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Dicor Fiberglass Roof Coating – Yay or Nay for Your RV?

Dicor fiberglass roof coating

Dicor Fiberglass Roof Coating – Yay or Nay for Your RV?

Regular maintenance and improvements keep your RV in excellent condition and can extend the life of your vehicle. You can refresh the appearance of your roof with a special coating. It will keep it watertight and protect it from UV damage, rain, hail and general wear and tear. For example, Dicor fiberglass roof coating is a favorite among many RV owners because it has great coverage and holds up well over a longer period of time. Cleaning an RV and fiberglass roof aftercare also becomes an easier job once the Dicor coating is applied thanks to its smooth and professional finish.

Pros and Cons of Dicor Fiberglass Roof Coating

If you are thinking about carrying out RV fiberglass roof maintenance take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a Dicor fiberglass roof coating. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether or not this is the most suitable coating product for your motorhome.


Dicor Fiberglass Roof Coating is Durable and Flexible

This fiberglass roof coating is made from 100% acrylic fiberglass resins. It forms a flexible coating over your motorhome roof. It doesn’t dry rock hard and solid. Instead, it has a pliable finish that expands and contracts with any roof movement as you are driving along or with changes in temperature. It is also extremely durable and helps to protect the roof against signs of natural weathering.

Easy to Apply

You don’t need a lot of RV detailing supplies to coat your roof. You can use a paintbrush to apply the coating around the edges and sides of the roof as well as any fixtures such as air conditioning units and vents. For the main area of the roof, a long-handled roller brush is ideal for even coverage and overall roof revitalization.

Reflects the Heat

If you go for a white coating it can offer great reflectivity. This helps to lower the temperatures inside your RV on hot summer road trips. Dicor Fiberglass RV Roof Coating in Super Bright White is a great choice if you live or plan to travel somewhere that gets a lot of sunshine. This product is also available in Tan.

Easy to Keep Clean

Cleaning an RV is a big job because it takes time to wash larger vehicles. However, Dicor fiberglass roof coating helps to cut down your work. It stays cleaner-looking for longer. All it takes is a quick wash to restore its beautiful brightness. It also helps to resist mildew, algae and mold. A review of this coating says the coating “makes cleaning the roof a breeze.” However, if you don’t have time to clean your roof yourself, a professional RV wash and wax service will restore its sparkle and shine.

Long-Lasting Coating

If you follow the instructions and apply the Dicor fiberglass roof coating correctly, your new-look fiberglass roof should last for 5-7 years or even longer depending on usage and storage. However, it is advisable to get up on the roof at least once a year to check it, especially if it hasn’t been used for several months. Part of your de-winterize RV checklist should be to make sure the roof is in good shape and the seals are not cracked or damaged.

Professional Finish and Non-Slip

Your newly-coated roof will make your RV look like new again. It will be noticeably brighter with added protection from the elements. Another advantage with Dicor is that the coating doesn’t make the roof slippery underfoot. This makes it much safer when you are up on the roof and moving around, whether you are washing it or carrying out maintenance checks. If you want the interior of your RV to look as good as the outside, check out professional detailing services. However, be mindful that RV detailing prices can vary, so make sure you always know what you’re paying for.



You will need to thoroughly clean and prep your roof first. For example, use Dicor Fiberglass Clean & Prep to remove any contaminants. It is important to know how to wash an RV to achieve best results. You will also need to use fine sandpaper to remove any flaking fiberglass. It will create a rough surface on the roof to ensure better coating adhesion. Don’t be tempted to skip the prep stage. It might save you some time initially but the coating won’t hold up long-term. Then you risk having to re-do your RV roof sooner rather than later.

Note, two coats of Dicor fiberglass roof coating are required for maximum performance. The first coat must be thoroughly dry before the second coat goes on. Factor this into your time schedule too. Check the forecast and look out for a good weather window. This job can’t be done if there is a risk of rain showers. You want a warm, sunshiny day.

Risk of Potential Damage to RV Side Walls

If you are using both prep product and Dicor fiberglass roof coating be sure to protect the walls of your RV from drips and splashes. Use protective plastic sheeting or keep rinsing the side walls to wash off any prep product or coating while you work. If you don’t take care at this stage, you may end up staining or damaging the exterior, thus undoing all the good work of sprucing up your RV.

Not Recommended for EPDM rubber or TPO Roofs

Dicor fiberglass roof coating isn’t suitable for all roof types. However, there are other Dicor products that you can use if you don’t have an acrylic RV roof. For example, Dicor White Rubber Roofing Coating System comes highly recommended. It is easy to apply and it flexes well. It is also suitable for TPO roofing.


If you are looking for a reliable product to revitalize your RV roof, Dicor fiberglass roof coating is great. It has built up a good reputation because it is a high-quality product that produces long-lasting results. It is manufactured by a company that is a leading brand in RV industry roof products since 1984.

If you are to get the best finish, however, it is important to take the necessary prep steps and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when re-doing the roof. The biggest drawback is the amount of time it takes to wash, sand and then coat the roof. It is a big job to tackle and not for everyone.

Keeping your RV in good condition takes time and effort. Sometimes it is easier to leave the job to the experts. So why not schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your RV professionally detailed. Our innovative steam cleaning methods are environmentally friendly and produce pristine results.

If you love your motorhome and want to keep it looking beautiful, connect with DetailXPerts on Pinterest and check out our RV Cleaning & Detailing board. We share lots of tips and advice on RV care and maintenance.


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