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Brushless Car Wash – To Use or Not to Use

Brushless Car Wash – To Use or Not to Use

Brushless Car Wash – To Use or Not to Use

The brushless car wash system,  when introduced as a safe alternative to automated car washes, became a big sensation in the car wash industry. It is also known as touchless car wash or laser car wash, where no part of the vehicle is “touched”. Some people consider it one of the best automotive paint-safe washes. To determine whether this reputation is well deserved or not, let’s weigh its pros and cons.

Brushless Car Wash – Pros

1. Touch-free washing
The attraction of a brushless car wash is entirely due to a system that does not touch the vehicle when washing. Instead, it uses water at a very high pressure to “slide” dirt and grime off the surface, thus significantly minimizing paint damage.

2. Inexpensive
This car wash is a pretty good deal for $20 or less. There are other services that you can purchase for an additional charge such as tire and wheel cleaning, tire shine application and undercarriage wash. Few services also offer interior cleaning.

3. Useful for the winter season
This is an ideal wash for the winter season when hand washing a car at home is not possible. Car washing during winter is extremely necessary, especially considering the damages brought about by prolonged exposure to snow, rainwater and road salt. So don’t forget to get an undercarriage wash as well if you do not want rust to set in.

4. Use of recycled water
Many vehicle owners are divided on this subject. To some, recycled water is harmful to the vehicle, but not to others. The law has mandated that all car washes must have a water reclamation system, brushless car wash included. Recycled water is not just “dirty” water that is being reused. It has been treated to get rid of impurities and is safe to be used on the vehicle. This method is also a great way to minimize water wastage. In fact, the law was introduced specifically for the purpose of saving water. Hence, this wash is environmentally friendly to a certain extent.

Brushless Car Wash – Cons

1. Use of harsh chemicals
Chemicals used in a brushless car wash are harsher than the ones used in other automatic systems since they are more effective in dissolving dirt. But this very characteristic will also strip your paint of any protective layers such as  wax or paint sealant.

2. Incomplete cleaning
A high-pressure wash can’t reach all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle, hence, you might need to hand wash those surfaces again. Moreover, this wash does not sufficiently remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the paint. Sure, it can remove dirt and dust, but over time, your vehicle’s exterior paint might bear a cloudy, film-like cover that would require costly paint correction.

3. Less than satisfactory drying methods
Once the wash has been completed, your vehicle will be dried automatically or manually. The first uses huge blowers while the second method is done by hand. Automatic drying might seem harmless since no towels or microfibers will be used for the process.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to using a brushless car wash. It is still the best automatic system for car cleaning, but it falls short of hand washing a car by a long way. Alternatives to this system are using a self-service car wash or better yet, entrusting your vehicle to a professional auto detailing service.

Schedule and appointment to experience DetailXPerts’ steam cleaning method which is environmental friendly, safe for any vehicle surface – both interior and exterior, and gives amazing results regardless of the weather.

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