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What Is an RV Wash and Wax Service?

What Is an RV Wash and Wax Service

What Is an RV Wash and Wax Service?

An RV wash and wax service is what you need if you want to keep your precious travel vehicle looking its best and functioning at its peak for a long time. However, not all RV wash and wax service offers are created equal. What are the differences from detailer to detailer? Why do some detailers charge more than others? What does an RV wash and wax service typically include? Read on and find out.

RV Wash and Wax Service: What Works?

When you take your RV to the pros, they will first inspect your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. Then, based on the result of their inspection, they will give suggestions on what areas will benefit more from an ordinary wash and wax or which will require additional services. A basic RV wash and wax service may include the following:

Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning an RV is a tough job. The roof and sides will be sprayed with a good amount of degreaser to speed up the cleaning process. They will be scrubbed down to remove all contaminants – dried leaves, bird droppings, water spots, and so on.

If your roof is made of rubber, the detailer may use a specialized rubber cleaner. This is to prevent the rubber from premature cracking and discoloration.

Roof vents will be cleaned and steamed to remove contaminants that may affect indoor air. Even the seams around the vents will receive the necessary level of inspection and cleaning, too, to prevent them from cracking prematurely.

All exterior storage or containers will get detailing and sanitization. The rims, tires, and wheel wells will be cleaned. The mirrors, windows, and the windshield will get their own share of cleaning, too.

When your vehicle is all clean and dried up, waxing will commence. There is a variety of guides that show you what the best rv wax is. However, you need to keep in mind that these are mainly for DIY-ers who prefer to wash a camper by themselves. Professionals, on the other hand, have at their disposal industrial-grade products that may make all the difference between a home job and an RV wash and wax service at the auto detail shop.

Take note that an RV wash and wax service will only cover the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

Add-on Services

There are cases when a basic RV wash and wax service is not enough to make this huge vehicle sparkle with cleanliness. This is where add-on services come in. All these services will cost extra.

Some of the most common add-on services are:

Tar and Bug Removal

Your RV is your travel buddy. It faces a lot of adventures and sometimes have to go through seemingly impossible terrains – rocky roads, sandy areas, snowy streets. These make them susceptible to lots of tar and bugs.

Unattended, the bug remains can cause paint etching, while sticky tar can damage the paint later on. Surely, you do not want such car paint problems. Therefore, an add-on service like tar and bug removal will be your best ally.

Scratch Repair

Paint scratches on an RV’s surface cannot be avoided, no matter how careful you are. Your RV might brush with some tree branches when traveling through forests. Neither is it safe from stone chips, sand, and similar contaminants on the road. Not to mention that children who take their artistic skills to a whole new level might decide to turn your RV’s painted surfaces into a canvas!

All the minor scratches on your vehicle will be removed during the scratch repair process. Deeper scratches, however, might need paint correction.

Hard Water Spot Removal

Rain, sleet and snow, when not washed off from your vehicle and dried immediately, can cause unsightly hard water spots. But due to your RV’s sheer size, this might be impossible to address. This is why your RV needs an occasional hard water spot removal. It’ll bring back the beauty of your RV’s exterior.

Tire Dressing

Your RV’s tires take the brunt of your adventures. They go through rocks, sand, wood and stone chips, flood, snow, among others. So, treat them with a little respect! Have them dressed by the pros to make them shine and last longer.


Because cold winter weather can wreak havoc with a vehicle’s exterior, you need a service to de-winterize an RV. Its fluids will be checked, cracks and paint chipping on some areas will be addressed, along with other issues, so that you can safely drive your vehicle come summer time!

Why RV Wash and Wax Service Prices Vary

Because you want to make your RV look great all the time, you decide to go for an RV wash and wax service. But lo and behold – while doing your research, you notice that detailing prices vary from detailer to detailer.

Here’s why.

In some states, car wash or detailing licenses and permits are more expensive, affecting the prices that detailers ask from their customers.

Another factor is the location. Car washes that pay rental fees can charge higher. Mobile RV detailers, on the other hand, can also ask extra for the fuel expenses.

And of course, the quality of auto detailing tools and materials can also add to your RV detailing bill.

But how much does it really cost to wash an RV? Typically, detailers charge per foot, anywhere from $3 to $20, depending on the add-on services you prefer to include.

Some Tips When Looking for an RV Wash and Wax Service

In your search for an RV wash and wax service, it pays to do some careful research. After all, your RV is a major investment. Definitely, you only want experts to work on it.

Ask friends and neighbors who own an RV. Where are they taking their prized possession when it needs cleaning? Who do they call if they want to avail mobile RV detailing? How do their chosen detailers work? Do they work section by section or wash the entire vehicle, dry it, then wax the whole of it? If they’re doing the second, stay away.

Quality detailers work panel by panel. This is to prevent the degreaser from drying up prematurely as this might cause the formation of hard water spots. As you may know by now, hard water spots can be very difficult to remove, sometimes even requiring expensive paint restoration.

If you opt for mobile RV cleaning, a team of detailers will work on your vehicle wherever you prefer, be it in your home, office, or your gym. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

And if you want a total clean, consider steam cleaning. It can give your RV’s exterior a sparkle and clean like no other.

Looking for the best RV wash and wax service? Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts – our RV detailing services are second to none!

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