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10 Ideas to Celebrate Parents’ Day

10 Ideas to Celebrate Parents' Day

10 Ideas to Celebrate Parents’ Day

The fourth Sunday in July is Parents’ Day in the US. This special occasion celebrates hard-working parents and caregivers who guide, teach and provide children with unconditional love and support. It is also the perfect opportunity to have fun with the whole family. This year’s celebrations are more deserved than ever because a global pandemic brought new challenges to parenting. Here are 10 fun ideas to make July 26 memorable for mom and dad:

How to Make Parents’ Day Fun and Memorable

1. Enjoy a Drive-in Movie

Visit a drive-in movie on Parents’ Day. The classic American experience is enjoying a revival due to social distancing guidelines. Pop-up theaters are being hosted in parking lots, parks and even sports stadiums. For example, the iconic Rose Bowl in LA is going to be a huge drive-in theater throughout July. Search online for a venue near you. Don’t forget the popcorn! 

2. Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip

Take a road trip without planning the journey. See where you end up! One of the responsibilities of parenthood is establishing a routine in children’s lives to help them feel more confident and secure. However, it is also important to relax the rules sometimes. A spontaneous road trip captures the spirit of adventure and excitement. Car games also add to the fun. One word of advice: quality car care in summer is important. Choose from DetailXPerts’ professional detailing services to make sure your car is ready for your road trip.

3. Parents’ Day Is for Grandparents, Too

Mark the occasion and celebrate parents through the generations. Months of social distancing during the global pandemic make a trip to grandparents all the more special. On Parents’ Day, moms and dads can celebrate their parents while the kids get to see their grandparents. It is a wonderful way for entire families to reunite after time spent apart.

4. Enjoy a Family Picnic

Pack the car with picnic blankets, delicious food and a selection of outdoor games. Then head to a green space where you can set up the perfect picnic. Parents can forget about cooked meals and cutlery for one day and enjoy the simplicity of finger food. Hosting a family picnic is a wonderful way to celebrate the unity of parenthood.

5. Drive to an Ice Cream Parlor

One scoop or two? A visit to an ice-cream parlor is literally the coolest way to celebrate Parents’ Day. While you are enjoying your treats, why not drop the car off at the car wash? Some of this year’s most popular Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift ideas were practical ones, such as a car wash gift certificate. Leaving the car detailing to the professionals on Parents’ Day is a bonus prize for mom and dad in addition to the ice cream.

6. Make Learning Fun

Parents’ Day is also about celebrating positive parenting role models. Responsible moms and dads strive to set good examples. Often this includes teaching children the importance of caring for the environment to safeguard the future. Energy-saving ideas can be part of the fun on Parents’ Day. For example, switch off the TVs, phones and tablets, and swap screen time for games in the sunshine. Or take the car to an eco car wash to check out the water-saving methods used. Kids are curious and love to learn outside the classroom. This might also be the perfect opportunity to teach basic car care tips to your children. It helps to keep teenagers safe on the road when it is their time to take the wheel.

7. Walk in the Forest on Parents’ Day

Surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Take a drive to the forest or a park that is home to leafy green trees. Forest or nature therapy is associated with health benefits. Walking in woodland is a wonderful way to de-stress and enjoy the healing force of nature. Parents can relax while the children explore. 

8. Time out from Chores

Anything that helps mom and dad free up some time on Parents’ Day is an excellent idea. For example, how about car detailing as a gift? The car is an integral part of family life. It is needed for the school run and driving to clubs and playdates. Unsurprisingly, the car interior and exterior need regular cleaning as a result. Not only does it look good but it also protects our children’s health. Leave it to the professionals to clean the car on Parents’ Day, freeing up mom and dad to have fun with the children.

9. Parents’ Day on the Beach

Precious family memories are made at the beach. There is so much fun to be had building sandcastles and paddling in the sea. If you do not live near the ocean, seek out the nearest lakes, rivers or even a pond in the local park. Spending time listening to the sound of waves or the ripple of water is a wonderful way for families to relax on Parents’ Day.

10. Be a Tourist for One Day

Explore your town as a tourist would, visiting places of interest and significant landmarks. Or drive somewhere new and take in the sights. This family-friendly experience is fun for everyone and it is educational, too.


Busy lives and daily distractions don’t make it easy for parents who are juggling childcare, work and family commitments. Parents’ Day is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the moment. Time-saving services help enormously too. Check out DetailXPerts’ monthly specials to help save some money on car detailing services. Leaving the car wash to the professional frees up more time to spend together as a family.

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