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10 Reasons Why to Choose Hand Car Wash

Choose Hand Car Wash

10 Reasons Why to Choose Hand Car Wash

After decades of patronizing automated car washes, more and more people are now opting for hand car wash services, especially those that include steam cleaning.

In fact, an article in says that hand car wash firms are killing off automatic car washes. Why the sudden shift? Aside from the reasons stated in the Daily Mail article, we’ve listed down more below.

Why Choose Hand Car Wash? 10 Reasons

1. It Can Protect You and Your Loved Ones from Harmful Germs and Bacteria

Research shows that your car’s interior can actually be a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria that can threaten your health and that of your loved ones. Not if you go for hand car wash services that use steam. Steam kills these microorganisms without the use of harsh chemicals, so your family is protected not only from germs and bacteria, but also from the fumes of toxic chemical residues.

2. It Can Preserve the Beauty of Your Vehicle

There are just some areas of your vehicle’s exterior that automated car washes can’t reach, making them susceptible to paint damage and worse, premature rusting. Not with hand car wash, where your ride will be stripped off of all dirt and grime on all corners, top to bottom, inside and out.

3. It Makes Your Car Spic n Span

Remember the feeling you had when a friend took you for a ride on his hand car washed, shiny, fresh-smelling vehicle? You felt so good, right? And you didn’t want to leave any trace of dust, much less a stain on its interior? Give your family and friends the same great feeling, and you’ll notice how they’ll try to maintain that spic n span look of your prized possession.

4. It Allows Early Detection

Hand car wash professionals have the eye and the “feel” for detecting car issues that are just waiting to happen. They can easily spot a tiny crack on your windshield, a minute paint chip on your car’s paint, or identify where that odd smell in your interior is coming from. Unattended, these minor problems can turn to major damages that warrant hefty price tags.

5. It’s Economical in the Long Run

Initially, hand wash services by experts are quite expensive, depending on the specialty professional detailing services you want for your vehicle. But since the process gives your ride that ultimate clean that lasts longer, you won’t have to visit your detailer frequently. Not to mention that hand car washes don’t use stiff brushes that might be contaminated with dust, dirt and grime from previously cleaned vehicles. Thus, expensive repairs for paint swirls and scratches can be avoided.

6. It Can Turn into a Fun Learning Activity

Yes, automated car washes give you the benefit of speed. Just drive your car in and the whole process will be done in just a matter of minutes. But hand car wash by an expert offers a different kind of benefit. It allows you to learn more about your beloved vehicle – how to clean it properly, what you can do to prevent aesthetic issues, and more – courtesy of your mobile detailer. A genuine detailing expert loves cars, and he would love to share his advice, solicited or not!

7. It Can Prevent Premature Rusting

Get the services of a hand car wash company that uses steam for cleaning vehicles and you’ll cut the chances of rusting by a huge margin. It’s because the mist that comes from steam can be dried easily with a microfiber towel. No moisture translates to no oxygen to combine with the metals and alloys in your vehicle that lead to rusting.

8. It Can Give Jobs to the Unemployed

Unlike automated car washes that only require a number of people to run several bays at a time, a hand car wash company operates on a one-on-one basis (one detailer for one medium-sized vehicle); or two-to-one (two detailers for huge trucks). So when you go for this method, you are not just aiming for a beautiful and shiny ride. You are also helping others to improve their quality of life.

9. It Can Help Protect the Environment

A company like DetailXPerts uses steam and all-organic cleaning materials helps conserve water by using a pint of water for cleaning medium-sized cars and five gallons for huge trucks. And since no chemicals are used, there won’t be toxic runoffs that can damage the soil, groundwater and surface water.

10. It Boosts Fuel Efficiency

A clean car doesn’t only drive better- it also saves you some fuel, according to the now defunct MythBusters. They performed an experiment that led to the findings that a clean car increases fuel efficiency.

If you want to get the full benefits that hand car wash can bring, schedule an appointment with the experts.

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