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Eco Car Wash – Using Steam for Best Results

Eco Car Wash – Using Steam for Best Results

Eco Car Wash – Using Steam for Best Results

What makes DeatailXPerts Eco Car Wash stand out among the rest? We utilize a patent-pending steam cleaning system that can wash an entire car using just a pint of water! Steam not only contributes to water conservation but is also a very effective interior and exterior car detailing method. In today’s article, we will walk you through our car detailing the process and show you the amazing results.

Raffi brought his black SUV to DetailXPerts and requested both interior and exterior car detailing. Among other things, the exterior of the vehicle was coated in dust and grime, the windows and the windshield were blurry and grimy, the tires had faded, the upholstery had several stains, and the steering wheel and the console were dirty. It was apparent that this car needed a thorough cleaning.

Eco car wash – exterior cleaning

Car exterior cleaning should always be done from top to bottom – roof to tires – to prevent contaminating already clean areas. Our professional first started by steam cleaning the roof, making sure that he covered the entire surface. Once the dirt and grime were loosened by steam, he used a quality microfiber towel to gently wipe the dirt particles off the paint in circular motions. Microfiber is great for soaking up moisture and locking in dirt.

The next step is to move to the front and then to the sides of the car. The same process mentioned above was followed to clean these areas. He also worked on the headlights. As soon as the microfiber towel got too dirty, the auto detailer switched to a new one.

As the next step, our professional started working on the car windows and the windshield. Steam cleaning glass creates a beautiful streak-free finish.

As the final step of car exterior cleaning, we also steam cleaned the tires and-and the wheels. To clean the wheels, rims and the tires, a tire detailing brush is used. This process removed brake dust, old tire dressing and other dirt and grime off the surfaces.

*Extras – Once the steam cleaning process was complete, we also added a fresh coat of wax to the paint and a coat of tire dressing to the tires. These extra steps will ensure that the results of the wash will last longer.

Interior cleaning

The first step is vacuuming the entire car interior to remove loose dirt particles.

Once the vacuuming is complete, we move on to cleaning the upholstery. Steam works well on all types of upholstery, including vinyl which is the upholstery type of the SUV. The stains were mainly oil stains from food. These stains were also steam cleaned and removed. Steam breaks down all types of stains including oil, grease, mud, blood, chocolate, pet stains, etc.

Next, we move on to steam cleaning the vinyl surfaces- doors, the steering wheel, dashboard and the console. Through steam cleaning, the SUV also got a very fresh interior smell.

As the final step, we vacuumed the carpets and steam cleaned them as well. The carpets had gathered a lot of dirt, so they needed special attention.

Eco car wash – results!

Raffi’ SUV was restored to showroom condition with our steam cleaning process! The exterior looks rejuvenated and the interior looks and smells amazing. Raffi couldn’t be any happier with these great results.

Our job is made easier by using steam cleaning because there is no wastewater to dispose or recycle. By using steam, we saved at least 40 gallons of water – the amount that is used in a normal car wash. We also made the car safe for the passengers because steam can kill germs and bacteria; we didn’t use any chemical car cleaning products, which usually leave behind traces of toxic chemicals. Steam is, thus, safe and great for your vehicle, your health, and the environment!

Do you want the same great results for your car using steam? Then schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts eco car wash today!


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