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What Are Specialty Professional Detailing Services?

What Are Specialty Professional Detailing Services?

Car detailing was once an expensive and not so common practice. However with professional detailing becoming more and more popular and the tools becoming available to car owners, it has now been easier to do it themselves. From the word “detail”, car detailing can be defined as thoroughly cleaning and polishing a car. Detailing can be done both on a car’s interior and exterior. A car enthusiast who learned how to detail can perform a professional job on any car. Having said that, it is natural to ask oneself:

What makes DetailXPerts’ services unique?

Aside from the professional and well-trained detailers, DetailXPerts employ the first eco-friendly steam cleaning technology with its services. On top of regular car washing and detailing, you can choose among the specialty professional detailing services available. Why is it a specialty? It is not a usual service you can get from just any car wash company plus it uses steam on all the detailing done on the car. It is tailor-fitted to the car’s current detailing need.

Here are the specialty professional detailing services you can choose from:

1. Air Sanitation – The organic cleaning used for this process simply does the cleaning and sterilization at the same time. The heat from the steam kills unwanted organisms and allergens.DetailXPerts also sanitizes the car to remove odor, bacteria, virus and other contaminants  got killed during the cleaning process. Sanitizers simultaneously clean and disinfect the car. The car owner will also have an option to finish the process with an odor eliminator or an air freshener of their choice.

2. Carpet Shampoo and Floor Mat Shampoo – It is very important to use the right products when cleaning carpets and mats. Carpets have very sensitive fibers to chemicals. Chemicals used may damage the fibers and will affect its texture. DetailXPerts uses 100% natural cleaning products which are also safe for your carpet. This leaves your carpet and mats clean and fresh.

3. Rim & Wheel Shine and Overspray Coat Removal – Steam is a proven way to clean anything. From my previous blog, I wrote about the first time steam cleaning was discovered. Steam cleaning ensures shine on the wheels and rims and also ensures a steam clean surface area for the coat removal. A fire dressing can also be requested thru the detailer.

4. Pet Hair Removal, Stain Removal, and Swirl Removal – Hair, whether that’s from a pet or not, can be troublesome to remove. DetailXPerts uses premium bristle brush to remove even the smallest hairs. Steam cleaning plays its vital role in these services. It can clean with water without waiting for it to dry. It is very effective in removing even the most stubborn spots. The swirl removal is a service which uses a hand premium wax and restores the car’s deep gloss and polish. The car waxing and the process being followed removes the swirls and gives the car a durable wax finish, making the car look showroom-good.

Professional detailing services by DetailXPerts is a quality-driven process that caters to both the car owner’s needs and the environment’s demands. Schedule your appointment today!


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