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Truck Washing 101: Do’s and Don’ts to Cleaning Fleets Right

Truck Washing 101

Truck Washing 101: Do’s and Don’ts to Cleaning Fleets Right

Regular truck washing helps extend the life of your fleet. For example, having a cleaning schedule protects against truck rust and corrosion. And maintaining a clean fleet is important for the health and safety of your drivers and other motorists. Furthermore, truck washing ensures your fleet always looks its best, which is crucial for your brand image and reputation.

DIY truck washing is the obvious answer if you don’t want to outsource the job. Specifically, washing your own trucks saves you money. However, do you have the time and experience to clean your fleet efficiently? Or is it that you need help figuring out where to start looking for a fleet cleaning service? If this is the case, we can help. Start by downloading our FREE EBOOK on Everything a Manager Needs to Consider When Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company.

Truck Washing Do’s and Don’ts

Dirty trucks can create all sorts of problems, financially and environmentally. Therefore, you are wise to make regular truck washing part of your fleet maintenance routine. But before you start, there are a few do’s and don’ts to consider:

Don’t Waste Water DIY Truck Washing

Reports highlight that the world’s water crisis is worsening. Therefore, think carefully about how you wash your trucks, because you can use vast amounts of water when DIY fleet cleaning. For example, if you don’t know the best practices and techniques when pressure washing 18 wheelers, you risk wasting a lot of water. So, seek out eco fleet cleaning instead. See below.

Do Conserve Water with Eco-Friendly Fleet Cleaning

Consumers are more aware than ever of environmental issues. And this includes being mindful that water is a precious resource. As a result, there are reports of increasing demand for green truck and car wash services in the US. If you partner with a water-conscious truck wash, you can have a shining, clean fleet without damaging the planet.

For example, DetailXPerts uses industry-leading green tech to guarantee results. Thanks to the science behind steam cleaning vehicles, we only need 4 gallons of water to clean an entire truck. There is little-to-no runoff. Additionally, we use eco-certified products to ensure the greenest clean.

Download Everything a Manager Needs to Know Before Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company

Don’t Overlook Regulations and Compliance

Everyone has a responsibility to clean fleets the right way with regard to the environment. Whether you are a DIYer, or you hire a commercial truck cleaning service, truck washing runoff must not cause soil and water pollution.

You can end up with a hefty fine if you do not dispose of wastewater responsibly. See the Clean Water Act for guidance on compliance with clean water laws and regulations. And check local permits and licensing requirements.

Do Save Time with a Mobile Truck Wash

DIY truck washing is a labor-intensive job due to the size and number of vehicles in your fleet. And it will take even more time and effort if you do not know how to deep clean a truck. Also, you need the appropriate equipment and detailing supplies.

Instead, save time and choose the convenient option. Schedule a mobile truck wash service to come to you! DetailXPerts can mobile clean anywhere you have parked your truck.

Don’t Neglect Your Truck Interior

A clean cabin has a huge impact on the overall driving experience. Therefore, your truck interior should be a clean and safe space for your driver. Ideally, regular deep cleaning is advisable, especially in sleeper cabins where drivers spend a lot of their time.

DetailXPerts’ steam cleaning technology is perfect for cleaning truck interiors. Steam kills viruses and germs to create a sanitized space. Also, steam’s high temperature removes stains from upholstery. Steam cleaning is efficient at odor removal, too.

Do Research Truck Washing Prices

Washing your own trucks is appealing because it saves you money. However, hiring professionals has cost-saving benefits, too. For example, professional truck cleaning keeps your engine running smoothing, which helps reduce fuel costs.

But always make sure you know what you’re paying for. Are you getting the best deal? Research semi truck detailing prices and fleet cleaning costs. And remember that cheaper is not always better. Expect to pay higher prices for experienced detailers and high-quality work.

Download Everything a Manager Needs to Know Before Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company

Don’t Damage Your Truck During the Cleaning Process

DIY truck washing is not the way to go if you do not use high-quality truck detailing supplies and tools. In fact, inappropriate cleaning solutions and methods will do more harm than good. Don’t risk damaging upholstery and paintwork with toxic chemicals or the wrong brushes. If in doubt, leave the job to a professional truck wash service.

Do Read Truck Wash Testimonials and Reviews

As the saying goes, if you want a job done well, do it yourself. On the other hand, if you want to run a successful fleet business, you must learn to delegate. And this is where a professional fleet cleaning service can help.

Moreover, professional detailers have the experience to do an exceptional job. But make sure you hire the best people! And one way to do this is to read reviews. For example, click here to find out what our customers have to say about our mobile cleaning services.

Don’t Forget to Book a Demo with the Experts

Book a fleet service demo with DetailXPerts. It is the easiest way to see the benefits of a professional fleet cleaning service. We will demonstrate the latest in steam truck wash technology, and how we can care for your fleet.

As well as showing you exactly how we clean, our trained staff can answer any questions you may have about fleet cleaning. This takes away any uncertainty surrounding hiring a team to clean and sanitize your fleet.


The do’s and don’ts of truck washing will keep your fleet in tip-top condition while adhering strictly to environmental protection standards. Also, when deciding on the best way to wash your truck, always consider factors such as time, cost, and convenience.

DIY truck washing is doable if you have the time and experience. However, if you want a sanitized clean or simply don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, hiring a professional team makes perfect sense. Using trained staff will also give you peace of mind. For example, taking measures such as using eco-friendly chemicals and responsibly disposing wastewater will help protect both people’s health and the environment.

To help make your hiring decision easier, ensure you download our FREE GUIDE on Everything a Manager Needs to Consider When Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company.

Download Everything a Manager Needs to Know Before Hiring a Fleet Cleaning Company

DetailXPerts has 20+ years of experience in mobile cleaning. Janitorial services, auto detailing, and fleet cleaning, we do it all! We know a better clean begins eco green. Our difference is proven green tech and eco methods to clean and sanitize on demand. And you can trust our trained teams to show up and transform your spaces in the safest way. Get in touch if you want to schedule a cleaning or have questions about how we clean. Our team loves to share how we achieve safe sanitization with steam. We write about everything from cleaning to franchising. So be sure to check back for our next article.

This article was updated in March 2023 for comprehensiveness.


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