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How to Use Metal Paste Wax to Protect Your Vehicle

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How to Use Metal Paste Wax to Protect Your Vehicle

Protecting the exterior of a vehicle remains one of the hardest things to do. Due to constant exposure to the elements, damage occurs over time. However, metal paste wax helps prevent scratches and other issues with the car paint.

What’s the Difference?

Most people are familiar with both liquid and paste wax. Liquid wax normally comes in a spray bottle to apply to the exterior. Paste wax is thicker and requires a mitt or towel to spread along the car’s surface. Metal paste wax takes more time to apply but normally results in a longer-lasting protective layer.

Benefits of Metal Paste Wax

Rust Prevention

One of the biggest reasons to use wax is to help prevent rust. Metal paste wax creates an additional barrier on your car to protect against daily wear and tear. The outside elements slowly deteriorate car paint over time. This means once the layers of paint peel away, the metal is exposed and develops rust.

Smooth Appearance

When people choose to wax their vehicles, they normally do it to enhance the appearance. It offers protection but it also shines the exterior of the car. Metal paste wax smooths out any blemishes and scratches that might be on the exterior. This allows car owners to restore the look of their prized possession.

Protective Layer

Caring for your vehicle by washing and waxing it helps lengthen the life of the outside. Wax acts as a protectant and adds another layer over the clear coat. This causes less chipping and scratches to appear on your car.

How to Apply Metal Paste Wax

Wash the Car

Starting with a clean slate helps ensure no dirt or debris becomes trapped under the wax application. Properly washing your vehicle allows the wax to go on smoothly and makes the entire process easier. If you start without thoroughly cleaning the car, the product is less likely to remain on the surface.

Choose the Right Metal Paste Wax Product

Metal paste wax performs better than liquid products. The solution is thicker and lasts longer than other types. Perform the right research to determine what product works best for your needs. For example, if you have scratches on the exterior you might want to pick a wax that fills in the surface damage.

Grab the Proper Tools

Foam applicators perform the best to apply the right amount of wax. Most of the time, these will be included in the kits you purchase. However, if you buy the paste by itself, a damp sponge works in the same way. To begin, apply only a small amount to the applicator, starting with less product.

Apply the Metal Paste Wax

The most important step in the process – application. Make sure to start in sections, using small circular motions to apply the wax. Allow the strokes to overlap to ensure you cover every surface. Put more wax on the applicator as needed as you work through each section.

Dry Time

Depending on the type of metal paste wax you use, the product takes time to dry before removal. Wait a few minutes before wiping the excess solution away. The best way to tell whether the wax is ready is by checking with your finger. Run a finger along the surface. If it smears, the wax needs more time. If it remains clear, it’s done drying.


Finally, removing the excess solution from the exterior surface will finalize the car. Using a microfiber cloth, work in circular motions as you did previously. If the towel begins to stick to the surface, flip to a clean side and continue wiping. Continue along the entire vehicle until you completely wipe down the exterior.

Overall, using metal paste wax helps protect your car paint and prevents rust and other damage from occurring. Professional businesses perform wax services as well. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company, specializes in steam cleaning and waxing. Our highly-trained technicians will save you the time and trouble and return your car with a shiny finish! Schedule an appointment today.

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