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Car Wash and Detailing Quiz: How to Take Care of Car Paint

Car Wash and Detailing Quiz: How to Take Care of Car Paint

Car Wash and Detailing Quiz: How to Take Care of Car Paint

If you want to have a car that looks as good as new even after years of use you will have to ensure that you take good care of the exterior. When you see used vehicles that look like they have just been driven off the lot, it is because its owner has learned how to take care of car paint.

You too can follow their example and learn how the task can be performed. It is not a complicated or a time-consuming job; all it needs is a little dedication. You have to get into the habit of washing your car at least once every 10 days. You must understand that there are elements like bird droppings and bugs that will cause damage to the paint of your car unless it is washed off immediately. If you are placed in an area where the use of road salt is common during winters, you can be sure that the salt will cause rust spots on the underside of the car that can spread. You can rest assured that it will also damage the paint of your car, leaving it in a condition that would not be good.

One place that is neglected by most people is the area under the windshield where leaves, debris and sand can accumulate under the wiper blades. You will be obliged to pay attention to the area and clean it regularly. Sand under the wiper blades can leave behind scratches on the windshield while leaves and other debris will block the flow of water away from the car leaving conditions behind that encourage rust.

To take care of your car paint you can schedule a thorough cleanup at a car wash or decide to clean it yourself. Washing is just part of the job, and you will be required to spend time waxing the car at least once in six months. This again is not a tough job, and is manageable within 30 minutes. A bottle of premium quality wax will only cost you about $25 and after proper application stays on the car for several months. It will cover areas where scratches have developed or where paint has chipped on the car. It will also help in slowing down corrosion and maintain the looks of your car for a longer time.

As you look into gathering information about how to take care of car paint, you may find instruction to apply car paint protection film on your car. Whether you decide to use the option or not will depend upon you. If you are unsure, contact reputed auto detailers like DetailXPerts for their opinion and to get expert advice. This is a tricky job and must only be carried out by professionals. Therefore, it will do you no harm to get professional help.

Despite all the attention you give to your car, you may still see tiny chips on your car where the paint is chipping off. There could be a lot of reasons for this, but it is certain you will have to take care of it without delay. You can choose to utilize the services of the car detailing company in your neighborhood or decide to handle the matter yourself. If you decide on the latter, you will be required to search for the color code of your car before you make a purchase. This is a cost-effective method because a tube of paint will cost you just $10 and will come with instructions on how to use the product. On the other hand, going to a car detailing company will set you back a larger amount.

Which product should you choose for waxing your car?

1) Any product available in the market

2) Polymer sealant

3) Carnauba wax

How your car looks will depend upon the product you choose. Picking the right car cleaning products will go a long way in maintaining the beauty of your car. Therefore, you will have an obligation to make an informed decision on this subject.

Should you use car paint protection film if given the option?

1) I will use it. It is the longest lasting protection for my car.

2) My car looks good without these applications that will cost a lot of money. I will therefore stay away from it.

3) I would like an expert opinion before I decide about whether I need to use it or not.

The decision about whether you want to use car paint protection film or not will be left to you because it is not a DIY product; the application will require professional help.

When is it time to take your car for professional detailing?

1) I can take the car for detailing any time I want.

2) I will take it for the detailing when I expect to use the car most during summers.

3) Immediately after winter is the best time for car detailing.

When you take the car for detailing will be entirely up to you. People generally prefer to get an opinion just before the onset of a hectic season.

Can paint protection film be applied without damaging your car paint?

1) No

2) Yes

3) Maybe, but it’s a difficult job.

Yes, paint protection film can certainly be applied without damaging the paint on your car. However, this job must only be handled by professionals to maintain the car’s exterior.

Need more tips about car detailing? Visit the DetailXPerts blog for all the information you need.

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