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13 Must Have Motorcycle Detailing Products

The 13 Motorcycle Detailing Products You Would Ever Need

13 Must Have Motorcycle Detailing Products

If you want your motorcycle to look as great as it works, then a set of the right motorcycle detailing products is a must-have. These motorcycle detailing tools are specifically formulated to remove dirt, prevent corrosion, improve the appearance of your two-wheel drive, and help you save money in the long run. But with plenty of choices in the market today, what motorcycle detailing products do you really need? Below is a list to help you decide.

Motorcycle Detailing Products

1. Waterless Wash

When it comes to motorcycle detailing, the less water you use, the better. Stay away from dish washing liquids. They contain substances that can strip away the wax that protects the paint underneath. As much as possible, use organic motorcycle detailing products as they can help protect your bike and the environment.

2. Chrome and Metal

Your motorcycle is made up of a lot of metal and chrome. And since they are always exposed to nature’s elements, they need extra care and attention. Otherwise, they’ll look all dull and hazy in time. That’s why you need regular motorcycle maintenance.

This is where some of our favorite motorcycle detailing products come in – chrome and metal polishers. They contain just the right amount of abrasives that can wipe out oxidation to bring out the beauty of the metal parts of your bike. Use them with caution, though. Always follow the instructions indicated in the label to avoid damaging your motorcycle’s chrome and metal.

3. Motorcycle Detailing Products for the Leather and Vinyl

Unlike cars, trucks, and similar vehicles, a motorcycle’s leather and vinyl parts are always exposed and literally unprotected from the environment. That’s the reason why you need to use dedicated motorcycle detailing products for its leather and vinyl. They contain protectants that safeguard your seat and other leather parts against UV rays, rain, and other natural elements.

4. Wheels and Tires

Of all the areas of your motorcycle, your wheels and tires are getting the most beating. They drive through rocks, snow, dirt roads, sleet, flood, and other seemingly impossible terrains. They take in plenty of tar, bugs, animal waste, and more.

What type of wheel and tire cleaning products should you use? Choose a non-acid product that can remove brake dust, tar, and similar contaminants.

5. Engine Cleaner

The engine is the heart of your motorcycle. That’s why it requires cleaning, too. You need something that can break down sticky gunk and even the toughest grime, without damaging the engine. Some motorcycle detailing products for the engine you might want to look into are Gumout Carb and Choke Cleaner or Chemical Guys’ Orange Degreaser. And, if you are an avid DIY-er, try making your own homemade engine cleaner.

6. Motorcycle Detailing Products for Bug Removal

Bugs. They’re pests that can damage anything they put their legs on – the paint of your motorcycle and your bike’s radiator. On paint, bug remains can leave acids that can cause etching. In the radiator, they can cause clogging that may lead to overheating. To prevent these from happening, you should use a bug remover. It can break down bug remains without damaging paint.

7. Clay Bar

Yes, clay bars work great as motorcycle detailing products, too. Run one over your bike’s painted surfaces after washing it and you’ll be surprised at how much dirt it can get. These are contaminants that have already bonded into the paint that’s why washing alone is not enough.

Only after you finish clay barring your paint should you apply wax and sealant.

8. Wax

What can make a motorcycle shine like it just came out from the showroom? Wax! But not any type of wax will do. You need a quality wax that doesn’t only provide a deep shine, but one that can last longer too. It’s because waxes provide your motorcycle with an extra layer of protection to prevent rocks and stone chips from scratching the paint. This motorcycle detailing product also keeps water away from your bike.

Not to mention that waxing your bike is a necessary step to make your motorcycle ready for winter.

9. Sealant

Want to up your bike paint’s protection? Then, add a layer of sealant after waxing. It provides your motorcycle’s paint with a more durable layer of protection that wards off contaminants that can affect the beauty of your bike in the long run.

10. Degreaser

Very dirty bikes require heavy-duty cleaners. That’s when a degreaser can come in handy. This motorcycle detailing product breaks down contaminants so they can be removed easily. No brisk scrubbing involved. The heavy work is done by the degreaser. Degreasers usually come in a foam formulation so you simply spray them on and leave them for a few minutes. Surely, you can try creating your own green homemade degreaser, too. Either way, just wipe your degreased motorcycle with a clean cloth at the end.

11. Motorcycle Detailing Products for the Chain

Ahhh. The chain. The crux of motorcycle detailing. Do it improperly and you might end up with a broken chain that may take several minutes to hours of repairing. Ignore the caked up dirt and mud and your bike’s chain will require replacement prematurely.

To make your job less of a hassle, use a chain cleaner. Some use kerosene, while others use dedicated products like Motorex Chain Clean 611. Still others prefer using WD-40 for this task.

12. Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are very important when it comes to maintaining the beauty of a motorcycle. They absorb up to 11 times more liquid than ordinary cloth and do not damage surfaces. Of course, you have to use a separate microfiber for different areas of your bike to avoid cross-contamination.

13. Other Motorcycle Detailing Products

Of course, to get the ultimate clean, you need the right automotive detailing brushes. Can’t you use an ordinary brush for everything? Imagine this – you’re cleaning your bike. You see sticky mud trapped between the wheel spokes. You try to clean it with your all-around brush to no avail. This job could be made easier with a wheel brush. It has bristles that taper toward the top which you can insert effortlessly in between the spokes.

And what about bikes with tailor-made lighting? If you have modded yours with, let’s say, an LED light kit, you may need special motorcycle detailing products to take care of it. In this case, consult the manufacturer or instructions manual to see what would work best.

Not everybody wants to own a motorcycle. After all, it’s not easy to maintain one. You need to know how to detail a motorcycle or clean a dirt bike. But for those who do own one, say that they have the feeling of riding as “free as the wind”. So, give your motorcycle the treatment it deserves and it’ll continue to provide you a hassle-free ride to more adventurous places.

Want to make your bike look great without the effort? Call the experts at 877-317-9737 to avail DetailXPerts’ motorcycle detailing services for a superior bike care service.

Need more motorcycle care tips? Check out DetailXPerts’ Pinterest board on motorcycles to grab some ideas!


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