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How to Clean a Motorcycle

Motorcycle Maintenance: How to Clean a Motorcycle

How to Clean a Motorcycle

The maintenance of a motorcycle doesn’t stop at a regular engine conditioning or tire check. It doesn’t stop at just polishing to make sure your motorcycle parts give that eye-catching shine. But keep in mind that cleaning a motorcycle is a very easy task if you know exactly what to do, where to start, and what to use. Moreover, check out tips for motorcycle cleaning during winter.

When ask how most people clean their motorcycle, they usually say that wiping it with a clean cloth and then polishing it is the perfect way to go. But nothing beats a regular wash. The best way to clean a motorcycle is to wash all of its parts very well. A wishy-washy way of cleaning your vehicle will only result to very poor maintenance. In fact it will only lead you to washing it frequently, which will take much of your time when you could be doing something else. Before starting to wash, remember to cool down your engine and your pipes. Washing immediately can damage your engine due to spotting and streaking.

Cleaning Your Motorcycle as Part of the Motorcycle Maintenance

  • Rinse of the mud or heavy soil with some light water hosing. Scrubbing your motorcycle when there is still considerable dirt will only scratch over paint which you won’t find pleasing at all. Washing is very important to ensure that you will be able to reach tight places otherwise unreachable when just wiping with a cloth. You’ll be able to ensure that accumulated dust in there gets discharged of.
  • Start with sponges on even areas especially on the bodywork. Never use old sponges as they may contain dirt that could scratch instead. Rinse, wash, and then repeat on small areas should be helpful in removing bits of dirt that have clung onto your motorcycle. A motorcycle that performs well should look good too. This process might be arduous process but washing your motorcycle is an essential in making sure you won’t accumulate too much dirt that could result to corrosion.
  • Salt and crud takes away the shine off your motorcycle. Cleaning brushes will also supplant your washing and just like sponges they will help you rid of these bits and bobs. Proper de-greasers will help as well including special bike shampoos but if you do not fully study their effects on your motorcycle parts you could end up doing damage.
  • Oil and grease are hard to remove and you might opt to use some de-greasers. However keep in mind that using these may also ruin your motorcycle’s finish. This is why washing with regular water is the safest route after all.
  • Pressure washing is not always recommended but is useful for very greasy parts like the drive chains, wheel bearings and suspensions linkages. No one in their right mind would use any other method for cleaning these areas except through hard washing using soap.

Being faithful with the cleanliness of your motorcycle will help in the overall and long term maintenance of your motorcycle. Regular washing not only ensures that your motorcycle looks bright and clean but also reduces the work cut out for you in the next maintenance or cleaning schedule. DetailXPerts have the specialized tools, an excellent knowledge of motorcycles, and an eye for every clean motorcycle so schedule your appointment today.


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