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Drying Techniques that Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

Drying Techniques That Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

Drying Techniques that Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

Drying techniques, along with other detailing processes, are essential for maintaining the appearance, extending the longevity and improving the functionality of your vehicle. However, it is important to know that there are several methods of drying a vehicle. This is to protect your vehicle’s surface from premature damage.

Drying Techniques: What You Must Know

Here’s a common misconception about drying a vehicle: any method works as long as it removes water from the surface. As detailing experts, we know that this isn’t true. When it comes to efficient drying techniques, you should consider the color and type of finish your vehicle has (matte or high gloss, glass coating, car paint film, etc); the weather in your area, and the size of your vehicle.

Before using any of the drying techniques listed below, make sure that your vehicle is totally free of dust and dirt to prevent the occurrence of paint swirls or scratches.

Techniques Listed

Microfiber Towel

If there’s a contest for highly absorbent towels, microfibers will win, hands down. A single MF absorbs 7 times its weight and has a surface area equivalent to four cotton towels of the same size. It’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean and store. Be aware, however, that MFs should be used with care because they are dirt magnets. Here’s why: MFs are positively charged while dirt and dust belong to the negative side of the pole. Opposites attract, remember?

This is why it is best to DAB, not RUB the MF when drying a vehicle – especially if you have dark-colored paint. The dust and dirt that are trapped in the MF can create tiny scratches on your vehicle’s surface. These teeny scratches are more visible on dark-colored vehicles, so skip the MF if your vehicle’s color belongs to the darker shade of the spectrum.

You can also try a variation of this technique: use several huge microfiber towels (either, waffle weave or ordinary), lay them side by side to cover the entire vehicle. No need to dab or rub because the MFs will absorb the excess water.

Using microfiber towels for drying matte finished cars is not recommended too. The friction that resuls from rubbing the MF to the surface can make it shine or worse, create tiny scratches that may compromise its appearance. Unfortunately, matte finishes, however expensive, do not have warranties.

To facilitate this technique, use a car wash drying agent.

Master Blaster / Leaf Blower

These equipment blast away all excess water from a vehicle’s surface. Some car enthusiasts prefer using them over other drying techniques. Since a master blaster/leaf blower “blows” excess water away, there’s no need to rub, thus reducing the chances of car paint swirls or scratches.

Make sure that you do your “blowing” in an enclosed, dustless area to keep outdoor dust and dirt away from your vehicle’s surface. Using a master blaster for drying your vehicle during winter time is a good idea too. It can blow away every single drop of liquid – even water from small crevices of your car or truck.

Water Blade

This is one of the drying techniques that has gained popularity among car owners. It’s cheap and simple to use. A word of caution though – you need to have a surface that has 0% dust or dirt because if these contaminants get under the blade, there’s a huge chance that your vehicle’s finish will be scratched.


Yes, some car afficionados use white, lint-free diapers for drying their prized possessions. Randy S., a poster in has this to say:

Starting with a diaper in each hand, and use your leading hand to take off most of the water. Then follow it up with your other hand to dry the section more thoroughly. When the leading hand diaper gets too wet, put it down, transfer the right hand diaper to the left hand, pick up a new diaper in your right hand and keep going.

A Better Option

Why go through the entire process of washing and drying when it can be done simultaneously with our unique steam cleaning methodology? Our Ultimate Eco Wash uses a minimum amount of water (a pint for a car, 4-5 gallons for a truck), so there’s virtually no water left to dry. Want to experience the magic? Schedule an appointment today.

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