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10 Car Wash Equipment Tools to Buy for DIY Car Care

Car Wash Equipment Tools for DIY Car Care

10 Car Wash Equipment Tools to Buy for DIY Car Care

Would you like to try DIY car care at home? Then you’re probably seeking for car wash equipment tools that you can add to your detailing arsenal or start one. To help you out, we have listed down 10 car wash equipment tools needed for DIY detailing. These can be bought from supermarkets, auto detailing supplies shop or online.

Car Wash Equipment Tools: 10 Items for DIY Car Care

1. Car Wash Bucket Kit

Just starting out with DIY car care? Then a car wash bucket kit, like this one from Chemical Guys, is a definite must for you. It comes with a heavy-duty detailing bucket (4.5 gallons); bucket lid; grit guard insert (a must to keep sand and dirt away from your towels or sponges); car soap and shampoo; drying agent; wash mitt; chemical resistant heavy-duty bottle and sprayer; and a premium microfiber towel.

2. Car Detailing Kit

Take your car care to the next level with a car detailing kit! Meguiar’s has one that contains everything you need: ultimate liquid wax, ultimate compound, ultimate polish, ultimate wash and wax, ultimate protectant (with trigger), ultimate black, ultimate Quik detailer for those times in between waxes, perfect clarity glass cleaner, one microfiber wash mitt, six microfiber towels, four yellow foam applicator pads, and water magnet.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

What’s the good of a clean exterior when your car’s interior looks like a dungeon from hell? A vacuum cleaner suctions everything on its path – hair, animal fur, dust, and sand, leaving you with a spotless car, inside and out. Here’s a guide on how to vacuum your car.

4. Steam Cleaner

Want a really clean and sanitized vehicle in less time? Use a steam cleaner. It lifts off dirt and other contaminants from surfaces, you can practically wipe them off. No need for stiff brushes or harsh chemicals. It doesn’t consume a lot of water, either. Not to mention that it can kill harmful germs and bacteria upon contact.

5. Buffer

Properly used, a buffer can remove swirls and minor scratches from your car paint. If you’re used to buffers, you can buy an electric one. It will give you great results. Otherwise, go for a manual buffer. It may not guarantee a showroom-shiny finish, but you’ll have more control over it, so damages can be avoided. Here are some car buffering techniques to guide you.

6. Buffer Heads

If you choose an electric buffer, you’ll also need buffer heads to get the best results. There are three types: rotary polisher, orbital polisher, and dual-action polisher. Again, we advise against using electric buffers without prior experience.

7. Carpet Extractor

Your car’s carpet needs a periodical deep cleaning to eliminate deep-seated dirt and other substances. The problem is, they don’t dry fast enough, causing mold and mildew to thrive. These microorganisms are the culprits of car odor. Avoid them by using a carpet extractor. It can dry your carpets faster and more effectively.

8. Set of Microfiber Cloths

Microfibers are every car owner’s best friend. In fact, it is touted as one of the most amazing tools in vehicle detailing. It comes in several sizes and can be used to dry practically any surface: rubber, leather, painted surfaces, chrome, glass, and more!

10. An assortment of Detailing Supplies

Of course, you’ll need a variety of detailing supplies to give your vehicle that showroom-shiny appearance that others will admire! You can buy them separately or as a set. The latter will give you savings because they are usually discounted.

Yes, you can DIY your car care with these car wash equipment. But if you need a change, or find these equipment too costly, this equipment schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts.

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