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De-winterize RV Checklist – Are You Ready for the Summer?

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De-winterize RV Checklist – Are You Ready for the Summer?

Taking a summer vacation in an RV creates some of the best memories for families. Over 8.9 million households own this automotive in the United States. With the warm weather rolling in, you’ll need to start prepping your RV for road trips. Follow our de-winterize RV checklist to have everything ready in time.

First, Exterior

Surprisingly, the easiest task of cleaning your RV is the exterior. If you stored your vehicle properly and winterized it, this first step should be a breeze. Wash the outside as you normally would, scrubbing the roof and working your way down. This should wash away any dirt or debris that might have collected over the winter months.

Before leaving the exterior completely, double check for any water leaks. Obviously, you need to make sure the RV is dry before inspecting for leaks. Be sure to check underneath the front, as well as, where the pipes connect outside. Make sure your tires are all full and haven’t lost any air. Sometimes the temperature can affect the pressure.

Flush the System

Most of the time, RV owners put antifreeze in the plumbing system during cold weather. This keeps the pipes from bursting or freezing when temperatures drop. Drain the water tank and flush clean water through the system. This will help eliminate any leftover residue that might stick to the inside of the plumbing. Turn on all the faucets when you do this to allow it to run completely through the system.


Check the tank for all gas-powered appliances. If the machine doesn’t seem to be working properly, have a professional take a look. Most RV owners have their tanks checked annually for leaks and proper operation. However, double checking these yourself is a safety precaution.

Once you have checked all the gas appliances, test the electric ones. Plug the units into electricity and test all 120-volt appliances and accessories. If they aren’t working, call an electrician to fix it for you.

Smooth Running Engine

Taking a peek under the hood is one of the most important steps in this de-winterize RV checklist. Ensure all the fluid levels are where they should be and top them off if needed. Turn on the RV and make sure no lights or alerts come on.

Before you close the trunk, double check that the battery is still working. RV batteries will discharge by as much as 10% per month in storage. If the vehicle turned on smoothly, this indicates the battery is still good. Replace any faulty or dead batteries before going on a long road trip. Make sure the connections are clean and haven’t corroded from the outside elements.

Overall Check

Verify that everything is running properly and all the equipment you need is in the RV. Make sure your smoke alarm is functioning and anything else that might need batteries checked. Otherwise, a quick dusting of the inside should have you up and ready for the warm weather!


Does following this de-winterize RV checklist take up more time than you have? Consider a professional detailer to prep your RV for the summer. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company specializes in all types of vehicles. They can help de-winterize your RV, and save you the trouble! Schedule an appointment today.

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