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Mobile Vehicle Detailing – What Can It Offer You?

Mobile Vehicle Detailing - What Can It Offer You?

Mobile Vehicle Detailing – What Can It Offer You?

To many, mobile vehicle detailing has become a blessing due to the comfort, speed, excellent results, and convenience it provides. You can have your vehicle detailed anywhere you are so your car will look and function at its best all the time. If you still have not tried it out and wonder what mobile detailing services can provide you with, then this article is for you.

Mobile Vehicle Detailing – Your Options:

Exterior Hand Car Wash

If you want a vehicle that sparkles all over despite your busy schedule, then mobile exterior hand car wash is for you. Your exterior will be washed manually with microfiber mitts and dried with microfiber towels to ensure a scratch-free surface. This service includes removal of tar, bug, and road grime; detailing of tires, tire rims and wheel wells; cleaning of door jambs, gas cap, windows and mirrors. Dressing on the tires, wheel wells, and exterior plastic trim will finalize the process.

Tire Detailing

Of all the areas in your vehicle, the tires get the most abuse. They withstand the worst of contaminants that are present in rough roads, snowy streets, and sandy deserts. This is why they need some occasional TLC that tire detailing can provide.

After cleaning the entire tire area, dressing will be applied to prevent the tires from cracking, fading, and hardening. Thus, your tires will continue to function efficiently longer.

Window Detailing

Reports show that many accidents happen due to dirty windshields and windows. It is because sun glare and other instances brought about by dirty windows can affect a driver’s visibility.

With a mobile detailing service provider, your windshield and all windows will be cleaned inside and out with glass cleaner and microfiber mitts. Wax application will make that shine last longer and will protect the windows against contaminants.

Dashboard, Headliner & Console Detailing

Did you know that the dashboard, headliner and console can carry as much bacteria as your vehicle’s tires when cleaned improperly?

A mobile vehicle detailing provider will vacuum all these areas carefully, making sure that all visible contaminants are removed. To ensure no traces of dirt are left behind and get rid of bacteria that may be thriving in these areas, the detailer may steam clean them.

Mobile Vehicle Detailing of Interior and Odor Removal

When a mobile technician performs this service, he first removes the removable parts of the interior: mats, car seat covers, and so on. Then he vacuums the interior to remove all visible contaminants. Then, the interior, including the AC vents, will be steam cleaned to kill mold, mildew, germs, and bacteria that might be a source of foul smell later on. A non-fragrance air freshener will be sprayed to ensure your car smells fresher longer.

Seat Detailing

This mobile vehicle detailing process involves vacuuming, steam cleaning and conditioning of your car seats. If your seat covers are made of fabric, they will be removed, washed and dried. If you have leather seats, the mobile vehicle detailing technician will clean and condition them, from the grooves to the seams, to those tricky areas where the seats and the backrest converge.

Premium Hand Waxing

Hand waxing the exterior is done to give a vehicle an extra layer of protection against road contaminants like stone chips and sand, among others. In this process, the mobile detailer will first wash, dry and clay bar your car thoroughly. Then he will manually apply the wax. Once the wax has dried, he will polish the surface until it shines.

Mobile Vehicle Detailing of Carpet and Upholstery

Your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery needs regular cleaning to keep germs and bacteria away from the interior. The mobile vehicle detailing technician will clean, vacuum, wash, and dry them thoroughly. He will also perform spot cleaning if your car or upholstery has stains on them. Then, an even application of conditioner will be applied to extend its life and beauty.

Bug and Tar Removal

If you availed the services of an express car wash then found tar and bug residues on the exterior, you can always call on a mobile detailer to provide you with this service. Indeed, bug and tar removal are services that a mobile vehicle detailing unit can perform anytime, anywhere. They involve the use of specialized products to break down tough contaminants. Combined with the power of a mobile steam cleaner, these specialized products will get your precious ride looking brilliant again.

Vent Detailing

Wondering where that icky smell in your car comes from? If you discover that it’s coming from your car’s vents, keep calm. Call your mobile detailer and he’ll address that issue right away.

Paint Scratch and Swirl Removal

If you’ve been using the services of express car washes or using old towels for cleaning and drying your car, chances are, your paint has swirls and tiny scratches on it. Even though swirl removal involves the use of a buffing machine, wax and in severe cases, a detailing compound, it can still be done by a mobile vehicle detailing unit. Just make sure to provide it with a clean and covered area where it can buff, wax, and polish your car.

Engine Steam Cleaning

A clean engine can prevent engine fires that can lead to fatal accidents. Instead of having someone hose down your engine, call a mobile steam car wash. Steam can dissolve the toughest gunk faster so you can have a clean engine in half the time.

Pet Hair Removal with Mobile Vehicle Detailing

Pets are wonderful creatures, but their hairs can be a messy sight in the interior of your car. There’s no need to fuss, though, because a mobile vehicle detailing technician can do the job and do it fast.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration gives your headlights a like-new appearance. It’s a complicated process that requires knowledge on the use of different grits of sandpaper, polishing compound, paste wax and sealant. Still, a mobile vehicle detailing service can successfully perform it on your vehicle, should it need it.

Mobile Truck Fleet Detailing

Got a fleet of trucks that needs regular cleaning? Then mobile truck fleet detailing might be the best option for you. Because your drivers need not take your trucks to the local car wash, you will save a great deal of driver hours and truck fuel.

Now, if you hire a mobile detailer that uses steam for detailing, you will double the advantages. Steam requires a minimum amount of water – so the process will not generate tons of wastewater that need to be treated in a wastewater treatment facility. All the detailer needs to do is collect wash water in a specialized container and take it with him to be disposed off properly.

Mobile Vehicle Detailing for RVs

With a vehicle as big as an RV, detailing can be a challenge. It can take you a whole day, probably even two days to detail your RV completely. Taking it to the nearest car wash can be time and effort consuming, too.

This is where mobile RV detailing comes in. You can simply call a detailer, have your RV professionally cleaned from the roof down, inside and out, while you continue doing your tasks for the day.

Other Mobile Vehicle Detailing Services

Apart from the above listed services that mobile vehicle detailing can offer, there are still others you can get, depending on your detailer’s capacity and business offerings. For example, there’s mobile motorcycle detailing, bus or van cleaning, or various mobile detailing packages. Basically, with mobile vehicle detailing you can get pretty much all the detailing services a standard detailer can provide, only adding the convenience of getting them whenever and wherever you want. Additionally, you can always ask for a customized service depending on your needs and requirements. For best results, schedule an appointment for DetailXPerts’ mobile detailing services. We’ll have your car professionally detailed at your best convenience.

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