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What Mobile Car Detailing Equipment to Use at Home

What Mobile Car Detailing Equipment to Use at Home

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Most people hand wash their car over the weekend. Over time, car owners fall into a routine of cleaning the interior and exterior of their vehicles. However, there are several tools to be aware of when you want to use mobile car detailing equipment at home.

Common Mobile Car Detailing Equipment

Google “mobile car detailing equipment”, “car waxing”, “interior steam cleaning”, “hand car wash” and it returns with pages of information. However, to summarize the essentials here is the main equipment you will want to have in your garage.

Pressure washers are one of the most versatile machines to have in your collection. Additionally, it helps remove tough stains from the exterior car paint. Normally, between 300 – 1500 psi levels will eliminate the spots, as well as, preserve water when using.

Additionally, most people don’t consider any type of water containment system. Some state laws prohibit water runoff or wastewater into the sewers, and this will help you avoid breaking any laws.

Chemicals and Solutions

Utilizing cleaning solutions and products helps to maintain your vehicle longer. Various paint, carpet, and leather cleaners will make washing your car easier. However, be aware that some chemicals are harmful to both you and the environment. Try to buy eco-friendly or biodegradable products to keep on hand.

Buffing when done properly erases water spots, swirl marks, and other damaging effects from your exterior paint. Additionally, utilizing wax and polish will also help to eliminate those stubborn issues. This will refresh the appearance of your car and restore the original showroom shine.

Most car owners don’t realize the amount of time and effort that goes into caring for their vehicles. Simply washing a car will eliminate the surface dirt and debris, but doesn’t lengthen the life of the car over time. In fact, rather than the conventional methods of wash and waxing your car, there are ways to clean your car without detergents. Steam cleaning and several other new technologies have been introduced that remove debris without excessive chemicals.

Professional Detailers and Mobile Car Detailing Equipment

Washing a car in itself is neither a difficult or complicated process. However, the little ‘details’ are easy to miss if you are unfamiliar with the proper methods.

Nowadays, skilled professional detailing providers like DetailXPerts have eco-friendly mobile detailing units that:

  • Conduct meticulous detailing work onsite e.g. in your driveway with their very own mobile units. This includes electricity generators, water tanks, and vapor steamers that uses the latest steam cleaning water-economizing techniques on and inside your vehicle;
  • Use specially-formulated, gentle chemicals in their detergents that are appropriate to the different surfaces and materials of your vehicle;
    Buffering a Car
  • Buff and polish your vehicles into a seemingly unblemished brilliant finish

DetailXPerts are not your average providers of professional detailing, they even offer steam cleaning car wash franchises. Check out potential opportunities today!


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