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Aquajet Touchless Car Wash: What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know about Aquajet Touchless Car Wash

Aquajet Touchless Car Wash: What You Need to Know

If you’re interested in trends and technology shaping the car wash industry, an Aquajet car wash may have already caught your attention. This touchless car wash system relies on the latest sophisticated equipment to provide quick cleaning with various added services. However, as with all car wash services, it pays to do some research before visiting one. If you want to learn more about Aquajet equipment, its effectiveness, the pros and cons, and how it works, here’s everything you need to know.

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What is an Aquajet Touchless Car Wash?

An Aquajet car wash uses high-pressure water and chemicals to clean your vehicle. Officially called the AquaJet XT, it is designed by car wash equipment manufacturer Mark VII. It is a touch-free rollover system that prioritizes speed and ease of use. If you’re wary of traditional brush-based automatic car washes leaving scratches on your paintwork, this touchless gantry system might just be the answer.

Many touchless systems use tons of water, but Mark VII claims the Aquajet is different. It uses less water and chemicals than other touchless designs. For example, it gets through 24 gallons of water on a basic wash and 30 gallons on a deluxe wash, compared to other systems using 60-70 gallons or more. If you’re a fan of water-saving technology, check out our steam hand car wash. DetailXPerts can wash a car using just 1 pint of water.

How it Works

According to the car wash specifications, the Aquajet uses “turbo touch-free technology”. Mark VII describe this as a contour-following top boom, high-pressure water, and 28-degree turbo nozzles to blast off dirt and grime. It also has a “hyper tilt” contouring option that rotates the top boom to maximize cleaning on the front and rear. Here are the 10 stages of a premium wash:

  1. Drive into the wash bay, following the instructions on where to stop.
  2. Sensors will assess your car’s size and shape to ensure a precise clean.
  3. Undercarriage wash.
  4. Pre-soak and “dwell” time to allow chemicals to break down the dirt.
  5. High-pressure wash.
  6. Triple foam treatment for an extra clean.
  7. High-pressure rinse.
  8. Wax treatment to protect paintwork.
  9. Final rinse.
  10. High-powered drying – designs include on-board dryers or freestanding ones.

The high-pressure boom rotates 270 degrees to ensure it thoroughly cleans the front and back of your car. The undercarriage wash option is also good for hard-to-reach places – ideal for washing your car in winter. However, pressurized water and chemicals alone might not be enough when your car is very dirty. In this instance, a hands-on approach might be better. See our tips on how to hand wash a car.

Different Options Available

Mark VII can modify the Aquajet touch-free rollover system to make a car wash more unique and encourage you to spend more! So, depending on where you go, you may have different options. For example:

  • Need extra wheel cleaning? The “wheel storm” is a high-pressure rotating wheel cleaning option giving you an alternative to wheel brushes.
  • FoamTecs® foam curtain with multi-color LED light show wows customers.
  • ShineTecs® polish system restores new car shine.

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How Long Does It Take and How Much Does It Cost?

It’s quick! You can wash your car in under 4 minutes. For example, if you select a premium wash, it takes 3 minutes and 35 seconds to wash a sedan or 3 minutes and 54 seconds to wash an SUV. You can add a bit more time for drying. Some models come with AquaDri FS-Series dryers, which can be free-standing dryers or onboard contouring dryers integrated into the gantry. For instance, the AquaDri C-15 has motors producing high-velocity air (over 140mph) through nozzles that blast air across your car. It’ll dry in no time.

The cost depends on the car wash and the add-ons you choose. However, as a guide expect to pay around $9-$15 per wash. It’s best to check with the car wash for the latest prices, deals and promotions.

Touchless Car Wash Growth

Market research reveals that the customer demand for the touchless car wash system is boosting growth in the global car wash market. People concerned about the risk of damage at an automatic car wash are increasingly drawn towards a frictionless wash where there’s no physical contact with their vehicle. See our post on are car washes bad for your car.

Touchless Car Wash System

The research also suggests that the sensitivity of modern car paints drives the demand for a touchless car wash system or brushless car wash. For example, water-based paints and thinner layers of paint are better for the environment. However, they can be more prone to scratching and swirl marks, so friction washes are not ideal.

But if you’re also concerned that harsh chemicals may strip away your paint and protective coatings, try our exterior car steam cleaning. Our unique hand car wash uses hot vapor to remove tough dirt, bird droppings and grime while safely restoring paint shine.

Aquajet Pros and Cons

Although many people prefer a touchless car wash because there is no risk of brushes or a soft cloth car wash physically touching paintwork, an Aquajet system has challenges, too. Here is a look at the pros and cons:

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  • Great time-saver if you want to wash your car in 5 minutes or less.
  • Not too expensive if you want a car wash with add-ons for less than $20.
  • No abrasive nylon or cloth brushes, reducing the risk of paint scratches and swirls.
  • Uses less water than some touchless systems or other types of drive through car wash.
  • Mark VII designed the wash system to maximize energy efficiency.
  • An effective dryer system may help reduce signs of water spots.
  • Premium wax treatment to help protect your car from UV rays and acidic contaminants.
  • Some places with Aquajet technology may operate as a 24 hour car wash for your convenience.


  • The strong chemicals may be too harsh for modern paint finishes.
  • Triple foam is colorful and scented but it is an up-sell and doesn’t always enhance cleaning.
  • The 20-second wax treatment is less effective than a wax application by hand. Additionally, the surface must be prepared by claying and polishing before waxing. Hand-applied wax can last up to six months with great car care, whereas you can’t say the same for this quick application.
  • Uses more water than a steam hand car wash or a waterless car wash.
  • Regular use can become expensive over time compared to a do it yourself car wash or a self service car wash.
  • Not as thorough as a full service car wash.


To sum up, an Aquajet car wash utilizes the latest touchless car wash equipment to bring you a frictionless wash. Sophisticated sensors size up your car to ensure precise cleaning. Then, high-pressure water and cleaning chemicals blast dirt off your car in minutes, which is convenient when you’re short on time. However, a touchless car wash like this one still uses 24-30 gallons per wash. Also, you may find the chemicals too harsh for modern car paint.

The good news is there are greener alternatives. DetailXPerts brings convenient mobile detailing to your doorstep. Moreover, we save water by using innovative steam cleaning technology and techniques. Equally important, our trained auto detailers guarantee a consistently high-quality clean every time.

To find out more about our mobile car wash services using steam, download our Eco Wash Benefit Guide:

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