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When Is It Time to Bring Your Car for Professional Detailing

When Is It Time to Bring Your Car for Professional Detailing

When it comes to major investments like your home, you tend to put in time, money and effort in order to get the best value and living environment you can afford. Suppose you found a faulty connection or a leak either from misuse or perhaps from wear and tear, you would want to have it sorted out before it leads to mishaps and other more major problems. Likewise, you would be as diligent with your other major investment, your car.

While the regular weekly car clean, wash and dry in the comfort of your driveway is necessary, a visit to a detail outlet every now and again, is recommended for some very constructive reasons. For starters, when and how often you detail your car will depend on its usage, the season and its overall condition.

USAGE: Summer is for most people, easily the busiest time of the year. Your car would have been put through its paces; in getting you and your family to work, to grandmas, to sporting practice and more. The interior would have been landed with more than its fair share of food spills, coffee and ketchup stains and what have you. The exterior, on the flip side, would have been the unwilling receptors of impurities such as bird droppings, acid rain, bug splats and tree sap, which you have diligently been washing off throughout the season. Hence, the surface swirl marks and scratches. End of the summer heading towards fall would be a perfect time for a professional detail.

SEASON: When we experience dreadful winters we automatically know what comes along with it…SALT. Cars and salt really do not mix. Salt that remains on a car surface and undercarriage for any length of time can do the following: damage your cars clear finish, promote rust and affect the mechanics of your vehicle. Remember when washing your vehicles in the colder seasons the temperature should be above forty degrees Fahrenheit. Hence all the reason to have your vehicle detailed at least two times during the winter months.

To prevent salt damage keep these two things in mind:

  1. Wash your vehicle every ten days or less,
  2. Wash your vehicle during the day to allow it to dry completely before freezing evening temperatures begin.

Salty Vehicle
Although road salt is necessary for safe transportation when snow and ice accumulate on roads and highways, taking active steps to protect your car from road salt is necessary to avoid rust and corrosion and general loss of your investment.

As for individuals who have the luxury to live in sunny humid spots although the sun is lovely it can also be damaging. Having your car constantly out in the hot sun can cause it’s paint to fade or look lackluster, especially if you car is a dark color like black, dark blue or red. If instead you decide to take better care of your car and get 10 years or more out of the paint, there is just one simple thing to do. That is to have your vehicle steam cleaned professionally. Once you have your vehicle professionally detailed by DetailXPerts the paint will have a thin film that will provide UV protection and resist scratches and water penetration. This will help keep the luster in the paint color.

CONDITION: When you run your hands over the bodywork, is it rough to the touch? Are there swirl marks left over from improper polishing? These are signs that the clear coat and paint have likely deteriorated and are in need of detailing to restore and preserve its surface condition and its durability.

Last but not least, how often you choose to detail your car can be very subjective and personal, and depends on other different factors such as: what is the color of your vehicle; whether it is kept mostly inside a garage or in the elements; what is the climate like where you live; how many miles do you cover on your commutes and how often you detail your car professionally.

Whatever the case may be, all in all, detailing increases the durability and performance of your car while retaining its value as an investment especially in these challenging economic times. So, schedule your appointment with DetailXPerts today! Just in time for the holiday festivities.


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