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5 Car Problems that a Bad Car Wash Job Can Cause

Car Wash

5 Car Problems that a Bad Car Wash Job Can Cause


Most people don’t realize the impact car washes have on your automobiles. However, scratches and other damage occurs when drivers take their cars to unprofessional businesses. The brushes and chemicals used in the washes cause a variety of issues. Here are some of the common car problems associated with washes.


Types of Car Problems


One of the most common issues caused by car washes – scratches. Machines that use brushes to scrub your vehicle are rougher than if you were to wipe it down by hand. For example, every driver that went through the wash before you leaves behind debris on the brushes. This touches your car and can damage the paint depending on what materials stick to the machine.


Unfortunately, the best solution is to stop going through car washes. Even well-kept businesses have difficulty controlling what types of debris stay on their machines. Unless the business is fairly new, the years of service will collect on the equipment.


Water Pressure

The high pressure from the machines has the potential to damage paint. Most of the time, this occurs when your vehicle has previous damage. If there is a chip in the paint, the pressure from the water can spread the issue. An easy way to avoid this car problem is to visit a hand wash business. This allows you to avoid a larger chip in your exterior paint.



Depending on the type of chemicals the car wash business uses to clean might impact your vehicle. Some companies utilize acid to remove grime from cars. Ultimately, this can cause more car problems by harming the exterior. Whether the acid deteriorates the paint or metals, it can severely damage the overall appearance. The effects of acid are normally irreversible as well.


Use gentle solutions or organic products to wash your car. However, if you are visiting a business or car wash, this makes it difficult to choose your soaps. With a detailer, ask what types of solutions they use to ensure they are safe for your vehicle.


Interior Smell

With lingering water comes certain smells. People immediately notice a mildew smell when they sit in their vehicle. This is caused by detailers not thoroughly drying your car before closing all the doors. However, eliminating the scent once it settles can be difficult.


The best solution to avoid this car problem is to leave the car doors open in a dry area. Whether you’re in the sun or shade, as long as the temperature is warm it should dry the interior of your vehicle. If businesses are in a rush, they tend to forget to take the time to air dry the car. Despite this, finding a reputable business changes the results you receive.


Water Spots

One of the most unsightly spots on your pristine car is water spots. This goes along with not properly drying the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Driving your car out of the wash and letting it dry manually causes these spots to develop. It can also occur if a detailer doesn’t wipe down your vehicle with towels.


To avoid this car problem from happening, keep a towel in your car to wipe away any excess water on the exterior. If you allow it to dry on the paint, it can create white spots that damage the vehicle.


Overall, dealing with an unprofessional car washing or detailing business can impact your vehicle. It can cause car problems or irreparable damage to your car if you’re not careful with the type of company you visit. Instead of risking the appearance of your prized possession, visit a reputable business like DetailXPerts. This eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company specializes in the best care for your car. Our highly-trained professionals will return your car to you in pristine condition. Schedule an appointment today.


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