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Best Long Lasting Car Wax and Why?

Best Long Lasting Car Wax and Why?

Best Long Lasting Car Wax and Why?

Here at DetailXPerts we get questions like what’s the best long lasting car wax, how often drivers should wax their car and why it is so important. You should wash your car on a regular basis (we recommend once every two months) to protect the exterior surface from scratches. Moreover, this will airborne contaminants like bugs, the elements and road debris. The internal workings of a car are regularly maintained and cared for by the driver. Yet, the exterior is often disregarded as being so important (save for a few trips to the car wash).

The exterior of your vehicle needs as much attention as the interior. Moreover the mechanical elements need inspection in order to keep it in tip-top shape and in pristine condition. If you let your cars exterior become defaced by scratches or caked in bugs without trying to protect it in any way, your resale value will go down and you may be faced with some costly repairs.

Keeping on top of the exterior maintenance by regularly applying wax will keep your car looking off-the-lot new for years after purchase and protect it from the elements and road debris you will encounter on a day-to-day basis.

At DetailXPerts we are always finding new ways to bring you the best detailing services around today. As the world’s first eco-friendly steam cleaning car wash franchise, we strive for excellence in our car wash services and customer satisfaction ratings.

Through our own research we have tried and tested the best long lasting car wax and rated them based on our highest standards, quality and value. We strive to use products that are environmentally friendly, so we have rated our top five eco-friendly best long lasting car wax, spray and paste that you can use on your car.

Top 5 Longest Lasting Car Wax

Turtle Wax® Rinse-Free Wash & Wax is a polymer based wax that is used in addition to rinsing. It is easy-to-use and works effectively at removing dirt and grime from the exterior surface of your car to leave a high-shine. As the dirt and grime is lifted, the wax leaves a protective layer to restore the finish on your car’s paint work. However, because this layer is not very thick, you will need to wax your car more often to keep it protected.

California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax is a product that leaves a beautiful finish and superior shine. This non-abrasive carnauba wax doesn’t leave streaks and lasts longer than many other eco-friendly car wax products.

Ardex Labs has a great range of wax products that protect your car’s shine. We tried Ardex Rapid Wax which is an instant spray wax that is easy-to-use and does its job well. Simply spray the wax onto the car’s exterior surface before polishing and then buff away by hand.

We found Mother’s California Gold Synthetic Paste Wax easy to apply and easy to use. This synthetic paste is made from the finest yellow carnauba so you can rest assured it isn’t harmful to the environment. Because this paste wax isn’t too thick, it is possible to apply more than one coat to keep your car’s paint work well protected.

When we used Carnauba Wax it left the vehicle with a 3D shine and a deeper, richer color. Carnauba wax is probably the best option for drivers with a darker colored vehicle to give the car that extra shine. Unlike sealants and sprays, carnauba wax is the only type of car wax that really leaves that slick, glossy finish you are trying to achieve, so carnauba wax is what we recommend using on your car. It’s also one of the best long lasting car wax products on the market today.

You should wax your vehicle on a regular basis. This way you will keep your most prized possession in a great shape. Applying car wax is a pretty simple process that you can do from your own driveway or garage. But, if you’re not into the DIY approach, or simply don’t have time, schedule an appointment with us for presidential detailing and we will happily take care of your car waxing for you.

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