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Mobile RV Cleaning – DIY or Call a Professional Detailer?

Mobile RV Cleaning - DIY or Call a Professional Detailer?

Mobile RV Cleaning – DIY or Call a Professional Detailer?

With the sheer size of a recreational vehicle, it is not surprising that an increasing number of people now prefer mobile RV cleaning services over doing it themselves. RVs have special features that, when not cleaned properly, may damage the vehicle’s appearance and functionality. Even worse, it can affect your health and wellness.

Your RV’s freshwater system, for example, needs to be cleaned and sanitized to prevent you and your passengers from getting sick. The gutters need to be cleaned, too, to avoid clogging the troughs and downspouts. Unattended, residues from decayed leaves and other contaminants can cause black streaks on the exterior. This can lead to costly paint repair later on.

But you can do these things, anyway, so why hire a mobile RV cleaning services provider? Below are eight reasons why.

Mobile RV Cleaning: Why It’s Better than DIY

1. Convenient

With a mobile RV cleaning service you get to have your recreational vehicle detailed right where you want it – at home, at your office’s garage, or even at the parking lot of your favorite gym.

Of course, you, the DIYer, can also clean your RV wherever you prefer. But the size of an RV requires several hours of detailing and lots of elbow grease. This can render you too tired to perform your daily activities or to spend time with the ones you love.

2. Efficient

Mobile RV cleaning services are carried out by expert technicians who have undergone extensive training. Additionally, they have years of experience under their belt. They know where the trouble spots are and how to clean them properly with the right auto detailing supplies.

Some DIYers, on the other hand, rely on their own research and advice from fellow DIYers. They do the trial-and-error method which might damage the RV.

3. Cost-effective

To do an excellent detailing job, mobile RV detailers use appropriate tools, equipment, and auto detailing supplies. For example, a ladder is necessary to facilitate roof cleaning. Also, they have a buffer to polish the exterior and a vacuum cleaner for easier removal of small contaminants. Moreover, some professionals use a steam cleaner for faster and more effective detailing and sanitization as well as different types of detailing brushes. And, of course, they also bring with themselves a host of auto detailing supplies to speed up the entire mobile RV cleaning process.

True, hiring mobile detailing services can be costly, but so is purchasing tools, equipment, and products specifically created for detailing. And since you won’t be using some tools and equipment a lot, they might get damaged from infrequent use.

4. Safe

Mobile RV cleaning professionals, as mentioned above, are well-trained and highly-experienced. They use their tools and equipment properly and wear the necessary safety clothing to eliminate chances of accidents from happening. You can easily recognize the real professionals as they would be fully bonded and insured as well.

Some DIYers, on the other hand, rely on makeshift tools and equipment which not only increases the chances of damage to the vehicle, but risks their health and safety. For example, a technician using a ladder has a stronger foothold than a DIYer who uses a pile of boxes or furniture to reach the roof. The boxes might topple, causing the DIYer to fall.

Slippages can be avoided too, because mobile RV cleaning professionals bring their own wastewater collector, so no pools of water is left behind.

5. Environmental-Friendly

Detailing an RV by yourself uses a huge amount of water – as much as 52 to 100 gallons, depending on the condition of your vehicle. Also, the wastewater you generate from washing your vehicle can pollute storm drains and, consequently, groundwater.

With a mobile RV cleaning service that uses steam you minimize, if not totally eliminate, further water pollution. It’s because steam only uses 10% of what you use for washing an entire RV. You even double environmental protection if you hire a mobile auto detailing services provider that use organic products.

6. Superior Quality

Who else, but you, can make your RV look and smell fresh and clean all over? Since you own it, you definitely know how to clean it the best way possible.

This is a misconception that some new RV owners have. They feel they can do the job themselves, only to find out that they’ve embraced something too big – literally and figuratively. They are full of energy and enthusiasm the first few hours of detailing, only to realize that they’ve only cleaned a small area of their RV. The result? They try to finish the job haphazardly or end up calling a mobile RV detailing service to finish what they’ve started.

Auto detailers have some tricks tucked up their sleeves when it comes to giving a vehicle the proper treatment it deserves. They’ve learned and mastered RV cleaning speedily without compromising quality.

You’ll see what a professionally cleaned RV looks like. From the roof down to the tires, your precious ride will sparkle and shine! Surely a DIYer like you can learn cleaning an RV like a pro, but that would take a lot of time and effort on your part. Time that you can spend on important things like bonding with your family and friends, learning a new skill, or simply having some quiet time with yourself.

7. More than What You Bargained for

Some DIYers only clean their RV when they have spare time. However, because of busy schedules, that cleaning schedule can be postponed to next week or next month. Sadly, an Ill-maintained and dirty RV can deteriorate prematurely. This can lead to paint fading and peeling, muddy tires and wheels, tattered carpets and upholstery, and a smelly interior.

But when you find a trustworthy and efficient mobile vehicle detailing service, you need not worry about missing cleaning schedules. They will call, text, or email you to remind you of your next detailing schedule. Additionally, they will also give you a sneak peek of their new services and promotions, as well as the latest news in the industry.

8. An RV You Can Be Proud of

A clean and shiny RV is a guaranteed head turner, especially when you’re parked alongside other RVs in an RV park or a campground. It might also turn into a conversation piece as other RV owners inquire how you manage to maintain the beauty of your prized possession. They might even ask you for tips and tricks on how to keep their RV as spic and span as yours.

Now you have at least 8 reasons why you should call a mobile RV cleaning service instead of trying to wash an RV by yourself. True, it might seem a bit costly at first glance, but it does pay off in terms of time savings and quality achieved.

If you want to give your RV the proper treatment it deserves without spending several hours, possibly even days working on it, consider calling the experts in. To ensure professional RV detailing service, you might want to schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. We have all the necessary tools, equipment and supplies to make your RV clean and shiny, inside and out.

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