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Motorcycle Detailing Tools: What the Professionals Use

Motorcycle Detailing Tools

Motorcycle Detailing Tools: What the Professionals Use

Ask riders why they prefer bikes over cars and they’ll probably tell you that their motorcycles give them a sense of calm and freedom no other vehicle can provide. And some of these bike lovers do their own motorcycle detailing. How do they do it? What motorcycle detailing tools do they use to keep their bikes looking like they just came out of the showroom? Read on and find out.

Motorcycle Detailing Tools: What the Pros Use

Detailing a motorcycle is not an easy task. This vehicle has plenty of nooks and crannies that require meticulous cleaning. Some may say that a bucket, a towel, some soap, and water is all you’ll ever need to clean your bike. But, if you want a professional-like when you detail a motorcycle, you need the following motorcycle detailing tools (separated according to the four stages of motorcycle detailing: pre-washing, washing, drying, and polishing):

1. Pre-wash Motorcycle Detailing Tools

Pre-washing is a necessary step to get your bike cleaned as the pros do. Here’s what motorcycle detailing tools you’ll need during this stage:

Pressure Washer

You’ll need this to shorten the cleaning time for very dirty, muddy bikes as it dislodges mud, animal waste, and other contaminants. An electric pressure washer with 1300 to 1900 psi can do the job well.

2. Washing

Buckets with Grit Guards

Of course, you can clean with an ordinary bucket. However, grit guards keep contaminants off your wash mitts or towels. It’s because gravity causes dirt to settle at the bottom of the bucket. You’ll need two of these. The first is for shampooing, the second is for rinsing.

Steam Cleaner

If you absolutely need to speed up your detailing process by half, try a steam cleaner. Steam lifts up dirt from crevices, even from the smallest nooks and crannies of your bike. Just make sure you use your steam cleaner properly to avoid hurting yourself or damaging your prized ride.

Microfiber Towels

Ahhh, the magic of microfiber towels! They have fibers smaller than those you can find on your hair, which allows them to absorb more liquid – about ten times more than an average cloth. They absorb everything they come into contact with – dirt, grime, and other contaminants – so you actually clean the area as opposed to just scattering all that dirt, which ordinary cloths do.

Tire and Wheel Brush

Wheels and tires are the dirtiest parts of your bike. This is why you should have a dedicated brush for them. Never use this brush for other areas of your motorcycle. Because no matter how you clean it, the grease and grit trapped in the bristles can scratch your precious bike’s paint.

Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Ever wonder why pros clean tires and wheels faster than you can? It’s because they use auto detailing products specifically formulated for tires and wheels alone. These products contain substances that can break down the toughest dirt, grime, and yes, even mud. So, if you seriously want squeaky clean tires and wheels, this is one of the auto detailing tools you should never forget.

Pimp Stixxx

To get to the tiny crevices in a motorcycle, some DIYers get a screwdriver and wrap the tip with a small cloth. Yes, you can do the same. But then, in the off chance that the cloth unwraps from the screwdriver, the tiny crevice you’re working on might get scratched. This product and similar motorcycle detailing tools address that issue. It has several attachments and heads of varying sizes so you can reach the farthest, tiniest nook in your bile.

Air Filter Cleaner

Your bike’s air filter guards the engine against sand and other contaminants. This is why you need to clean the motorcycle air filter with the right cleaner. This will ensure your filter is cleaned without damaging it.

Carburetor Cleaner

Yes, the carburetor can be difficult to clean – if you go for the traditional method of old toothbrush, soap, and water. To make things easier, buy a set of carburetor cleaners. It’s made up of several cleaning needles attached with different brush sizes.

Engine Degreaser

Use this with your carburetor cleaners for a totally clean engine. You can buy from an auto detailing store or make your own homemade engine degreaser.

3. Motorcycle Detailing Tools for the Drying Phase

Air Blaster

Since a bike has too many small crevices, you’ll need something to remove all the water left behind by washing. You can use a microfiber towel to dry your motorcycle, but that would take a lot of time. This is why most pro detailers use an air blaster. It blows warm, dry, filtered air that drives water away from everything it touches, including nooks and crannies, in just a matter of minutes.

4. Polishing/Waxing

With all the work that comes with motorcycle detailing, you’d naturally want that cleanliness to last longer. This is why you need the following motorcycle detailing tools and materials:

Chrome Polish

Chrome is best cleaned with a dedicated product. It removes fingerprints, dust, smudges, and bugs from all the chrome parts of your motorcycle.

Chrome polish is relatively easy to use. You just apply the product to the chrome surface with a cotton ball, then buff off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Make sure the chrome polish is totally dry before you use your bike. It’s because wet chrome polish, when subjected to heat, can stain the chrome plating of your bike.

Leather Conditioner

Your motorcycle’s leather is subjected to nature’s elements – rain, snow, and sunlight. This is why you need to condition it after cleaning. Not only will the leather feel smooth to touch, but it will also last longer.

Make sure the surface is clean before applying this product. Otherwise, contaminants can scratch the leather’s surface.

Tire Dressing

You’ve already cleaned your tires, now it’s time to enhance their appearance and at the same time, give them an extra layer of protection by applying an even layer of tire dressing. And in case you want to create your own from items that are already in your kitchen or bathroom, here’s a homemade tire shine recipe.


Waxes not only provide your bike with a sleek and shiny appearance – they also protect it against stone chips, sand, and other contaminants that may damage your paint in the long run.

To make the most out of this product, wax your car on a warm evening, in a shaded area. You don’t want to do this during cold weather because the wax will be difficult to apply. Doing this in a hot, open area, on the other hand, can dry the wax faster, leading to an uneven application.

These are the motorcycle detailing tools you need to keep your bike clean and shiny. They are the same tools detailing pros use. Now, if you don’t have the time or would rather not buy all the tools given above, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts for a truly professional motorcycle detailing experience and results.

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