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How to Change Your Engine Oil?

How to Change Your Engine Oil

How to Change Your Engine Oil?

It is important to change the engine oil of your car on a regular basis as this is an important aspect for making sure that your car is running well. If you do not care for your engine oil, over the period of time, the oil will break down and the filter will get clogged with the contaminants. Changing the engine oil of your vehicle is an inexpensive and easy task and you can perform this at your home with the help of the following directions.

Steps to Change the Engine Oil

  1. Gather the necessary equipment and supplies: Before you start with the oil changing process, you must have all the necessary supplies and equipments quite close to your reach as this will help you to complete the process in quick time.
  2. Draining the engine oil: If you are trying to drain out the old engine oil, you must first start by opening the car hood and then you can open the filler cap which is located at the engine top. You can easily drain out the oil using this method. The oil will flow out of the drain plug which is present at the bottom of the oil pan.
  3. Use a wrench to loosen the plug in the counter-clockwise direction: The fit is quite important in this case especially if you find the bolt to be quite tight which should not be. Also, you must make sure that you do not accidentally drop the plug in the pan which will make it hard for you to locate it.
  4. Find the filter assembly: This is the tricky part of the whole process as you may find it difficult to locate the filter assembly. There is no standard position as to where the filters are located and they can be found anywhere in the front, back or the side part of the engines. Although removing the filter can be tough, but once you get a good grip on it, you can slowly twist it so that it will begin to spin. You can also use the help of an oil filter wrench if you are unable to remove it by hand.
  5. Replace the drain plug on the oil pan: Always remember that you need to install a replacement gasket or the washer. Make sure that you thread it with your own fingers so that you do not cross the threads. Also, it should be fitted snugly but you must not make it super tight.
  6. Fill new oil at the fill hole: The amount of oil which you must fill into the car will be provided to you in the owner’s manual. This will give you an idea of the right amount of engine oil that is required by your vehicle.
  7. Start the engine: After you have filled the new oil, it is important to start the engine and check if the oil pressure light is off and you must also check under your car to make sure that there are no leaks.

Thus, the above step-by-step method will definitely help you to change your engine oil from your home. However, for all those who are extremely busy, and need your vehicle detailed you can schedule an appointment with your closest professional detailer or with us. Remember to never delay the task of changing your car’s engine oil.


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