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What Is a Hand Car Wash and Why Choose It?

What Is a Hand Car Wash

What Is a Hand Car Wash and Why Choose It?

What is a hand car wash? It is a car washing service where trained staff use auto detailing tools and equipment to clean your vehicle by hand. This personal touch can include exterior and interior cleaning to ensure top-level car care. Choosing a hand car wash is a good option if you value attention to detail and personalized service. Moreover, a hand car wash can be gentler than some automatic car washes on your paintwork.

Equally important, you can discover why hand car wash businesses offer a greener clean by downloading our Eco Wash Benefit Guide:


Hand Car Wash Description

A hand car wash description depends on the car wash business. For example, a hand car wash by DetailXPerts differs from a regular one. We use innovative steam cleaning methods to clean an average-sized car using just 1 pint of water. Our trained staff also knows how to hand wash a car using biodegradable cleaning products and soft cloths to ensure a safe and gentle clean. Not all car washes are the same, so here is information to give you an idea of what is a hand car wash:

The Time Factor

Unlike a quick soft cloth car wash or a laser car wash, cleaning and drying a car by hand is not a rushed process. Therefore, you must set aside enough time to let the detailers (or yourself) do a proper job. How long it takes depends on the size of your vehicle and how dirty it is. So, exterior washing and interior cleaning could take anywhere from an hour to three hours.

Attention to Detail

Yes, a hand car wash takes longer than a drive through car wash, but attention to detail takes time. And the finished result makes it worth the time and effort. For example, your car exterior is meticulously washed to remove dirt and stubborn contaminants.

Depending on the car wash package, you can request interior detailing. For instance, DetailXPerts offers interior steam cleaning to sanitize surfaces, carpets and upholstery. However, unlike DetailXPerts, not all businesses offer a full service car wash package, so check first and request a price list. There may be extra charges for add-ons such as pet hair removal and engine cleaning.

Water Consumption

Again, check the hand wash description to find out about water usage. Hand car washes typically use less water than automatic car washes but can still consume a significant amount, depending on their practices.

For instance, auto detailers using a high-pressure hose to rinse your vehicle will use more water than a steam-cleaning hand car wash. Or it might be a waterless car wash where someone uses specialty products to clean your vehicle without any water.

Eco-Friendliness of a Hand Car Wash

In addition to water consumption, cleaning products impact the eco-friendliness of hand car washes. Some places may have biodegradable detergents and cleaners on their car wash supplies list, while others use harsh chemicals that aren’t so great for the environment. Therefore, it is worth finding out before you schedule an appointment.

DetailXPerts uses green cleaning products to enhance the steam cleaning process. After cleaning, we wipe with microfiber cloths to effortlessly remove dirt and grime. Overall, we use minimal water and eco-friendly cleaners to help protect the planet.

DIY Hand Car Wash Option

Of course, if you can master the do it yourself car wash like a pro, you won’t need to pay someone to clean your vehicle! However, you need to invest in items from a hand car wash equipment list to ensure you do a good job. Also, you’ll need cleaning products.

Equally important, if you’re washing your car at home, be mindful of environmental regulations and water disposal. For example, instead of using a power hose, use the two-bucket method (one for washing, the other for rinsing).

Download Eco Car Wash Benefit Guide_Interior Car Detailing Prices

Why Hand Car Wash Is Trending

Why choose a hand car wash over other types of car wash services? Here are some reasons:

Removes All Contaminants

Hand car wash reaches all corners of your vehicle – even hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. This attention to detail leaves you with a vehicle that’s totally clean, inside and out.

Sanitizes Interior

A brushless car wash is fast but only cleans the exterior. Hand car wash methods clean and sanitize the inside of your car to protect you and your passengers from germs and bacteria. Additionally, sanitizing leaves your vehicle smelling fresher for longer. Moreover, there is no need for strong perfumes or air fresheners to mask bad odors in your car.

Helps Detect Vehicle Issues

A hand car wash can help you or your detailer identify vehicle issues before they become an issue. Car care awareness helps prevent accidents. For example, your headlights will function properly, so other vehicles can clearly see you at night and in bad weather. Furthermore, your engine will run properly, helping reduce the risk of a breakdown.

Saves Fuel

Dirt and debris buildup on the engine can affect its cooling process. Therefore, if your engine runs hotter than intended, it may experience increased friction and resistance, leading to higher fuel consumption. Depending on the business, you can choose hand car wash packages that offer engine cleaning. Regular maintenance, including replacing air filters, cleaning fuel injectors, and keeping the engine and its components clean, could help maintain optimal fuel efficiency.

Protects the Environment

You’ll be part of something great when you hand wash your car using environmentally friendly methods.  For example, steam cleaning by hand helps prevent harsh chemicals from polluting the soil, storm drains, surface water and groundwater. This green method will help protect marine life for future generations.

Saves Water

Automated car washes consume an average of 52 gallons of water per cleaning, but not when you hand wash your car using the two-bucket method (one for washing, one for rinsing). Better still, opt for steam cleaning to maximize your water-saving efforts.

Protects Car Paint

Unlike some automated car washes that use huge brushes to clean your vehicle, a hand car wash does not. So, the chances of paint swirls and scratches are greatly reduced.

Generates Jobs

Your local hand car wash relies on a team of employees to clean cars, which generates jobs in the community. Every time you get your car cleaned, you support a business that gives jobs to local residents and more money stays within your community.

Why Hand Car Wash is Trending


The answer to “what is a hand car wash?” gives you a clearer idea of the process, how long it takes, and reasons why you might use it. Pay close attention to a business’s hand car wash description. Does it use environmentally friendly methods? What does the package include, and how much extra for add-ons? You also have the DIY option if you have the time, tools, and supplies.

However, if you don’t have the time to clean your vehicle or visit a car wash, the simplest solution is the mobile car wash. DetailXPerts has a reliable team of trained technicians who operate from fully equipped vans – they’ll come directly to you! You’re guaranteed a greener clean and meticulous attention to detail.

To learn about our hand car wash services using the latest steam technology, download our Eco Car Wash Benefit Guide:

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