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Spray Wax vs Paste Wax – Which Is Better for Your Car?

Spray Wax vs Paste Wax

Spray Wax vs Paste Wax – Which Is Better for Your Car?

So you’ve washed your car, scrubbed and brushed, and wiped down every square inch of reachable surface, and rinsed everything with a healthy dash of water. There are only two more things for you to do – wax and polish. For some people, good old waxing is sufficient to keep them happy with the result of their efforts. On the other hand, other car owners want the whole nine yards, so they don’t skip those last two steps. They inquire, debate, and learn in the process. This is why we are hearing more discussions about topics like spray wax vs paste wax.

Spray Wax vs Paste Wax: What Works?

If you’ve always used paste wax to buff your car, maybe it’s time for you to switch to a new product. Do you notice how sometimes it’s difficult to apply the same amount of product on your entire car’s surface? Then you have to spread it out evenly before working the product in with small, circular strokes. Those who are looking to make their waxing routine a little more time-efficient have long been searching for a suitable alternative to the conventional paste wax. We’ve seen the advent of liquid wax products, but unfortunately some brands tend to be runny and messy during application. Is there a third option for car owners?

This is where the new, easy-to-use spray wax comes in. Now you might ask: how different is spray wax vs paste wax or even liquid wax? In a nutshell, the difference lies in the ease of application from product container to car surface.

It’s really the same old product in a brand new formulation. Automobile detailers and hardcore amateur DIY’ers are always on the prowl for new products to try out, and spray wax is one of those that have passed the test with flying colors. Now you can forget about warming your car, either by running the engine or leaving it out in the open for a few minutes, before you apply wax.

Unlike paste wax, spray wax spreads nice and even on your car’s metal surface. For car owners who are on a tight budget, regular waxing with carnauba can be a little prohibitive. So, they turn to synthetic paste wax. The former can last for up to six months, while the latter can sit comfortably on your car for two months.

Spray wax can replace your favorite synthetic paste wax product because it has the same staying power with the same beautiful results. If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, no-fuss, and non-messy product to bring out the shine of your car, spray wax is your best bet.

DIY Applying Spray Wax vs Paste Wax

At this point, you might want to know if you should use a different technique with applying spray wax vs. paste wax. No, you don’t have to. You still need to apply a little bit of pressure as you work the product into your vehicle. You also need to work in small concentric circles. Buffing the wax before it dries out really increases the sheen of your vehicle. It allows your clear coat to withstand everyday wear and tear better. Thus, you don’t have to wax and polish as often.

If you still want to stick to your favorite paste wax product, then by all means do so. Spray wax can still be helpful in between your carnauba wax applications to lock in the freshness and the shine. You can use it as a booster wax instead, to help protect your vehicle when you don’t have the time to detail properly. It won’t last as long or look as good as your regular carnauba wax. However, it still does a decent job of making your car look clean and glossy. Most spray waxes now contain the same ingredients that carnauba wax has, such as silicone sealants and UV-fighting components. That means you get to have the same results at less cost.

Choosing between spray wax vs. paste wax boils down to personal preference. It’s advisable for you to try both and see which one gives you better results that last longer. Otherwise, you can just call in your professional detailer so they can show you how to truly make your car a work of art.

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