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Truck Engine Steam Cleaning: How Much Does It Cost?

Truck Engine Steam Cleaning how Much Does ItCost

Truck Engine Steam Cleaning: How Much Does It Cost?

You’ve read and heard all about the benefits of truck engine steam cleaning, but the most crucial piece of information you need is the cost. Most businesses do not advertise their prices because an engine may require a personalized quote depending on a number of factors. Read on to find out the average prices of truck engine steam cleaning and which criteria professional services take into account before setting a price.

Truck Еngine Steam Cleaning Cost: What Are the Factors that Weigh in?

  • Engine size –  The cost of truck engine steam cleaning can depend on the number of cylinders of the engine. For instance, a semi-truck can have up to 12 cylinders while 6-8 cylinders are the more common. 18 wheelers mostly have 6 cylinders.
  • Fuel type – Most truck engines are diesel models, which are more expensive when it comes to general servicing. The same rule applies for engine steam cleaning as well. The website states that “diesel engines are known for producing more soot and oil contaminants than petrol engines”.  More work for the auto detailers means an extra charge added to the bill.
  • Engine condition – As mentioned above, diesel engines accumulate a lot of oil, soot and gunk. If you neglect cleaning your engine for a long period, detailers have to work extra hard to achieve the results that you expect. If you clean your truck engine regularly, this extra cost can be avoided.
  • Age – If your truck model is an older model, for instance older than 10 years, the autobody shop will most likely charge you an extra amount.

How Much Does it Cost?

Truck engine steam cleaning can cost you upwards of $75 and can go up to $250, depending on how many of above mentioned factors are applicable to your vehicle engine. However, for a more personalized quote, you may need to talk to a professional auto detailer.

How Can You Save Money on Truck Engine Steam Cleaning?

It is evident that professional services mostly add extra charges to the bill because they have to work harder to restore the engine to its original appearance. To avoid these charges, you should regularly clean your engine. Because steam cleaning does a thorough job, having the process done twice a year is sufficient. A clean engine means you can spot oil leaks easily and fix them before oil sludge causes issues like overheating, power loss, high fuel and oil consumption, etc. Before neglecting engine maintenance, think about the cost of repairing a seized engine. It may need thousands of dollars worth of repairs. To prevent such mishaps, add steam cleaning to your engine maintenance routine.

You can also save money on truck engine steam cleaning by scouting the websites of auto detailing services for deals and coupons.


Steam cleaning has many proven benefits for your engine, benefits that cheaper engine cleaning methods do not offer. In addition to extending overall engine life, this organic auto detailing method will safeguard your health from harmful abrasive chemicals. By enabling the identification of fluid leaks, it will also prevent incidences of engine fires. It is, hence, evident that the benefits of engine steam cleaning outweigh its cost.

DetailXPerts is an organic auto detailing service, with years of experience in truck engine steam cleaning. Our professional are ready to help you. Schedule an appointment today!

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