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High Gloss Finish – How to Polish Your Car Paint

High Gloss Finish – How to Polish Your Car Paint

High Gloss Finish – How to Polish Your Car Paint

Your car might be squeaky clean, but does it have a tastefully high gloss finish? There are so many things that could go wrong when you’re performing an amateur do it yourself detailing job, especially when you’re not careful on how you go about it from start to finish. Yes, you might have eliminated the dirt and grime from the undercarriage of the car; yes, you might have thoroughly scrubbed and shampooed the interior where needed—but did you pay attention to the technique you were using as you applied the car wax or paint sealant?

A high gloss finish is not an easy thing to achieve on any car. You have to put your back into it, wiping and buffing every spot with precision and care. When polishing is done correctly, you can achieve a classy paint job that shines with a mirror-like finish that mimics the way your car looked the day it rolled out of the factory. No one will ever suspect that you did the job yourself.

High Gloss Finish – Start with a Clean Canvas

The first question that comes to mind is this: so how do the pros do it? Your detail technician is on the job eight hours a day, seven days a week, so he certainly has the advantage of experience and training over your amateurish effort. However, armed with a little patience and the right tools, you too can make your car shine with a high gloss finish in no time at all.

A good finish starts with getting the car’s exterior thoroughly cleaned. Use your favorite car shampoo and conditioner, or go deeper with a clay bar to extract leftover dirt that your microfiber wash mitten cannot tease out. The important thing is that you are left with a smooth, clean, fresh canvas that will allow the wax or paint sealant to cling to your paint job properly. Only then can you begin the actual process of polishing and buffing the vehicle from top to bottom.

Polishing Like a Pro

At this point, you have to understand that applying wax and polishing the car are two different steps in the detailing process. One is simply the transfer of the wax product from its container to your car, while the other involves working the polish into your vehicle’s surface. Polishing will help encourage shine where you want it, and deflect light from minor paint scratches. The overall look is that of a beautiful car that reflects light, like a gem.

To polish your car by hand, use a microfiber cloth or towel that fits comfortably in your palm. This will allow you to apply even pressure as you work the polish in. Apply a nickel-sized portion of the polish onto the towel or mitten. Spread it on the vehicle in a circular motion, then use firm up and down wiping strokes to allow the product to break down into the surface. Wipe off any residue.

Alternatively, you can use an electric polisher to achieve the same effect in less time. Using an orbital polisher ensures that pressure is even all throughout the vehicle, so no one spot is glossier than the others. Either way, remember to apply polish sparingly so it does not break down without being worked into your paint job properly. Or perhaps you are just constantly on the go and do not have time to do it on your own. At this time it would be convenient to contact your professional detailing technician for a spice of your exterior.


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