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Why Steam Is the Best Way to Cleaning Car Rims

Why Steam Is the Best Way to Cleaning Car Rims

Why Steam Is the Best Way to Cleaning Car Rims

Why Steam Is The Best Way to Cleaning Car Rims

When cleaning your car, you want to pay attention to the areas that naturally draw the eyes, such as the windshield, the hood, the leather seats, and the side mirrors. Very few car owners think to look under the hood and check whether the components in there already require serious cleaning. But the fact remains that there are certain areas in your car that are usually overlooked when you go for a DIY clean, such as the underbody, the engine compartment, and the wheel rims.

Cleaning car rims requires more than just splashing water on the tires and wheel wells.

Your rims and tires are some of the most expensive parts of your car’s exterior, so it’s in your best interest to put adequate effort into cleaning them.

Driving for even a few minutes under fair weather conditions on concrete roads will still subject your tires to considerable wear and tear. Road dirt can cling to the rims, trapping moisture and encouraging oxidation and corrosion over time. Brake dust caused by the friction between your rotors and brake pads can also eat away at the beautiful metal finish.

Some car owners prefer to use a mild car wash solution and water on the car rims. While this may suffice for everyday car cleaning, it’s still better to go for steam cleaning every once in a while to get impressive shiny results that last for a much longer period of time.

Advantages of steam cleaning your car rims

The finish on most metal car rims is extremely sensitive, and they can be damaged if you continue to use harsh cleaning products and solutions on them. Steel wool, stiff bristle brushes, and abrasive scouring pads can all scratch the metal finish.

To really take out the dirt from your car rims and restore them to their previous pristine condition, it is best to use steam cleaning technology. A steam cleaning machine delivers pressurized steam that can emulsify and lift the dirt off your car rim quickly and effectively.

With steam cleaning, you don’t have to use too many cleaning products and implements on your car rims. A little bit of water and a microfiber wash mitt is all you need to get the job done properly. You don’t have to agitate the dirt or allow chemicals to sit on the metal finish before the dirt can be scraped off.

Steam cleaning does not result in any dirty, chemical-laden runoff that can potentially harm the environment, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you achieved perfect cleaning results without contributing to our planet’s water pollution problems.

If you haven’t replaced your car rims in a long while, you cannot completely get rid of contaminants that have found their way into the metal, such as stubborn tar spots, old glue residue, and other contaminants. However, steam cleaning your car rims can still get rid of those unsightly dirt marks, and improve the overall look of your car.

Check out this video on YouTube where DetailXPerts demonstrate what steam could do for cleaning car rims!


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