truck detailed at your own place. Most truck detailing services offer on-site truck detailing, especially if there is a truck fleet to be taken care of. Research shows that consumer preferences for ease and simplicity are driving the trend for mobile detailing. And they are prepared to pay more for this convenient service.


Depending on the size of the job, the detailer will send over a crew of two or more employees who will even use their own water. They will also bring their water reclamation and re-use system to your location. Moreover, this system complies with the environmental laws of your state. All these actions will factor into your final truck detailing cost. Hence, mobile detailing can be more expensive than getting your truck detailed at a fixed site.


  1. How Much Does Truck Detailing Cost with Add-Ons?

Whether your truck needs a full interior detailing job or the paint needs waxing, or the tires need dressing, professional detailers can offer you additional services. But how much does truck detailing cost with the various add-ons? Perhaps less than you think. Tire dressing for trucks and minivans is around $15 per tire. However, the cost of add-ons is determined mainly by time taken and effort required. For example, applying hand wax and buffing a truck can start from $80.


These add-ons are worth the extra cost. There are many benefits to treating your truck to these specialty services. For instance, a good wax treatment will protect the truck paint. A complete interior detailing package that comes with vacuuming and shampooing of carpets and upholstery, air sanitization, mold removal, and stain removal restores the cabin to its original state. A truck detailing package that includes tire dressing will significantly expand the durability and life of the tires.



As you see, different factors affect truck detailing costs. First, the size of your truck. Second, the level of detail required is another important point in determining how much does truck detailing cost. A basic level of detailing may only require an exterior wash. In contrast, a more comprehensive truck wash includes sanitizing the interior and applying a protective coating to the exterior. These add-ons bump up the price.

To sum up, professional truck detailing with add-ons can cost you upwards of $200. If you are interested in having a fleet of trucks detailed, you should be able to arrange a contract with the detailer at a special rate. Ultimately, it is important to avoid settling for unbelievably low or high prices. For a quality truck detailing job at a reasonable rate, call us at 877-317-9737.

semi truck cleaning prices

We understand that the cost of hiring a fleet cleaning service must be within your budget. Therefore, it is important to research which company offers the best value for money. We want to help, so we have compiled a list of considerations. CLICK NOW to access our FREE eBook featuring the ultimate checklist of everything a fleet manager needs to consider when hiring a fleet cleaning service provider.


This article was updated in November 2022 for comprehensiveness.


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