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Why You Should Teach Basic Car Care Tips to Your Children

Why You Should Teach Basic Car Care Tips to Your Children

Why You Should Teach Basic Car Care Tips to Your Children

I know what you’re thinking; “Teach WHAT?” I can tell you this much: this article is not intended to preach about worldly sins, or provide tips on how to raise the perfect teenager. However, it is meant to enlighten all the parents out there. In regards, to the importance of teaching our children something that a regular parent like myself has never thought of: Basic Car Care Tips.

Every parent’s main priority is the safety and security of their children. One of the things we can do to ensure this is to teach them about basic car care tips. None of us enjoy the sense of helplessness and insecurity of being stranded on the road, alone. And the thought of our teenagers experiencing this is alarming to say the least. Hence, they need to have the know-how to avoid such an occurrence. There are several things every parent can teach their children regarding car care. Or simply how to avoid being stranded on the road. We offer some helpful car care tips for you and your teenager to keep them safe and secure on the road:

Basic Car Care Tips

  1. Check for a flat tire – Inspect the tires for proper tread depth and issues that may cause problems. Such as flat spots or cracks in the sidewall. Then, teach your teenager how to check the tire pressure of their car (the proper inflation rating is located on a sticker inside the driver’s side doorjamb). Have them set a reminder on their cellphone to check the pressure monthly, since tires naturally lose pressure over time.

  1. Listen for sounds – For this element of car care, remind your teen that they should listen for any different sounds. Also, including the not-so-obvious ones such as the engine running a bit louder than usual. Explain that they should not ignore anything that is unusual.

  1. Lights and such – Show your teenager the section of the car owner’s manual that identifies all the dashboard lights and their meanings. So they know whether to respond and how. One common reason for getting stranded is running out of gas. Make sure your child is in the habit of watching the gas gauge and know what the dashboard light looks like that signals the car is running on reserves.

  1. Be cool – Talk to your child about how to handle a blow out on the road while driving.Give them an AAA Card if you have one, so they can phone for emergency service. Advise them to always have their cellphone with them, fully charged up, in case of emergency.

These are a few need-to-know car basics that every driver should know, especially new drivers like our children. Safety first!

Considering their lifestyles, most, if not all new drivers will want their cars to have that extra umph factor. Stress the importance of maintaining a vehicle to your teenager and recommend having some detailing done.

If you really want a clean and safe car, schedule an appointment with the nearest DetailXPerts in your area.

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