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What Goes in a Motorcycle Detailing Kit for the Road?

Motorcycle Detailing Kit for the Road

What Goes in a Motorcycle Detailing Kit for the Road?

It is always good to think ahead and be prepared before you take to the road on your motorcycle. Putting together a motorcycle detailing kit to take on your travels will give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen. Those quick clean-up jobs or urgent roadside repairs are made a whole lot easier when you have the right motorcycle detailing products and tools to hand. Take a look at some of the portable kit components you might need for cleaning your motorcycle on the road. These can be useful whether you are traveling a short distance around town or taking off on a longer road trip.

Motorcycle Detailing Kit Must-Haves for the Road

Waterless Wash Motorcycle Cleaner

It is not always blue skies and sunshine when you take off on your bike. Heavy rain can wreak havoc with road conditions with very little warning. When this happens, mud and road dirt will soon take the shine off your beautiful bike when you’re riding in the rain. Unless you have a portable power washer to hand, you are going to need a high-performance bike cleaner and cloth to cut through the mud and grime. Look out for waterless motorcycle wash products to pack in your motorcycle detailing kit. They’re ideal when you’re on the road with limited access to water. You simply spray on, leave for a few minutes and then wipe off.

Motorcycle Detailing Kit Component for High-Performance Cleaning

Off-road riding will create heavier mud soiling, so it will take a high-performance product to clean dirt bike. For example, Muc-Off Motorcycle Cleaner is highly effective but you’ll need to make sure you have access to water to rinse off the cleaner after it has done its job. Ideally, look out for biodegradable motorcycle cleaners with no harmful solvents to make sure the runoff doesn’t pollute the environment.

Cleaning and Lubrication Products for Motorcycle Chains

If dirt and grease build up on your motorcycle chain when you’re on the road, it helps to have some kind of cleaning brush kit and a cleaner in your motorcycle detailing kit to tackle the problem. Different brands of chain cleaning agents will all do the job, so what should you look out for? The choice includes bike chain lubes, bike chain cleaners and bike chain degreasers. If you don’t have room to pack one of each, make do with a good-quality chain cleaner spray that is quick to use and will remove deposits and degrease the chain.

If you have storage room on your bike, motorcycle detailing tools can make life easier if you have motorcycle chain trouble. For example, Moto Chain-Mate Ultimate Motorcycle Chain Cleaning and Lubrication Kit includes an overspray cap to prevent the lube from getting onto the tire or wheel. The kit comes with a carry bag for travel but the cleaning products are not included.

Motorcycle Tire Sealant for Emergency Tire Repair

If you need to fix a flat tire when you’re on the road, pack a puncture repair sealant in your motorcycle detailing kit. This is a lightweight product that won’t take up much room on your bike. The sealant will instantly seal up a puncture in the tread area. Note, there are different types of sealants for off-road tubeless tires or on-road tires. Once you apply the sealant, it is advisable to have the tire properly inspected for safety as soon as possible, preferably within 48 hours.

Tire Cleaning Products

There are good organic wheel and tire cleaning products on the market, such as 3M Wheel and Tire Cleaner that will quickly get the mud off your tires. You will also find that a small can of WD-40 is worth having in your motorcycle detailing kit. It is good for removing road tar from rubber when you’re on a road trip and want to restore the shine to your motorcycle tires.

Glass Repair Solution for a Chipped Mirror

Ideally, regular motorcycle maintenance should keep your bike in tip-top condition. However, regular cleaning and check-ups are no guarantee that you won’t run into trouble on the road. For instance, if your motorcycle mirror glass gets chipped or your bike accidentally tips over and damages the mirror, there are a couple of products worth having in your portable motorcycle detailing kit. To temporarily repair a chipped mirror when you’re on the road, use a glass repair solution. It is a resin formula that fills in the chip or crack with the glue-like substance. If you also have a broken mirror frame or the mirror mount, a heavy-duty glue will fix the problem.

Motorcycle Detailing Kit Item for Bug Removal

For quick clean-up jobs on the road, it is useful to have a decent product in your motorcycle detailing kit that will remove bug splatter. Bug removal solutions break down the insect build-up. Simply spray on and wipe off. Look out for the handy travel kits such as the Bug Slide Travel Kit that includes a small spray bottle and microfiber towel.

If you are shopping online, look out for motorcycle cleaners with a “Climate Pledge Friendly” certification. It identifies products with a more efficient design. This includes less packaging, a more efficient shape and also waterless technology, making it an eco-friendly purchase. Reduced product size and weight make it easier to travel light on your motorcycle.

Non-Abrasive Cloths for Quick Clean-Up Jobs

Motorcycle detailing on the road means packing light. However, always make room in your motorcycle detailing kit for a couple of microfiber towels in your cleaning kit for quick clean-ups. These are useful when you need to dust down or dry your bike seat, chrome and paintwork.

Motorcycle Detailing Kit Air Filter Cleaner

Clogged air filters can lead to a misfiring engine and reduced fuel economy. You don’t want to ignore these problems, especially when you’re on the road. To clean air filter of your motorcycle, you’ll need a specific air filter cleaner in your motorcycle detailing kit to remove the oil and dirt that is embedded in the filter. Ideally, use a manufacturer-recommended one otherwise you may risk doing more harm than good.

Snow Brush and Ice Scraper for Winter Rides

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it is wise to get your motorcycle ready for winter. This will help to prevent corrosion and rust damage from road salt. Riding in wintery conditions requires extra precaution on icy roads. A snow brush with detachable scraper is a useful tool. The snow brush has soft brush hair to prevent damage to the paintwork on motorcycle body panels. If you have room, you might also want to pack a firmer brush scrubbing tool in your motorcycle detailing kit to quickly see off any build-up of road slush and grit on tires and wheels. Some brushes come with an additional scraper head to help de-clog caked on mud and ice.


Making sure your motorcycle detailing kit has all the right tools and products prepares you for unforeseen incidents that might happen on the road. These range from problems that require an urgent cleaning job or even minor repair work. Unexpected weather conditions, potholes or your bike accidentally tipping over can all prompt the need for you to reach for your kit. The products and tools we mentioned should help keep your ride on the road until you get back home. When assembling your kit, look out for smaller size sprays and solutions or 2-in-1 products that reduce storage weight.

In between road trips, why not schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts? You can have your motorcycle professionally detailed to make sure everything is cleaned to the highest standards, leaving it looking as good as new.

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