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7 Things to Consider in a Truck Wash Near You

7 Things to Consider in a Truck Wash Near You

7 Things to Consider in a Truck Wash Near You

Convenience, although highly valued by all, should not be the primary factor when choosing a truck wash. Sure, it is easy to haul your vehicle to the nearest detail shop and save you gas money in the process, but does it guarantee quality, specialty services, reasonable cost, and good customer care?

Let’s look at seven important criteria that will determine whether your local truck wash is the best place for you.

Your Local Truck Wash: 7 Things to Consider

1. Brand Reputation

Assessing a local truck wash should not be too hard, since your family and friends will most likely be among its customers. Their reviews are the best yardstick to measure its overall service. You can also check online reviews, but be wary. Some online reviews were made by disgruntled employees or unreasonable customers. It is safe to assume that a service with a reputation to uphold will always strive their best to give customers quality results.

2. Pricing

It is always best to compare the pricing of different truck detailing services before committing to one service. Of course, if there is only a single auto shop in the area, the truck owner has no other option. In such a case, a good alternative is to arm oneself with DIY truck detailing knowledge. DIY detailing, if properly executed, can save you a bundle in detailing costs. If you have to drive a long distance to reach a “cheap” service, consider the cost of gas for the two trips you need to make. Is it, then, ID-100342679ultimately worth it?

3. Services

If your local truck wash is only offering a pressure wash with some generic shampoo thrown in, followed by a cheap spray wax, then you should definitely look elsewhere. Truck detailing definitely cannot be compared to truck “washing”. There are numerous services that a specialty professional detailing service will offer to protect both the truck interior and exterior (paint protection, upholstery cleaning, tire protection, glass detailing, etc.). Don’t hesitate to give your truck the care and attention it deserves.

4. Customer Care

No business can function successfully without great customer care. Before you settle on a service, pay it a visit. As a potential customer, this may be a good opportunity for you to evaluate the service. This is most important when it comes to “after-sale service”. As mentioned above, reviews are also a good way to find out more information.

5. Fleet Detailing

If you manage a truck fleet, then it is extremely important to enlist the help of a service that offers fleet detailing. Convenience aside, it is the best way to economize. While most services have a set price for a single truck, fleet detailing comparably costs less.

6. Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing is the most convenient specialty detailing service to be offered by detailing shops. This is also important for fleet detailing, since you will be spared the trouble of taking your entire fleet to the truck wash.

7. Green Truck Wash

If you are environmental conscious (as we should all be), then look for an organic truck detailing service. It will utilize biodegradable detailing products, effective detailing methods such as steam cleaning, and manage water responsibly. At DetailXPerts we even ensure that our administrative duties are performed in an eco-friendly manner.

While it may not be easy or possible to tick all the boxes in this checklist , we certainly recommend selecting the truck wash that meets the most requirements. Don’t take this decision lightly, since on it depends the “life” of your precious vehicle. If you wish to learn more about DetailXPerts’ truck detailing services, visit our page.


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