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How to Hand Wash Your Car [Infographic]

How to Hand Wash Your Car Infographic

How to Hand Wash Your Car [Infographic]

Since DetailXPerts has time and again advised car owners to stay away from automated car washes, it is natural to wonder about alternative practices. First, there are professional auto detailing services which could be pricier than you expect. The second and cheaper alternative is to hand wash your car at home. Our infographic will show you how to effectively clean your car and achieve results that can rival those of a professional service.

Automated car washes are extremely detrimental to car paint as their harsh nylon brushes will leave behind scratches and swirls. Since many of these automated services don’t offer drying, driving away in a soaking wet car is a sure way for water spots to etch into the paint. Even though some services may have employees to dry your vehicle, it is unlikely that a fresh towel will be used on your vehicle, thus causing more paint scratches. Even touchless car washes are not very healthy for your vehicle as they blast water on to the paint at dangerously high pressures.

If you wish to protect your automotive paint, then hand wash your car. Admittedly it is a very time consuming task and a more expensive venture than using an automated service since you have to purchase products and equipment. But ultimately, the results will truly be worth it all. If you do decide to hand wash your car, environmental concerns also emerge. Here are some tips to protect our precious environment. These tips will also help you to avoid breaking any state environmental laws:

  1. Wash your car on a gravel road or on a lawn. Do not park near storm drains.
  2. Don’t use a running hose to hand wash your car. This is one of the biggest causes of water wastage, usually causing the loss of 80 gallons of water per car!
  3. Do not use chemically laden car wash products as their toxicity is extremely harmful to the environment and your health. Try to use organic products as much as possible.

Hand wash your car – What is the process?

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1.Gather all the necessary products and equipment. You will need:

  1. Two wash buckets, each 5 gallons in size.
  2. Car wash shampoo or soap, preferably organic.
  3. Wash mitt – You can either choose a wool mitt or a microfiber mitt.
  4. Microfiber drying towels
  5. Automotive clay bar
  6. Grit guards for the buckets
  7. Hose with no spray nozzle

2. Park your car in a shade. Do not work under direct sunlight as this will cause water spots.

3. Wash and detail the tires and wheels of the car first. Don’t leave it until after you have cleaned the exterior since it can recontaminate the paint.

4. Use the two-bucket method to wash the vehicle. First fix the grit guards to the bottom of the buckets. These will help trap any dirt and grit in the wash mitt, preventing the contamination of water and shampoo/soap solution. Once the grit guards are in place, fill one bucket with water and other with a mixture of your selected car wash shampoo/soap and water.

5. Work in sections, starting from the roof. Give the vehicle an initial squirt of water. Then dip your wash mitt in the diluted car wash shampoo bucket and start scrubbing the first section. Do this gently since too much pressure can cause grit to scratch the paint. Once the area is fully clean, rinse it. Don’t forget to rinse your wash mitt in the bucket of water.

6. Get a hose without the spray nozzle and rinse your car thoroughly.

7. Dry your car immediately with microfiber towels.

8. Once the paint is fully dry, lubricate the surface with clay bar lubricant and start claying to remove contaminants that car wash soap cannot get rid of. You can also clay the windshield and windows. Once this process is complete and the clay bar glides smoothly instead of sticking to the paint, use a microfiber towel to wipe the surface.

If you follow these steps properly, you will see amazing results! You can also be happy about contributing towards environmental sustenance.

DetailXPerts professionals use the best organic products and detailing methods to clean your car. Schedule an appointment without delay!

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