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10 Most Common Mistakes You Make at the Self Service Car Wash

10 Most Common Mistakes You Make at the Self Service Car Wash

10 Most Common Mistakes You Make at the Self Service Car Wash

A self service car wash, at the most, will allow you 15 minutes of cleaning time, from start to finish. Of course, cleaning your car for a quarter of an hour will not give you the same results as a full detailing service. This is why you need to avoid the most common mistakes that people make when using this type of car wash.

Self Service Car Wash: 10 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the top 10 mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your vehicle in a self service car wash.

1. Not Moving Fast Enough

Remember that your time is limited, so make each moment count. Rinse the tires first. Blast as much mud and grime away. Then spray from the roof downwards. It will be faster if you’ve got a friend to help you out. You do the brushing while your pal does the rinsing.

2. Not Bringing Your Own Tools

Get real. A self serve car wash is not intended for your exclusive use. A lot of people use the same set of mitts and brushes for a limited time too. You can’t expect them to clean them up after using. Like you, they are in a hurry too. Rather than spend precious time cleaning brushes, it will be best to bring your own. This way, you’ll avoid scratching your car with grit and other debris that have attached to the brush and mitts from previous washes.

3. Not Emptying Ashtrays and Trash Bins

The smell of cigarette smoke and spoiled food are the top sources of bad odor. This can ruin the cleanliness of your vehicle’s interior. Not to mention that they can be the perfect breeding area for germs and bacteria. But you have to do this before you go to a self service car wash so you can save precious time.

4. Skipping the Wheel Arches

You want your prized possession to last longer? Then clean the wheel arches. You’ll be surprised at how much mud and grime those areas can accumulate. And where’s there mud and grime, rust can not be too far behind. You might have limited time in a self serve wash, but if  you wash your ride frequently, the wheel arches won’t take too much time to clean.

5. Using the Pre-soak

There’s a misconception that the pre-soak softens dirt and grime. Not really. It’s just diluted soap dispensed slower. Skip it. It’ll just eat up a lot of your time. Just take your mitt, set the soap to high pressure, spray your ride  and soap away.

6. Improper Rinsing

Self-serves use chemically-laden soaps to speed up the cleaning process. Thus, you need to rid your vehicle of all traces of these toxic substances, otherwise, your paint will be damaged in the long run. You can do this by rinsing your vehicle systematically. Tires first, then roof downwards. Make sure that you also rinse all the nooks and hard-to-reach areas.

7. Not Cleaning the Vents

Before you hit the self serve, clean your vents first. Many people forget to clean their vents and only pay attention to them once they smell something awful inside their vehicles. Dirty vents can also spread airborne particles that carry harmful germs and bacteria.

8. Not Taking the Floor Mats Out

Your floor mats accumulate all types of contaminants: sand, dirt, small pebbles, and more. Take them out, shake them vigorously and place them against the bay’s wall. Spray them with soap and water as you do your washing.

9. Wearing Jewelry

Your watch, ring, and bracelet can leave scratches on your vehicle’s surface. Leave them at home or put them in your pocket when washing your ride.

10. Not Drying Your Vehicle Properly.

Never skip drying after washing your vehicle because droplets that are left behind can lead to water spots that can be very difficult to remove later on.

These are just ten common mistakes that people do when using a self serve car wash. Use these tips to give your ride a total clean even for a limited time.

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