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When to Use Clay in Detailing Your Car?

When to Use Clay in Detailing Your Car?

When to Use Clay in Detailing Your Car?

Did you know that using clay in detailing your car is highly recommended by experts because it can dislodge deep-seated contaminants from the car paint which soap and water cannot remove?

Auto detailing clay bars contain a resin compound that is specifically formulated to remove contaminants from the car’s paint, glass, metal and fiberglass.

There are natural and synthetic detailing clay. However, most detailers prefer to use synthetic clay. The process is best done under the professional supervision of mobile auto detailers.

Auto detailing clay is similar to the colorful clay that children play with. However, it is made to be more elastic to withstand rolling, smashing, flattening, and stretching several times over.

Also, detailing clay can take in brake dust and industrial fallout. These contaminants can stick  can damage car paint, metal and glass. Unfortunately, rain and even car washing cannot dislodge them. The only way through which you can get rid of these contaminants is through detailing clay.

How Frequently You Should Use a Clay Bar?

There is no set schedule for clay detailing your car. How often you wash your car and where your car is garaged are the two main factors which decide the frequency of clay detailing. However, it is not so tough to decide when you need to use clay and you can make this decision by yourself. You can do this little test by feeling the condition of the paint just after the car wash. If you feel that the car paint is bumpy or rough, then it is definitely time to use the clay. On an average, professional detailing experts recommend that car owners should perform auto clay detailing at least 3-4 times a year.

Washing your car is not adequate enough and you must indulge in clay detailing your car as often as required so that you can keep your car in its best condition.


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