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Top 5 Metal Paste Wax Products Review

Top 5 Metal Paste Wax Products

Top 5 Metal Paste Wax Products Review

Applying metal paste wax products after cleaning your car will add a layer of protection for its top coat. Paste wax prevents small debris and dust from sticking to the car’s surface. Bird droppings are also easier to wipe off. It also protects your car’s surface from environmental damage and gives your car a lasting finish. Even previously scratched cars will benefit from having a metal paste wax coating.

Premium Metal Paste Wax Products’ Ingredients

Majority of premium metal paste wax products manufacturers use one or two of these premium wax ingredients to protect and shine our cars. Since you would be seeing these two ingredients on almost all of the products we reviewed, we think it’s best to provide a short introduction of these wonder waxes.

Carnauba Wax

Also called Brazil wax and palm wax, this is a natural wax extracted from the leaves of the Carnauba palm tree (Copernicia prunifera). This plant is native and grown only in the northeastern parts of Brazil. People add it to car waxes due to its hardness, high melting temperature, and the warm glow that it provides to car paint. Industry standard car waxes blend Carnauba wax with softer waxes like bees wax to make it more applicable and easier to spread.

Bees Wax

A natural wax taken from bee hives and naturally produced by worker bees (bless their little hearts). Our early ancestors used bees wax to preserve food. Nowadays you can find it in numerous everyday products like polish, lipstick, and natural cosmetic products. Bees wax is a very effective barrier or sealant, because it naturally prevents rust. It is also used as waterproofing for leather, fabrics, and wood. For car waxes, it is primarily mixed with the harder Carnauba wax to make it more pliable. On its own, bees wax can help bring a glossy finish to paint and its waterproofing properties act as a sealant.

Now you have a short introduction to the two most common materials for metal paste wax products. Read on to find out our top 5 recommended brands!

DetailXPerts’ Top 5 Metal Paste Wax Brands

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

Price: $37.95

Size: 6.2 oz

A mix of yellow carnauba and beeswax that delivers a dynamic gloss, P2 1S 12700W Carnauba Wax enhances and protects your car with the natural car waxes. P21S Carnauba Paste Wax is non-chalky, leaving no powder residues or white stains on rubber or plastic. It is easy to apply, comes off easily, and delivers a great long lasting shine. Like all natural waxes, this does not contain abrasives, additives, dyes, or even perfume. This seems to be the most organic mixture among the 5 waxes reviewed. The mix of waxes gives a sturdy but soft paste that is easy to apply but durable.

  • No white-powdering residue upon drying
  • No abrasives
  • Easy to apply
  • A bit expensive
  • The kit provides only a small sponge
  • Leaves a bit of white residue on black trims

Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Paste Wax

Price: $16.99

Size: 11 oz

This is a blend of Carnauba wax with synthetic and durable polymers which gives a lasting, strong and shiny finish. The Gold Class Carnauba Plus metal paste wax product is easy to apply on and glides right off. The proprietary blend of carnauba and protecting polymers is safe and effective on clear coats and all glossy paint types. This protects the finish even from heavy rain and leaves the paint with the same luster after multiple car washes.

  • Easy to apply and remove, but requires effort compared to liquid waxes
  • Still shiny after a few washes
  • Water beads off and is repelled
  • No white-powdering residue upon drying
  • It takes more effort to wipe off if you apply a thick coat
  • Leaves a few white streaks on non-metal surfaces like leather

Migliore Primo: A Premium Concours Show Car Carnauba Wax

Price: $99.99

Size: 8 oz

The Migliore Primo is one of the metal paste wax products that contains about 50% Carnauba wax. The amount of Carnauba makes this wax more solid and takes a bit more effort to apply and wipe off. But the resulting shine will be worth the effort as it adds an intensified and smooth finish.

This is labeled as a “concours wax” meaning it is specifically made for vehicles that will be entered into exhibitions or car show competitions. This brand also targets vintage or classic vehicles. Due to the more solid nature of this wax, it helps to apply in a warm environment to make it spread easier.

  • It takes a while to “rub’n’buff”  but this gives one of the best finishes
  • Extremely glossy effect
  • Water beads off and is repelled
  • Does not stain trim or plastics
  • A thick application will be harder to wipe off
  • Buffing takes a bit longer
  • The highest priced option in this list
  • The small container (a bane for big hands and fat fingers)

Chemical Guys WAC_201_16 Butter Wet Wax

Price: $17.99

Size: 16 oz

Among the metal paste wax products reviewed, this is by far the easiest to apply. Like its namesake, it really feels like butter. The texture makes it very easy to apply evenly even with the softest “rub’n’buff” gestures. It can also be applied in direct sunlight. This actually helps make the application easier. It seems as if it really melts like butter upon contact with a warm car surface. It also has some cleaning properties since it can remove stains and some small impurities. The soft nature of the butter wet wax makes it a bit easier to fade than more solid paste wax. It also has more static after buffing compared to other waxes.

  • The ease of application, seems like a cross between a paste and a liquid wax
  • Better at shining metal, stainless, glass, and chrome parts
  • Easy to apply on small or rough textured surfaces
  • Cheapest option among those in this list
  • Has some cleaning properties
  • The soft wax is not as durable as other metal paste wax products
  • Re-application of this wax will be more often compared with other waxes on this list
  • More static after buffing, which attracts more dust mites
  • The buttery look and feel will make you crave for toasts

Adam’s Americana Paste Wax

Price: $49.99

Size: 6 oz

Adam’s can be applied and wiped off easily. It can also be applied in direct and very warm sunlight. It has a shorter curing time, maybe about 5 minutes to 10 minutes max. Like other softer metal paste wax products, the ease of application comes with some durability issues. It wears off faster than harder paste waxes. So it’s recommended to reapply every other month (or even shorter). A few car washes will remove the coating, so it is best to just buff instead of washing.

  • Second only to the Chemical Guys Wet Butter Wax in ease of application
  • Good at shining metal, stainless, glass, and chrome parts
  • Easy to apply on small or rough textured surfaces
  • The soft wax is not as durable as other metal paste wax products
  • Re-application of this wax will be more often compared with other waxes in this list
  • The second highest priced option among the 5 metal paste wax products reviewed

These 5 metal paste wax products are all recommended and our tests showed that all will provide your car with a great, shiny finish. You can also check out our previous review on car waxes. Take note that most metal paste wax products have no cleaning properties. Therefore, to get the best result, apply only when your car is clean and free from impurities. We recommend the use of detailing clay to remove hard stains and stick substances like tar. Then you should polish to even out the surface. Only then should you apply the metal paste wax of your choice.

Using metal paste wax products helps protect your car paint, prevents rust by repelling water and shields your paint from environmental damage. If you would like to have a professional level wax service please contact DetailXPerts. We are an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company, specialized in steam cleaning and waxing. Our highly-trained technicians will save you the time and trouble and return your car with a shiny finish! Schedule an appointment today.

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